Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thank God for Waterproof Mascara

I found out this afternoon why the Boss was in the office: my entire department is being outsourced. They're sitting all seven of us down for "the talk" to discuss our future with the company, which will not be longer than 6 months. I've been with them for 5 years...and ironically, I just got a company jacket this morning as my reward for being there that long. I feel like cutting it up with scissors.

As we sat with the Boss and HR, all I could think was, "What timing! I just bought waterproof mascara!" Funny how your mind goes, isn't it?

Anyway, I'm still reeling and since I won't be there tomorrow or Friday for "the talk", I will find out on Monday what's going to happen with my life in the near future. At least I looked good today:
Yup, a bunch of remixed stuff. Nothing too special.

And I even did my WW pose:
I could use an invisible jet to whisk me away, but instead will be at my in-laws for a few days. I'll be back on Saturday - I've done a couple of delayed posts so y'all don't pine away for me, hee.

The stuff:
My "concrete" Campers, and Wonder Woman cuff!

Bug and bird:
A bit blurry, sorry. We all cut out early and went and drank vodka.

Take care - back soon.

Cardigan (Vero Moda), top (Smart Set, consignment), skirt (Nine and Co., consignment), shoes (Camper), brooch (Le Chateau), leather cuff (Shi Studio).


  1. Aw crap. I'm so sorry. You're right though, at least you looked good! Hang in there and try to distract yourself this weekend.

  2. Aww Sheila! That sucks to hear.

    You do look fabulous! I hope your trip to the in-laws goes well.

  3. Oh man, I'm sorry. Stuff like that just sucks, there's no way around it. But yes, at least you looked fantastic!

  4. Sheila, I'm so sorry to hear this! I hope you find something new and better!

  5. Oh. Shit. I'm so sorry, Sheila. And it really sucks you have to wait until Monday to get the details. Why is business so inhumane?

    Take good care, styling woman. I hope you find your in-laws soothing. . .

  6. aw, Shelia. i am very sorry this is happening. it isn't right.

    i do hope that you have a good weekend with your family. we'll be thinking good thoughts for you from here. take care! steph

  7. Oh, I'm sorry about the job situation. Having had entire companies shut down around me (on the "finish today's work and go home" level), I know how upsetting it can be.

    Good luck finding an even better job, and have a fun weekend with your in-laws!

  8. Oh that stinks about the job. Maybe they have another position within the company. I feel your pain, been laid off twice over the last three years. Have a great weekend!

  9. That really sucks Sheila - a similar thing happened in my last office just a couple weeks ago. Hopefully you'll still have a good time with you're in-laws.

    Vodka blurred or not - you looked great!

  10. I'm sorry, Sheila. That's sad news. I hope things work out for you.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about what's happening at your work. You did look absolutely lovely today! You'll be in my thoughts.

  12. I'm really sorry, and hope you find a better job soon. Your outfit is lovely.

  13. I'm coming out of my lurk position to tell you that THIS is my favorite of all your outfits! And I'm so sorry to hear about your "situation" at work. Better things will come your way...focus on that.

  14. Oh, bah! You poor thing - have been there a couple of times, and no matter how much you know that good things will come of it in the end it's a tough slog to deal with. Be kind to yourself, eh?

    You're right, though - you did look awesome.

  15. My "concrete" Campers, and Wonder Woman cuff! Guess you needed those along with the waterproof mascara!

    Any chance of "absorption" within what remains of the company?

    Yep! You looked great!(And STILL do.)

  16. Oh crap, Sheila. Nothing like getting a bomb dropped on you just as you are heading out of town! Good luck, and if you need any resume or interview help, feel free to email me. I was a recruiter back in a previous life, and I do a lot of unofficial hiring in my position now. I have been drowning in conducting interviews the last few months! :)

  17. I'm so sorry! What terrible news! I hope something wonderful is just around the corner for you.

    But you look lovely. I love the cut and print of that skirt, and the bow cardigan is a wonderful touch.

