Friday, August 13, 2010

Eight Questions, Eight Answers

Lesa over at Always Summer tagged me with one of those "question/answer" thingies - I'm not so much into passing those along (I also don't pass on those "send this to your 6 best girlfriends!" emails), but I like to talk about myself (let's be honest here, hee).

I'm supposed to answer her 8 questions and then ask 8, but I like the 8 she answered so I'm going to answer those as well - I'm such a rebel.

If you feel inclined to play along on your own blog, or in the comments, please consider yourself tagged! You're it!

1. Who has been the biggest influence in your fashion life?
My mom, easily! As I think I may have said before, my mom is an artist, so I get my love of colour and texture from her exposing me to art at a very young age (some day, I'll dig out some of my old art and photograph it - I have stuff all the way back to kindergarten). She was also a pretty snazzy dresser when I was a kid, and when I hit my teens, I raided her closet and jewelry box on a regular basis.

However, she is my biggest influence because of one piece of advice: "Wear whatever you want, but wear something different every time." I love changing up my look, and challenging people's expectations of who I am by wearing different things all the time. I don't think I have ever repeated an outfit exactly since I was 17 years old. To this day, I can still remember what an impact her words had on me. They changed my life. Thank you, Mom.

2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
I would live in the city I live in now - it's by the ocean, the weather's pretty good all year round, it's not too big, not too small, I can walk most places (or get there by bus or cab if I can't), and it's beautiful.

If I had unlimited resources, I would live in a giant rooftop condo with a huge outdoor garden (that someone else would maintain for me), that I could let my kitty roam in safely. It would also have a view of the harbour and mountains, and a garage/elevator that L could drive the car right into and bring it up to our house. It would have a huge, custom-built closet for me (and one for him), and oh...lots of other custom stuff.

3. Are you okay with alone time and quiet or do you prefer to be around people and noise?
I like a bit of both. I need quiet, alone time to re-charge my batteries, but I like being around and interacting with people on a limited basis.

4. What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own or have owned in the past?
I don't really have one favourite piece - more like dozens over the years! I am not hugely attached to any of my clothes or shoes...having gotten rid of my entire wardrobe when I lost weight, as well as doing a full year of "one in, one out", cured me of most sentimental attachments to my clothes.

My most treasured items are probably in my jewelry box, actually - my Dad's ring, my Mom's pieces, gifts and inherited pieces from both of my grandmothers. In a fire, those are what I would save.

5. What is the best gift you have ever received?
That would have to be my lingerie chest. Not because it was such a fabulous gift (it was, I needed somewhere to put my delicates), but because of how it was given. This is the chest (this is NOT my bedroom):
The bottom four drawers are actually double (so they are way deeper than the top 2).

This is what L gave me:
That is about 4 inches tall, made of balsa wood and paper. He made it out on the deck in the middle of winter, cutting, glueing, sawing and painting after work, before I got home.

Check it out: inside, there are rests for each drawer, and the front it cut out so that the drawers fit:Three of the drawers had notes in them:

"This is proof positive why I'm not a carpenter."

"Underthings go here - tee hee - "
The limerick he wrote to go inside. When I opened it up, I laughed and then I nearly cried when I realized how much work had gone into this little thing. We spent Christmas at his folks' place, and when we got home, the chest was at our neighbours' waiting for me to come and get it.

I treasure that little rough chest more than the actual functional chest.

6. What is your favorite TV show?
I have lots of favourites, can't pick just one. Fawlty Towers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Babylon 5, True Blood, Dexter, Jeopardy!, Star Trek, M*A*S*H*, to name a few.

7. If you could splurge on one piece of clothing, shoes or accessory, what would it be and why?
It would either be a pair of Fluevogs, or some beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade thing. Could be a coat, a dress, a piece of jewelry...whatever catches my eye and calls my name. The "why" would be that I'm drawn to exquisite detail and quality workmanship.

8. Leave us with a few words of wisdom.
Here's someone else's words: Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. I try to live this way.

9. Would you rather get dressed up for a fancy party or hang out in jeans with a few friends?
Fancy party! All my friends will be there, anyway.

10.What was the last book you have read? Did you love it or hate it?
I believe I covered this yesterday.

11. Jackie O or Marilyn Monroe?
I'm not particularly bothered by either of them. I'm a big fan of Mae West, though!

12. Favorite band/singer of all time?
Favourite band of all time: Blue Rodeo, since the very beginning. I have every album by them and have seen them live a couple of times. They are awesome.

13. Do you like thrift shopping or getting great deals at the mall? (you can only choose one)
Thift shopping. Easy question!

14. What is the greatest/most interesting place you have ever been?
In Scotland, halfway between Stirling and Inverness, down a dirt track to a field in the middle of nowhere. There's a circular burial cairn, surrounded by a ring of standing stones. L and I went inside the cairn, through a short tunnel. The centre was open to the sky. It was one of the most powerful places I've ever experienced. I got the willies.

15. Would you wear vintage? Why or why not?
Would, have, and do. It's different, unique and quality. Not unlike me, heh heh.

16. What is the predominant color in your closet?
Can I count "pattern" as a colour? Hee. I don't have a dominant colour - I have ALL colours!


  1. Best gift evah! It makes me tear up a little!

  2. Number 5 is just beautiful. Absolutely so sweet.

  3. since I read your answers I want to change some of mine. Thanks for answering, I know these things can be a pin im the neck, but I am nosy....

    I love the little box that your husband made you, that is so sweet.

    It is also wonderful that you live somewhere that you love. I am a disgruntled Floridian...

    Thanks for answering, I admire your style so much.

    Always Summer

  4. Great answers. It's fun to learn more about you. And "Fawlty Towers" was the best show ever.

  5. oh that IS a wonderful, wonderful gift! (more tears here)

    'Basil the rat' OMG!!!

    and this post (esp. #1) has got me thinkin' about custom jewelry - not that it takes much ; ) i'm going to be distracted all day now.....

  6. The chest ...omg, how very cute and how very thoughtful.

  7. "with a huge outdoor garden (that someone else would maintain for me)" - Ha! Love this.

    I hope everything turns well for y├žou - work. Things will be okay and you won't be out of the market.

    Sending postive thoughts your way!

  8. L's gift & clever way of "delivery" and your mother's advice - BOTH are "the best" in their categories!

  9. Wendy, I totally teared up over it. So sweet.

    Megan, yes, you can see why it was the best gift ever.

    Lesa, go for it! Thanks for naming me.

    Thanks, sb - I have a book of the Fawlty Towers scripts too!

    Steph, thanks, glad you enjoyed.

    Lorena, I know, isn't it awesome?

    Thanks, Raquel. We'll see how it goes.

    Rebecca, thanks!


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