Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bride of Dress Week - Circles and Squares

New dress #2 makes its appearance today!

I fell in love with the fabric; however, it is 100% acetate, which is the Worst Fabric Ever, since it can't touch water, heat, air, dandelion fluff, without self-destructing...I will probably only wear this a few times before I re-consign it. It was only $22, so I'll get my money's worth out of it (and I'll probably get more for it on consignment than I paid!).
I've done a variation of "top over dress" a few times to make a fancy dress work appropriate, because despite how rockin' this dress looks from the front, it ain't safe for work:
There, Wendy! I'm doing my Wonder Woman wristband! You happy? Ha!

But back to the dress - due to the extreme back, I could only wear it on its own with a bra that converts to a low back (like this, only I buy them at La Senza):
Sorry for the glimpse of my bra, but the point had to be made! It's too low.

Ah, now that I look for the label, I see that JS Collections specializes in evening wear - it all makes sense! It's a cocktail dress. It's a brand that Nordstrom's sells (another store we don't have in Canada - wow, they sell this brand for around $100 US! Score!).

I liked all the checkered shapes mixed with all the circular shapes in the stuff:
Those shoes are going to the consignment shop in the next few months - they are just a smidge too small for me and they hurt my feet. Hmmm...maybe I'll wait until I find replacements first. They are awfully cool and they look so gooooood.

A close-up:
My trust grey belt, stud cuff (more squares), and cheapy earrings and ring. Isn't that great fabric?

Dress (JS Collection, thrifted), shoes (Ralph Lauren, consignment), shirt (Club Monaco, consignment), belt (Plum), cuff (old), earrings and ring (Le Chateau).


  1. The print on that dress is gorgeous! Knock the PPW down before consigning it. The shoes are lovely too, you should be able to find a good replacement.

  2. This dress, despite its drawbacks, is gorgeous. Really beautiful. You may be able to wear it only once or twice, but that's better than nothing. (And since it was so cheap, that's okay.)

    The color, sheen, length, fit are exceptional. It makes you look fabulous!

  3. hmm. this is the kind of dress where you could wear it a few times, then rip it apart to make it up in different fabrics. you could also do a full-skirted version.

    that is, if you were a sewing type of gal. great find!!

  4. What a great find, despite its moodiness fabric-wise. Have I told you yet how much I enjoy seeing the look altogether, then scrolling down for the "stuff" photos? I keep talking myself out of stealing "stuff" pic's and making them into my desktop wallpaper. But I can only resist for so long. (I'll ask first ;)

    Also, nice pythons, and this dress is so highlighting your awesome shape.

  5. I lurve this look! And those shoes are especially lovely--very Manolo Blahnik mary-jane-esque. Can you get them stretched? I've never done this but I've heard that cobblers can sometimes work magic with shoes that are just a touch too small.

  6. Love the checkerboard print, and the sheen on the fabric is gorgeous. I agree with tinyjunco, this is just begging to be transformed into something else. Maybe just chop it in half and make a pencil skirt?

  7. I love how you made this cocktail dress work appropriate! The print is so fun, and the accessories are all playing with it so nicely.

  8. I abolutly love this dress and you accessorized it so perfectly- very 1980s

    You can so get someone to make your shoes a touch bigger- I had to do that with all my shoes after my third child- the feet just got a half size bigger.

  9. Great way to change up a cocktail dress for everyday wear! You are a genius!

  10. Thanks, Megan - yes, exactly my plan. I'll hang onto the shoes until I can find new ones - these are too cool.

    Shybiker, thanks! I'll wear it a few times, I'm sure.

    Steph, if I were handy at sewing, maybe. Thanks!

    A-Dubs, thanks! I'm so glad you like the Stuff pictures - I love the details of the outfits and hate when I can't see them properly in photos. You're welcome to steal them, just let me know. :)

    D-Meds, thank you! No, the shoes are actually nearly 2 sizes too small - but I jam my foot into them. I don't think stretching works very well on patent leather.

    Thanks, Audi! Ooh, wouldn't it make a great pencil skirt...

    LHdM, thank you!

    Beth, thanks so much - I wish it was only a touch that these shoes needed.

    Thanks, Jodi!


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