  18. oh farkus, sheila! sorry to hear the bad news.
    im sure you will bounce back on your feet in no time -- Wonder Woman always does!

  19. Sheila, I am sorry to hear about your job! While I've never been in your situation, I have seen a lot of friends and family go through it, and that is really rough.

    I do think, even remixed, you looked fantastic! And yes, thank goodness for waterproof mascara!

  20. Love the bug pin.

    To coin the old saying - when one door closes, another opens.

    I'm sorry to hear that your company is doing like so many here in the US - cheap B's.

    Something better is in the mix for you.

  21. Gorgeous outfit! I love teal.

    That's awful about work, change is always very stressful...but I have no doubt you will land on your feet! This opens a whole world of opportunity...who knows what will come??

  22. And LOL re: the mascara! How fortuitous, and I think it shows your resilience and positvity that THAT's what you focused on!

  23. Oh fiddlely poo! How craptastic! Keep looking fabulous and do keep us posted.

  24. Oh Sheila, that's crap :-(

    At least you looked fantastic (as always) and didn't end up with panda eyes :-$

    Hope there's some good news after the weekend.

  25. I call crap on this news and I agree with everything else that everyone has said. I really hope that this means something better.

    Also, re: waterproof mascara. I think you should feel as comfortable and in control as you want to in your upcoming meeting but it has been my experience that corporations and HR peeps want these meetings to be as dignified and easy as possible on THEM so they don't have to feel bad about the fiscal decisions they are making for their shareholders by punishing their employees. What if you didn't wear waterproof mascara? What if you showed how upsetting this is for you? And how unfair? You don't have to make a scene, but I think you should let them know, without ruining a reference, just what exactly the human cost of this decision is.

    If your outfits, your energy, and your kind comments are any indication, then you are clearly too good for this place and I hope there is something better for you as soon as you want it.

  26. Well, you look great!!

    Payed you forward an award- Happy Thursday

  27. "Yup, a bunch of remixed stuff. Nothing too special."

    h - eey - yy! (the penny just dropped). i have to stick up for re-mixers everywhere!

    and you ALWAYS look special - somehow i don't think it's just the clothes. steph

  28. I'm so sorry to hear your job is ending. I know from experience how stressful that is. Take care of yourself, and remember you are way more valuable than just what you do at your job (which you know anyway, judging by your blog).

  29. Shelia, I am so sorry about your work situation. The business world can be such a cold cruel place. I hope you are able to enjoy your weekend though.


  30. I'm 'de-lurking' to tell you how sorry I am to hear this. Something similar happened to some people in my company recently. It's really horrible... I really like your blog by the way and I love Camper shoes. Oh, and I can't imagine you wearing a company jacket. You're too stylish!!

  31. Aw CRAP! That sucks. I'm so sorry, I do know how you feel though. Hang in there. At least you have some time to sort things out. Try to enjoy your weekend!

  32. Dude.
    That is messed up.

    Way to rally and still post. You look great as always. Three cheers for waterproof mascara. Take care.

  33. Oh man, that sucks. I'm sorry Sheila. The hot breath of the layoff monster has hit our house, too. And incredibly, there is actually a new TV show slated for fall in the US called "Outsourced". Somehow, with this being the worst economy since the great depression, I am failing to see the "comedy" angle there.
    Anyway, have a great weekend in spite of it all, and try to relax. This could actually be the best thing that's ever happened to you- you never know what opportunities will come your way!!!

  34. Thanks, Monica.

    Thanks, Megan. I'm home - it was fine. Nice to get away.

    Thanks, Virginia.

    Thanks, Andie - we'll see how it goes.

    Thanks, A-Dubs - I've been getting the scoop from a work friend who emailed me. Ha, my in-laws are not soothing, but thanks.

    Thanks, Steph - it was a nice weekend, but it's good to be home again.

