Monday, August 9, 2010

Lazy Monday - Dress Week Leftovers

I have my spacey when I planned all five outfits for Bride of Dress Week last week, and then forgot that last Monday was a holiday. The benefit is that I didn't have to think of an outfit for today, because it was already hanging in my closet. All I had to do was pick out some jewelry and I was good to go:
(Inigo meows, "Feed me!")

So, a sheer blouse and a leather dress - for work! If you described that to someone, I bet they wouldn't picture this, ha ha! The last time I wore this dress, I went way too plain, so I wanted to jazz it up this time and play with layering it more. I've also worn it here, when I first got it.

I was a bit concerned about the weather and it being too hot, but my office was reliably frigid (it even rained today, grrrr). I wore the sheer blouse again that I got last month.

Yo, Wonder Woman!

The stuff:
My fab, fab shoes. See them in action here, here, here, here (gee, I like to wear them with this same obi!), here, here, and here. That's a lot, wow.

A close-up of the gold stuff:
My Foxy jewelry and Dad's ring. Ah....I always feel close to him when I wear it. Can't believe it's been nearly 13 years since he died.

Okay, enough of a downer! Woo! This is a short week for me, as L and I are making the trek to visit his folks on Thursday. I have done a couple of interim posts so that you don't all go into withdrawal or anything while I'm gone, and on Saturday - EEEEE - we're going to a party and I'm FINALLY wearing the new dress I got in Paris. So excited!

Dress (Danier, consignment), blouse (Express, thrifted), shoes (Poetic Licence, gift from L), jewelry (Foxy), ring (Dad's, vintage 60s), obi (Smoking Lily).


  1. I think "leather dress" and think either catwoman or a stripper. I know, I am the worst.
    I actually like this...

  2. "Leftovers from Dress Week" -- that could be a whole new week!

    I'm sure I've said this before, but that leather dress is AMAZING.

  3. Sheila, I love the way you do an "up close" of your stuff at the end. Love the shoes and the obi.

  4. Oooh the leather dress is so lux! That's a gorgeous piece *envy!*

    Those shoes are the bomb. Did you add the ribbons yourself? I still need to grab some for my Poetic License shoes. The craft store is two towns over. D=

  5. Very unusual and in some way "magical" outfit :)

  6. i'm glad i clicked thru to 'the zoom' - the piecing and quilting on that dress is very nice!

    have fun in your 'jupe de paris'! steph

  7. This outfit is hard core awesome. I cannot believe you found this kickass dress on consignment - who gives up something like this!? Also, coveting that obi something fierce.

  8. That dress is awesome, and I'm diggin' your Wonder Woman pose!

  9. those shoes are amazing!!! I am in search of the perfect black and white pair. I like that they match your cat.

    I have NEVER heard of lippys...crazy!

  10. You're the most interesting and imaginative fashion-blogger I follow. Your choices are inspired. And wearing your dad's ring is so sweet.

  11. No, that's what most people think, Lorena! Glad you like this one!

    Audi, ha, yes, it easily could. Thanks so much!

    Lesa, thank you - I am a total detail person, so I love to see close-ups.

    Wendy, you know, I do too.

    Megan, isn't it gorgeous? It's so soft too. No, these ribbons came with the shoes (there's a piece of shiny shoe material even stitched to the ends of the ribbon).

    ***, thank you! And welcome and thanks so much for commenting.

    Sal, and it takes names too!

    Steph, thank you! I love that stitching on it too - it's beautifully made.

    A-Dubs, thank you so much! I know - and it was only $60 (you know Danier, I'm sure, so it wasn't cheap to begin with).

    LHdM, thank you!

    Natasha, thanks! These did come in black and white (these are navy, grey, cream and burgundy), I believe, so search Ebay.

    shybiker, aw, thank you so much! I am really touched by your comment.


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