Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Easy Being Green

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words about my job situation. I'm going to try to stay positive (and collect my paycheque!), and take life as it comes.

For now, one of my favourite colours - GREEN!
All a bunch of remixy stuff - I won't be buying much for the next few months! I've worn this skirt a couple of times (here and here).

I actually wasn't that happy with the vest. I got a new/consignment black velvet one (this guy) to replace this! Why isn't this one gone? Why am I not wearing the velvet one? Good gravy, Sheila, time to clean out the closet!

Wonder Woman!
I did my pictures before I fed Inigo. Bad move:
Eyes of death! But he forgave me.

The stuff:
I liked the black and white pinstripe in the vest echoes in the white stitching on the shoes.

A close-up:
Mom's green bead and gold necklace. I think it's from the 70s? The ring is also hers, and I'm probably going to get a phone call and her saying, "So that's where that ring got to!" It's a real jade ring set in some gold-toned metal that turned my finger green.

And something for the nail polish people:
I love that colour. Hee, my feet are pink from my walk home (and I can see sock marks on the right foot, ha!).

Vest (Oxmo), shirt (Pink Martini, consignment), skirt (Banana Republic, consignment), shoes (Jones New York, consignment), necklace and ring (vintage, Mom's), earrings (Plum, gift from L).


  1. Kitty deathglare!

    Love the skirt and matching toes! I think you have a fabulous closet that will make for some great remixing.

  2. Hey Sheila, between travel and computer glitches, I hadn't been able to post a comment... You've got an amazing attitude for the situation, and if anyone would be able to land on their feet after this, I have no doubt it will be you!

  3. Inigo (awesome name) is a ham-and-a-half in this and the other vest-with-gorgeous-skirt image. How many times a week does he manage to entice you into the kitty basket of doom (i.e. his belly, you go for it, he uses all four feet to tear you to shreds)? He's got a nice basket.

    Also, you are a consignment shopping wonder (woman)!

    Finally, is your company giving you some sort of monetary parachute? 'Cause they should. If not, I hate them more as they are clearly evil (not to mention undeserving of your excellent style).

  4. I've said it before- I love that you wear vintage jewelry- esp family "heirlooms" admire the leaf shapes on the necklace

    have you worn this skirt before on the blog??? like the mix with the vest to toughen up the eyelet of the skirt- at least it looks like eyelet to me.

  5. Green is a great color on you! And no explanations/apologies for remixing are necessary as far as I'M concerned. I'm likin' those shoes and the jewelry is great! Have you seen Vix's green nail polish? http://vintagevixon.blogspot.com/2010/08/sunshine-tags-and-general-loveliness.html

    If you haven't "met" her, you ought ta check her out :)

  6. Oh this is adorable. I love green also and I am a huge fan of the vest!!! I would wear one every day lol! And your toes!! To Cute~ You look Fabulous ~Love Heather

  7. Megan, thanks! I know, I had been thinking of going on a "no shopping" ban, and now I have no choice!

    Cara, thank you, sweetie, I appreciate that.

    A-Dubs, Inigo is the gentlest, cuddliest cat ever. He loves having his tum rubbed. I can count on one hand the times he's scratched me (or L) in 8 years. And yes, my company (which is not evil, in case any corporate lawyers are reading this) is being very generous to all of us.

    Thanks, Alecia! The leaf shapes are my earrings. :) Yes, I've worn the skirt twice (I've edited the entry to put in links to the previous outfits).

    Wendy, you got it!

    Thanks, Rebecca - I will check Vix out!

    Thanks, Heather - I love vests too!

  8. Hey Sheila,
    Still lurking around, and just wanted to say hang in there! My work has had its ups and downs...(geez who hasnt?)

    Love the green toes girl,my man always laughs at my "moss" toes!

    Glad you did a close up, I love the two subtle patterns of this outfit!
    Awesome as usual!

  9. That vest-skirt combo is fab! Might have to copy it ...

    You are handling the job sitch like a pro. That good attitude is bound to mean even better opportunities will come your way.

  10. Green nail polish !!!!
    haha I am laughing at the Inigo death look.
    It's as if he's saying... "Next life, it will be my turn to feed you "

  11. Erin, so nice to see you, thank you for stopping by. :) Thanks so much for your encouraging words - I really appreciate it. I always do close-ups!

    Thanks so much, Sal! I'm doing my best - good things will come!

    Lorena, you know it! I love crazy colours on my toes. Hee, Inigo is totally saying that!

  12. Love the combo of the girly skirt with the masculine vest. I'm thinking the fact that the ring turned your finger green just adds to the color coordination of your outfit as a whole. LOL

  13. Thanks, Tina! Lol, you're so right about the ring!

  14. I love the green polish! What color might that be, if I may inquire? It's very great. I love the mix of black, white and green. Very upbeat. (and Inigo kind of matches, with his 'green with envy' look...)
    Also, speaking of nail polish, if you paint the inside of your 'finger turning' ring with clear polish, it should halt your greening. (I recommend a "4 free" nail polish- free of the big 4 bad chemicals- toluene, formaldehyde /formaldehyde resin, DBP and camphor)(because that, too is green!)
    I hope that good things come to you in droves!

  15. I love Green too!!! I have 4 shades of green nail polish, 6 shades of green scarves, and loads of green jewellery. I dont know why I gravitate toward green, but I do!

    Long time reader, first time commentor.

  16. Rita, it's Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry (only needs one coat) - I couldn't find a name on it anywhere, sorry! I have heard that about clear nail polish, but I'm far to lazy to bother, hee. I do agree with your "free" polish - I try to find that whenever I can. Thank you so much!

    Houda, thank you very much for commenting (I like your blog)! Green just makes me feel good - it's such a fresh and happy colour.


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