Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Stuff and a Book Blurb

It's been a tiring weekend, and all I want to do is nap.

What I wore to Weight Watchers:
Arms akimo, Wonder Woman! Best news I'd had all week: I only gained 0.2 pounds over the last two weeks!

Dress (no label, consignment), sweater (Jacob), shoes (Wild Diva, gift from Caro).

We had an exhausting game of 4 on 4 Ultimate on Saturday, after which I napped, then went to Winesday. Thank you, Marian, for firing up the hot tub! I really needed that soak.
I wore various bits and pieces of this outfit over the course of the evening, but back to this for the cab ride home late last night.

Cardigan (Express, thrifted), cami (Reitman's, consignment), skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), scarf (MetroWear), boots (Miz Mooz), belt (Gap).

Today, I spent 4.5 hours walking around town:
Inigo waltzed into this - I didn't even know he was there until I felt him brush my leg after the camera went off. Silly kitty!

Dress (Do & Be), shoes (Rinaldi), cardigan (Express, thrifted), belt (consignment).

I finished a book earlier this week: Stephen King's "Under the Dome":
I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a big fan of Stephen King. I used to buy his books for my Dad for birthdays and Father's Day. Dad was dyslexic, so he struggled to read entire books, but he got hooked on the plots of Stephen King novels so they were easier for him. And once he finished with them, they came back to me. Many of my King books say things like, "Happy Birthday, Dad, love, She" inside them. I have nearly every book he's written.

Stats: 1000+ pages of interesting characters getting up to no good shennanigans. Started August 8th, finished August 17th. I toted this massive lug of a hardcover up-Island and back.

Blurb: As I said, I've been a fan of Stephen King's for ages (since at least the early 80s). I have a new hardcover original of "'Salem's Lot". I expect complicated interrelationships, gory deaths, and seeing what happens to his characters (literally dozens of them in this one) when something unexpected happens to them. Like, oh, say, a dome pops up around a small town in Maine and the bizarre stuff that ensues.

If you like Stephen King, you'll like this one. It's much like "Lord of the Flies" in that it puts people in a closed environment and then sees what they do. I'd say it's in the top half of his books, but closer to the bottom of the top half, if you know what I mean. If you don't like Stephen King, don't bother.


  1. Stephen King !
    How about I say that i have watcheD ALL THE MOVIES that have been made from his books ? i AM the worst =)

  2. I learned a ton of vocabulary, interesting vernacular sayings, and narrative style from reading Stephen King as a kid. You have to respect the guy, even if the subject matter doesn't appeal to everyone.

  3. Hi Sheila,

    Never thought of Under the Dome as "lord of the Flies" but I like your analogy. I have a love/hate relationship with Mr. King. I really enjoyed most of this book, the end----weird.

    I bought a beautiful retro dress on Etsy that looks kinda like the one you have on in the first picture. I don't really know what to do with it and don't really live in a "vintagy" place, but I fell in love and HAD to have it. I am going to post it and maybe you might have some ideas for me??

  4. Every time I look at one of your photos now, I think, "She only takes 3 or 4 pic's!" You are ridiculously good at this. And I feel certain the .2 of a pound you gained was muscle mass as you are looking very lean. Maybe you should eat a sandwich?

    Also, I can't decide which I covet more: your shoe or your dress collection. And would one be nearly as wonderful without the other? So many important questions to ponder.

    And finally, to conclude the stalkerish tone of this comment ('sorry! I'm not stalking you, and I have no plans to do so in future), what I wouldn't give to follow you through a regular consignment shopping tour!

  5. I love the pattern on that first dress, and the polka dots with the drapey cardi is lovely!

  6. I understand your fatigue. We tend to do lots more during weekends in the Summer and suffer for it on Mondays.

    I've learned to lighten my expectation about how much work I'll accomplish on Mondays in Summer and don't feel the least bit guilty going home early that day. I scooted out at 4 pm today adn feel better for having done so.

  7. Great outfits....and oh Stephen King I am big scardy cat I read a few books when I was younger and have not read any since lol! I am easily freaked out tehehehe....~You cat looks so cute the way it cut into the picture ~Great Post ~enjoyed all the pics ~Love Heather

  8. Lorena, I've seen most of them too!

    Cynthia, thanks for commenting. :) I think King gets slagged a lot (sometimes fairly, sometimes not), but he's obviously doing something right.

    Lesa, yes, agree totally on the ending - a little too "aliens ex machina" (hee). I'd love to see your vintagey dress! Post it!

    A-Dubs, I take even less on weekends - it's a crapshoot whether they'll turn out or not. And god love ya for the "eat a sandwich"! I eat a ton of food and am just barely keeping below my goal weight.

    Ha, I have no issues with your stalkery comments. :) Maybe next time I do some consignment/thrifting, I'll take the camera and do a tour for you.

    LaHdM, thank you!

    shybiker, I'm worn out from 2 hours of Ulty (not to mention a bunch of wine, hee). Good for you for looking after yourself - a good example.

    Thanks, Heather. Aw, Stephen King is not that scary - he's more gross than anything.

  9. Oh, I'm reading that book now! But I have declined to carry it around any longer. I have a little paperback for the bus and Under the Dome for home.


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