  35. Thanks, Fashion Theorist, and than k you very much for commenting. I'm enjoying your blog. :)

    iminozz, thanks. I don't know that I would want to work for them after this...

    Thanks, Cara. I had a nice weekend - good for a change of scene. And I have a party to go to tonight!

    Thanks, shybiker. I guess we'll see.

    ShyGirl, thank you, that's really sweet of you.

    Bianca, thanks.

    Thanks, Lady C.

    Thanks, Anonymous persons.

    Rebecca, I felt very armoured up. I don't think I want to stay with the company - this is a chance to change. Thanks so much.

    Kristen, I know - L would have been okay if I'd stayed home, but I wanted some escape, you know? Thank you so much for the offer - I may take you up on that.

    Orchids, thanks.

    Thanks, Eva! Yes, she does - thanks for the inspiration.

    Thanks, Brianna - and thank you for commenting.

    Thanks, LaShaune. Yes, I'm trying to put a positive spin on this as much as I can.

    Thanks, Sherylyn, aw, I can feel your hug right now. Isn't it weird that we were just talking about this a couple of weeks ago??

    Thanks, Angela, I will.

    Tat, thanks, hon. Yes, no panda eyes!

    Thanks, Kelly.

    D-Med, thanks, so do I. And oh, I let the tear stream down my face - everyone knew how I felt. Thank you so much for the supportive words.

    Thanks you, Beth.

    Sorry, Steph, that wasn't meant to be insulting - I just forget that my own "same ol', same ol'" is new to lots of readers. For me, it's "meh, this old thing", you know? :) I'm a major fan of remixing!

    Thanks, Northmoon. I've never been career-oriented - I'm going to miss my fellow employees the most.

    Tracy, thank you.

    Thanks, Emma, that is really sweet of you.

    Thanks, Alison, it really sucks.

    Thanks, Beverly.

    Thanks, Rita. Yes, I'm trying to stay positive. I think having the time away has helped.

  36. Sheila: I'm mostly a lurker and an admirer from afar. I am truly sorry and I wish the best for you. Poop on this company. You seem very brave and upbeat.

  37. Sucks.
    5 years ago I got fired from a job I had been in for 5 years. It totally sucked. It was like boom you are out. I cried my eyeballs out- I felt horrible. Also unexpected, fired one Friday afternoon.
    I was terrified as I had bills to pay.
    I was able to land a job 15 days after I was fired. The job I am in now.
    If you asked me NOW, 5 years later, it was the BEST thing that ever happened to me.
    I would have never had all the opportunities and experiences if I had not been fired from my old job. NEVER.
    Even though it plain sucks right now, what I am trying to say is that, it's just a phase, something that you have to go through and that will pass.
    You will get something good out of it all, trust me.
    I send good vibes your way, although you ALREADY have good vibes... I am certain that all will be for the better.

  38. Thanks, Lorena, yeah, I've been in this situation before, and I know better things will come. I appreciate your kind words.

  39. Hm, one of those anonymous persons was me! The one saying 'bah'. No idea how I did that, but I'll reiterate the positive thoughts and hugs for you anyway :)

  40. That's such a tough situation. Both Rand and I have been let go in the last few years. My company went through 3 rounds of layoffs before they finally stopped cutting people. And Rand's job was outsourced to India. We even talked about possibly moving there. So I know how it feels right now. I am sending lots of good vibes your way and I am sure that you will land firmly on your feet. I wish there was something I could do to make it less stressful.

    On a positive note, I am drooling over the brooch and bracelet. LOVE!

  41. Thanks, Tina, it's a tough situation - my town is very difficult to find jobs in, but I don't want to move. I appreciate your good vibes!

  42. I'm so sorry to hear this news! You are such an upbeat, creative, adventurous, and disciplined person that I have no doubt you will find another great position. Still, transitions suck, so I'm sending you positive vibes!

  43. Thanks so much, Kasmira, the vibes are very appreciated.


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