Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bride of Dress Week - Pink and Roses

Yes! Finally! It's a new dress, presented to you in full-on Wonder Woman pose:
Okay, you can probably see why I was drawn to this - my cheapie camera does not do the colours justice. It's peach and pink and dark greeny teal and yellow and brown, all smooshed together in a lovely watercolour mess.

I actually took a little yellow cardi to work to wear over it, but this dress has a super high waist and the cardigan looked all wrong with it, so I just trucked it to work and home again in my trusty backpack.

I'm used to waists being at my...waist, as opposed to being at my underboob. My hands in the top picture are at my real waist.
The dress is probably a half size too big, but eh, I'm never going to get it tailored. "Good enough for government work!" as my dad would say.

I thought the bigass rose went perfectly with it and added a little somethin' somethin'. And as soon as I started holding the dress up to my shoes in my closet, these Fluevogs leapt out at me. I know, dark shoes, light dress, but the colour went so well!

The stuff:
The colour of these shoes never quite comes out right - they are a dark green. Click here for pictures of them when I got them before the writing on the sole wore off, as I knew it would (caution: there are pictures of me dressed for an Alice Cooper concert - don't say you weren't warned!).

But doesn't the rose look amazing?

A close-up of the sparkly stuff:
I really liked the way this green bracelet looked with all the pinks and oranges. The bracelet is one of Mom's from the early 60s, I believe. The earrings are clip-on vintage, probably late 50s. Neither item is stamped or marked. The ring is a $5 cheapie I got in a costume shop years ago.

Whenever I buy a new-to-me article of clothing, I always search inside for the tags. For one, I am not spending my hard-earned $22 (yes, that's how much this dress was) on something I'll have to dry-clean. For another, it often yields valuable clues as to the origins of the item.
In this case, a) it's machine washable - woo! and b) it sold in Target in Q3 (Fall/Autumn) of 2009. Nice. We don't have Target in Canada.

Dress (Merona, thrifted), shoes (Fluevog, "Memories" family, "Madly" model), rose pin (Roberta's Hats), bracelet (Mom's, vintage 60s), earrings (vintage 50s).


  1. Fabulous dress, the watercolors are beautiful! I didn't realize you could find tags like that. How cool!

  2. Another great dress Sheila. I love that you opted for the dark shoes.

  3. Yummy dress. Target often has great stuff.

  4. Great dress.
    I am thinking... I have seen this dress before, but I am totally clueless on where :(
    I think it fits you perfect and I would have probably bought it too.
    Pockets are super. Keep the cookies, the keys, the cel.
    I like all the shiny accessories + the rose.
    (PS I think i fixed my name on the blog, thanks for the heads up!)

  5. Sweet dress and accessorizing. I am taking notes.

    Also, your concert ensemble is riveting! Why have I only just found your blog? Why!?

  6. Ach, what a glorious print. And yay for more Fluevogs!

  7. Your doing it again, your being awesome. I'm in aah of you new shoes from yesterday. Don't get me started on the outfit, it was perfect. Another idea to borrow...thanks!

  8. Thanks, Megan! Ann Taylor does tags like that, as does Banana Republic and the Gap.

    Wendy, I did one today just for you!

    Thanks, Kim!

    Shybiker, thanks! I have never been in a Target.

    Thanks, Lorena! I wish it had pockets - it just has massive pleats all around the waist.

    A-Dubs, thank you! Ha, you've found me now, that's what matters.

    Thanks, Sal! Amen to Fluevogs!

    Beverly, aw, thanks!

  9. I never comment much, but what a gorgeous dress! I love your blog because you are never in a style rut - skirts, dresses, pants, cardigans, blazers, it seems you wear almost anything in a broad range of colors and patterns. I LOVE it. :)

  10. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Raquel. So glad you are enjoying my fun.


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