Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bride of Dress Week - New 'Vogs and Strapless

Just so ya know, neither of the dresses I wore on the weekend were the new ones I bought on Saturday! I've updated yesterday's post to add some links. I'm such a tease!

And today's dress is also not one of the Saturday dresses! Muahahah! You'll have to wait. Still, it's an awesome dress anyway:


Anyway, this glorious purple shirt is new-to-me. It's H&M and I got it at the thrift shop for $3.50. It's quite tight across the boobular region, so it's perfect for wearing under other items, like this dress (nice segue, eh?).
I've had this dress for a while now - I wore it twice in Jane's last wardrobe challenge (all the outfits recapped here), as well as here, here, and here. Heh, I've never worn it on its own.

A rare shot of the top half of me:
Showing off my pretty necklace and boob flower. Ignore the pink around my eyebrows: I just had them waxed (my one beauty indulgence...my eyebrows smell like lavender...mmmm).

But wait! Did I not mention "New 'Vogs"? As in NEW FLUEVOGS? Yes! Yes, I did! I saw these on the clearance rack at a shop downtown, last pair...in my size...$110 off the regular price...After some whining and puppy-dog eyes, L bought them for me. Whatta guy!
Oh, sweet mother of shoes, those are so beautiful. They are the "Sumatra" in the "Coffee" line, which refers to the shape of the heels. I also have a pair of "Tea" Fluevogs (these ones, which are now discontinued). I think they have discontinued this design...yup, this is the full "Coffee" line now.

They were incredibly comfortable all day, and I kept checking myself out in reflections in my office. Hee.

A close-up of the sparkly stuff:
My cheapass jewelry.

Thanks to all the amazing suggestions for future Dress Weeks! I'm never going to run out! Full credit to Megan, Audi and Style Underdog for your awesome creativity! Kudos!

Dress (Club Monaco, consignment), shirt (H&M, thrifted), shoes (Fluevog, gift from L), belt (Nygard), necklace (Le Chateau), flower (Roberta's Hats), earrings (Aldo Accessories).

Here are some of the Fluevog bits:

The box (I usually toss them for space), the shoe bag (I have a bunch of these), the sole of the shoe, the Fluevog logo, and the Fluevog signature on the side of the heel.


  1. Eee! Such a lovely post~ The dress, the fluevogs~ Love it.

    I nearly picked up a very similar button down at Goodwill when I broke my shopping ban.

  2. Let's see the dress on you without the top underneath! I bet it's glam.

  3. Those shoes are to.die.for. I covet them. Also, this outfit is inspired - and you look exquisite in the rich purple!

  4. This was my initiation to fluevogging! How very interesting - and what great looking shoes!

    (I think I missed something with the "Bride of Dress" dealie. I'll try to go back and catch up!)

  5. Those shoes are awesome! Congrats on the sale steal :)

  6. The shoes are DIVINE, and I love the button-down under the strapless dress. Very Sheila!

  7. the dress and blouse combo is great! I love those shoes too. H&M blouses are always tight around the bust...I commiserate.

  8. Great Fluevogs.
    I learned of the existence of Fluevogs because of you.
    NO STORE here carries them. I did the research.
    I went online and checked a few styles and then somehow by miracle I went into a local store that brings in shoes that have been on sale in the US and then are sent to 3rd world countries... its like an outlet that gathers all kinds of stuff from Macy's, Walmart, etc ....
    Anyways, there they were: my first pair of Fluevogs and I got them like for 40 USD or less and they are SO comfortable... but for some reason I don't wear them a lot... :(

  9. !!!!!!!

    my ma has that EXACT coffee grinder - makes great-tasting coffee. she'll crack up at this, since she's completely non-aware of anything fashion related. Thanks for including the extra pictures!

  10. Wow, what a post!

    When you have time, come on over to my blog I have tagged you to answer some questions.

    Always Summer

  11. Those 'Vogs are glorious! And I think this is my favorite outfit so far with that dress; the purple really brings out the pinstripes. Glad you liked the Dress Week suggestions!

  12. Thanks, Megan! I am usually good at resisting button-downs, but the colour of this one called to me.

    Wendy, nah, the dress is a thick wool - it doesn't look right on its own. But I have another glam dress for you...party next weekend (another tease).

    Thanks, A-Dubs! Too kind. :)

    Rebecca, really? Oh my gosh. You must look for them in thrift stores - the quality and design are superb.

    Thanks, Iris!

    Kristen, thanks! Yes, I do love sneaking a strapless to work. Hee!

    Natasha, thank you! I know, what is up with that, H&M?

    Thanks, Sal!

    Lorena, thanks! Aw...how amazing! You must wear them more often - what a steal!

    Steph, that is too funny!

    Lesa, yeah, sorry, I ramble sometimes. I will pop by, thanks!

    Thanks, Audi, I knew you would appreciate them.

  13. I'm catching up, but I had to say I love this one. Lookin' super duper sharp. Bravo!

  14. I have visited your blog in the past, but am re-discovering it via In Professorial Fashion. I love the Bride of Dress Week series, and I love your new 'vogs! John Fluevog gets enough of my money, but I would be penniless if I lived in a city with a brick and mortar Fluevog store.

  15. LHM, thank you so much for revisiting and rediscovering! It's a pleasure to have you back. :)

    Thanks so much! I know, good thing we only have 2 stores that carry a very limited range of Fluevogs or I would be in trouble!


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