Monday, August 23, 2010

Floofy and Poofy

Gotta be quick today - I haven't eaten dinner yet, and I have to get up really early tomorrow morning to travel to go to L's grandma's memorial.

I wasn't pleased with this outfit - both pieces are too floofy and poofy. I should have had a slim bottom (like here) or a more fitted top (like here). Ah well, live and learn.
I got my hair cut after work - pow!
Sorry about the weird light - it's later on than I usually take my pictures.

The hair:
My ultra super-power cuff!

The stuff:
Colour for my blah mood today.

Yellow is my happy colour.

Be back on Wednesday night!
Blouse (Nine West), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Tsubos), cuff (thrifted), earrings (Le Chateau).


  1. Super happy colors. I agree the proportions are a bit off, but the colors against the silvery is pretty cool and I can see why you paired them. I love the print on the top.

  2. Sheila, pure and simple, you have great style.

  3. I actually love this outfit. It's so fun and colorful! I wouldn't have even noticed the poofy problems if you hadn't mentioned them. I'm sorry the outfit wasn't a complete success.

  4. Ohhh I like this!
    Beautiful colors.
    I know what you say about the floofy but you know maybe if you belt it ?

  5. I love the colors!! Such a great combination!

  6. Hey, do you like those Tsubos? I heard they were kind of uncomfy ...

  7. Love your hair!

    And yellow is such a happy color. The bold bracelet and snazzy slingbacks are super-fun items.

  8. i like the silhouette a lot! top and bottom both have the same amount of 'ploofi-ness' so it looks on purpose. and you have a lot of arm and leg showing so it's not overwhelming. the only tweak i think mite be fun is a thin, drapey (chain?) belt along the bottom of the skirt waistband. to me, it's a chic and relaxed look - brava!

    i hope things go well at the memorial. best wishes to you & your family. steph

  9. I want to draw a big red star on your cuff. ;)

    I do love the colors!

  10. Colour mixing is definitely one of your superpowers. And that is such a great skirt!

  11. That's why I like your blog so much, because you explain why things do and don't work out. :) Yellow is my happy color too!

  12. I love the gray/yellow combination. You're lucky you can wear yellow. I like it, but it makes me look like death warmed over. Great haircut!

  13. That top is awesome, I love the colors and the pint!

  14. Great Colors....I swear I just linger with black I have to really push myself to wear color lol!! ....Love the silver skirt and yellow accessories ~Love Heather

  15. Thanks, Megan.

    Thanks, SU!

    LaHdm, aw, thank you.

    Thank you, Lorena, I would have liked a belt.

    ShyGirl, thanks!

    Sal, yes, I find them very comfy. I have no rubbing or anything. They're great all day shoes.

    shybiker, thanks! Yeah, yellow is awesome.

    Steph, thank you - of course, I meant to say, "it's supposed to look like this!", haha! I like the idea of a belt - I have one that would have looked great. This is my downfall with not trying on outfits before I wear them! Thanks.

    Thanks, KayeStar! Ha, yes, a star would be perfect.

    A-Dubs, thanks!

    freeda, thank you - that's so nice of you to say.

    Jodi, thanks! Try yellow away from your face?

    Iris, thanks!

    Thanks, Heather! You can do lots of colours besides black, I know you can!


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