Thursday, August 26, 2010

Red-Footed Yellow Booby

I pulled this outfit together last night, based on wanting to wear the shoes. Note to future self: this dress needs a camisole for work!

I do like the colours, though:
My nice soft coral-red cardigan, hiked up in front to cover my boobular region, which was in danger of being exposed. Yikes!

This dress makes me want to spin!
Just like Wonder Woman! Only I didn't end up in her outfit, sadly.

But I can pose like her!
The stuff:
My dragon shoes! I need to get the soles re-surfaced, as after 6? 7? years, they are starting to wear down. But aren't they marvellous?

A close-up:
At Grandma's memorial, there was a table spread with all her little cat tchotckes and trinkets and a couple of bowls of her costume jewelry (weeded out, mostly junky stuff). People were invited to take something to remember her by, so I took two of the brooches. The lovely leaf one above is one of them - isn't it pretty? No marks on it, but I like the shape. Thank you, Grandma.

Dress (no label, consignment), cardigan (Kersh), shoes (Aldo), pin (Grandma W), earrings (Plum), bracelet (The Bay).


  1. I love that you have so much of your grandma's jewelry, and so many memories to go along with it. I've only recently started getting sentimental about such things... far too late, as I haven't had grandparents for probably a decade.

  2. Love that buttery yellow skirt/dress. Someday, I will acquire, and learn to wear, something yellow.

  3. Noticing a yellow theme this week - intentional? I love the dress!

  4. I love the shape of the dress. Those shoes are luscious! I love fabric shoes. The heel is tiny on those.

    I love what they did at the memorial. I think that's super sweet to be able to have keepsakes. I was able to get some costume jewelry from my Great Grandma, but I'm sure my mother has it now.

  5. I love that dress! So pretty and feminine! It looks great with the coral colored cardigan. And the pattern of that shoe is so fun! You have a great shoe collection, I'm jealous!

    That's so sweet you have some jewelry to remember your grandmother by! Gorgeous brooch :)

  6. I love the shoes! Yellow is such a great color on you!

  7. I like the subtle detail of the shoes, they really play well with the color of the dress :)

  8. Beautiful! That color combo is just fantastic on you and I want everything pictured - the skirt, the shoes, the gold.

    Favorite outfit I've seen in awhile! Well done!

  9. I echo everyone else's appreciation for that sweet dress and the BA shoes. I love the mix of the softer colour of the dress with the hard core awesomeness of the shoes.

    Also, nice work with the chestal covering, WW. Have I mentioned yet how much I'm looking forward to your zip file for the WW conference?

  10. that's a really wonderful idea they had for the memorial. it's so sweet to be able to have something to remember a person by.

    you and the shoes you're able to wear! not that i'm jealous, but idoubt i'd be able to tolerate some of them on my feet even while lying down in bed, much less out and about all day. wonder woman indeed ; ) !

  11. I had never heard of that being done in a memorial, I think it is a fantastic idea.
    I like this dress and cardigan. I am also VERY concerned in not exposing anything at work.

  12. Freeda, I have 3 grandmothers' jewelry, a bunch of my Mom's and even a few things of my Dad's - I treasure them all. Get into your mom's jewelry box if you can!

    Cynthia, thank you! Don't be afraid of yellow - it's wonderful.

    Thanks, Megan! I know, it was such a great idea. Glad you have some of your great-grandma's stuff!

    Thanks, ShyGirl! I love that I have her brooch now.

    LaHdM - thanks!

    Iris, aren't they the coolest? Thanks!

    Thanks so much, Jenny!

    A-Dubs, thank you. That zip file is coming at you tonight.

    Steph, wasn't it nice? Those shoes are not that high, actually, only about 3". I know I'm going to have to start giving up the really high ones in the next few years, though - I can feel it in my feet.

    Lorena, I agree! Thanks! Yes, being big-busted, I just don't like showing it.

  13. luv luv this look, so soft and feminine..

  14. Maggie, thank you so much - and thanks very much for commenting! I will check out your blog. :)

  15. Hmmmm, several bird titled posts recently... what can this mean? Are you going to fly south for the coming winter? :)

    The "trinket table" at the memorial is a wonderful idea, and the brooch you chose is beautiful. What a nice way to be able to have someone dear "along" with you for the day. Plus, it really compliments the fabric in those awesome shoes quite nicely. I can totally see why you'd plan an outfit around them.


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