Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pink Zebra (With Wings)

I thought the Boss was going to be at work today, so I both toned down my colours, and turned up my shoes to 11.
This is the second wear for this skirt (last seen here). It's tricky to do a pattern with zebra, so my solid-coloured tops will get a lot of rotation with it.

She's a wonder, Wonder Woman!
I've got wings! Actually, those remind me (in a bad way) of the saggy skin I have on my upper arms. Must keep doing pee push-ups!

The stuff:
These Fluevogs have taken quite a beating - I've worn them a lot, at least a dozen times (I have a "Fluevogs" link at the bottom of the post).

The jewelry:
Ha, I last wore these earrings with this same skirt!

Sweater (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Plum), necklace and earrings (Plum), shoes ("Ivanna" Listen Up, Fluevogs).


  1. Oh Sheila, the Zebra is amazing! Love, love, love it. Maybe I will wear mine on Thursday. Oooooo

  2. Super Sheila looks super !
    I like this, its subtle, elegant and pretty :)

  3. I'll assume the boss wasn't there? I hate when that happens. That is quite the subdued outfit for you!

    I've been doing pee pushups too! I also try to add in some pee squats

  4. like this a lot-I would not have thought to wear pale pink with the zebra print. Great shoes too!!!

  5. Awesome skirt!!! I knew those had to be fluevogs when I saw that great heel. I'm gonna have to stalk ebay and clearance sections for a pair someday.

  6. Thats an awesome combination, great skirt and top!

    Pee pushups, lol, LOVE it! I've actually been thinking of starting to do "pee pushups" and maybe some "pee squats" as well. Gosh with all the coffee and water I drink through out the day I should be buff in no time at all! How many do you usually do at a time?

  7. "In your satin tights
    Fighting for your rights"

    Your a (zebra) wonder, Wonder Woman!

  8. Thanks, SU - do it!

    Lorena, thanks, hon.

    Cara, no, he was in today instead. Good for you! Ha, pee squats!

    Thanks, Iris!

    Alecia, I consider zebra a neutral, like leopard - any solid will go!

    Thanks, Jody!

    Megan, you got it - that's the classic "Listen Up" heel.

    Tina, thanks so much. I usually just do 10 at a time - you can do about 60-80 a day that way!

    Thanks, Kelly.

    D-Med, awesome! Thank you!

  9. The pale pink is perfection with that print. (Say that 10 times fast!)


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