Friday, August 20, 2010

Casual Friday - Long Demin and Caro Shoes

Last night was Book Club, so I didn't have time to do my blogging. I'm getting caught up today. My dear friend Caro gave me these amazing shoes! She ordered them online and they are huge on her (they're a size 8.5), but they fit me perfectly, so she just gave them to me. What a sweetheart! The long denim skirt is new - I got it last week while we were up visiting the in-laws. My mil insisted on paying for all the stuff I bought - this was a whopping $3, on for half price, so it was $1.50. How will I ever repay her? Ha!

I like the trend of long skirts coming back (I've always been a fan), and this one hit me right in my sweet spot: slim cut, not too low in the waist, not slit too high in the back, cool details. The waistline has no button - it's a ragged finish. I also really like the "cuff" look at the bottom. I'm pretty sure this has never been worn.

It's a little snug at the top, but that's okay - just makes me sit up straight! Wonder Woman!

I love this blouse, which I have not worn enough - just the once here (lots of close-ups of the details on it - it is amazing, check it out).

Oh, this was funny. L bought me flowers yesterday (he's sweet that way), and Inigo spotted the raffia bow while they were lying on the kitchen counter:
Rar! Kitty attack!

The stuff:
Awesome shoes! My mom's 70s necklace and my leather cuff (with airplanes!).

A close-up:
Fly away to the weekend!

Blouse (unknown, consignment) , skirt (Manager, thrifted), cami (Jacob, gift from Ruth), shoes (Wild Diva, gift from Caro), belt (Plum), cuff (Catalyst Reaction Leather), necklace (Mom's, vintage 70s).


  1. I too am excited about long skirts coming back, and that one is divine! You look playfully casual yet thoroughly spiffy. I also love that cuff. Too cool.

  2. I love that skirt on you! And the shoes are great too--as is the cat. :)

  3. Aww kitty attack! Extra dose of cute for friday!

    An awesome skirt and omg how cool! cute (free?) sandals. Hopefully you can get some wear out of them before it turns too chilly.

  4. One of the biggest benefits of fashion-blogs is the new ideas they give us, and one of the biggest benefits of your blog is the stylishness you display.

    I normally hate long skirts -- but love the look of this one. The way it bends at the knee is amazingly chic. Beautifully fitted.

    Thank you for adding to my storage-bin of creative ideas!

  5. I like the detail on the shirt, very cute :)

  6. Sweet denim skirt! And those shoes are awesome with it.

    Also, I love that Inigo's cuddly, not scratchy.

  7. I LOVE that skirt! And your leather cuff with the airplanes is super cool!

    Isn't it funny that you can buy a cat a toy, and they'll look at you (and it) like you're trying to teach them card tricks. But if raffia or ribbon is within 40 blocks, they're ON it.

  8. I'm pining for a long denim skirt I used to have...

  9. Thanks, Kelly! I enjoy the coverage for a change.

    Ann, thank you for commenting! My kitty is a total ham.

    Megan, isn't he hilarious? Thank you! Yes, free! I'm going to wear them all I can.

    sb, thanks so much - that's so nice of you. :) Long skirts are tricky - they need to have details, movement and shape, not just a big block.

    Iris, thank you!

    A-Dubs, thanks!

    Rita, thanks - I love that cuff. Oh, I know, cats are so funny like that. Mine is nuts over any kind of box too.

    Wendy, I know, don't you miss some of your old stuff? I know I do!

  10. My only goal is to get my weight down low enough to wear my long, denim skirts this fall! I'd better get "on the stick"! Where has the summer gone???

    I think you look great in this outfit!


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