Monday, August 30, 2010

Purple Power!

Okay, so I've been indulging in a little bit of retail therapy to salve my recent woes (job, dead Grandma).

I've tried to be good and only buy thrift or consignment, but I did go into one of my favourite stores (Jacob) that was having an extra 30% off last sale prices - and this purple skirt called to me!
As you can see, I've got the Power of the Wonder Woman bracelet going on.

Anyway, the skirt (which is a nice royal purple, not as blue as it looks here) was $39.99, so that would be $30 on sale. But it's made in Canada (not China) and it's machine washable (no lining), so I'm willing to pay a little more for those kinds of benefits.

The top is also new - it was a whopping $8 in a thrift store yesterday. It's Talbots, so the quality of the fabric is awesome. It's a thick, heavy double-knit that drapes really nicely.
But let's not kid ourselves. It's all about the shoes. Check out those babies! That's 5 inches of heel (less about an inch platform in the front of the shoe).

I really liked my accessories today, so here's a shot of my mug:
I especially like my wee ear cuff (you can see it just above the bigass pearl stud). This also shows the pattern of the top better.

The stuff:
I like that the shoes have the taupe colour, black suede AND black patent on them (the shoes aren't leather, however). I do like a mix of textures. I got them last year and have worn them a few times to work. They are tough on my feet though (I took them off when I was at my desk and even gave myself a foot massage!).

A close-up of the jewelry:
My leafy bracelet, the pendant Mom got me in Australia (real pearls and white gold), and my cheapy pearl earrings.

Top (Talbot's, thrifted), skirt (Jacob), shoes (Qupid, consignment), necklace (gift from Mom), bracelet (thrifted), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. Ooh love the skirt. I bet it's that hard to photograph purple color that's really rich in real life. The pattern on the top is really cute! I'm glad you take detail shots.

    LOVE the shoes. Do they have the toe-box shape that's really short that many designers keep creating? I cannot even fit my long toes in that type of heel... At least they make good "not-alot-of-walking" shoes though.

    I'm totally game with the hair idea. I'll give it a try tomorrow and see what happens!

  2. That purple skirt is great on you.

    Love that you are looking at where things are made.

  3. Good buys on both the skirt on top-like the mix of textures in the ensemble. smiled at the buying domestic comment-isn't that the truth.

    I like how you put so many elements together and yet it is not overwhelming - it works very well together- me - i am always taking something off -thinking you are also under 5"4???

  4. Super outfit. The quality of the top is evident and the skirt fits it so well. Really nice look.

    I'm amazed at how you can pull things together on a shoestring-budget. That inspires me.

  5. I love that top with the bright, fun skirt! And those shoes are just gorgeous, I applaud you for being able to wear them - I know I wouldn't be able to take two steps in them!

  6. Super cute...the heels make your legs look great...I have been trying to wear heels I think I just have to find the right ones I am so wobbly ~Heather

  7. Sending you a big hug Sheila. So sorry to hear of what's been going on.

    Lovin' the shoes! If I took off a problem pair, I'd never get them back on with my luck.

  8. Great skirt! That purple seems perfect for late-summer-early-fall. Score!

    Now I want a pair of bigass pearl studs. I know pearls are on-trend for all, but regular pearl studs are not quite me. Those bigass ones, though? Very cool.

  9. Love your outfit for sure, but am in love with your hairdo! I may print out your photo to take to my hairdresser next month, dahling! Love, love it!!

  10. I'm sorry that things are tough right now! :(

    I do love the accessories and those shoes are seriously fierce!

  11. Megan, yeah, some colours just don't come out right. Yes, the shoes have a square toe - but I have long toes too! I love how your hair turned out!

    Thanks, Iris!

    Northmoon, I'd rather support companies and countries that have standards for manufacture - and of course, I'd rather not contribute to the manufacture of new items at all (but sometimes, things are so cute!).

    Thanks, Alecia! I am 5'4" exactly, actually.

    shybiker, thank you! You don't need to spend a lot to find quality, or to look good.

    ShyGirl, thanks! I only wear them on days when I know I won't be walking much.

    Thanks, Heather! Low heels can be just as gorgeous.

    Jen, thank you, hon. I took my shoes off whenever I was at my desk!

    Thanks, Kelly! Pfft, "on-trend" - I've been wearing pearls for 20+ years. When are they not in style??

    Thanks, Yvonne! I'm really happy with the latest cut.

    LaHdM: thank you!

  12. Lordy, I love everything about this outfit! Those platform pumps are divine.


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