Monday, July 11, 2022

Bigass Weekend (Plus Monday) Wrap-Up: Fancy Friday Spots; Brunch Black Bookends; Tilt-ing Backyard Concerts in Vintage; Monday Coppers

Welcome back, my friends! I hope you are all well-rested and relaxed! I have a lot to get to, so y'all will forgive my brevity. It's been a weekend, just like in the Before Times! 

Let's kick off with Friday. I've had this outfit on hold for a few weeks, waiting for it to get warmer. 
I risked cold arms, all in the name of Fashion! 

  • Blouse - Denver Hayes, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in May for Mother's Day/Mom's birthday 
  • Dress - Marimekko for Uniqlo, consignment; first seen here in March with cowgirl stuff
  • Sandals - Swedish Hasbeens, consignment; last worn here in August 2021 with one of my one-and-done Jammy dresses
  • Cape (below) - Dafydd Snowdon, vintage 60s, thrifted; last seen here in May

The pink shirt underneath the dress doesn't show up that well - only the collar points peep out. 
I had doubts about this dress on this wear - it felt huge and tentlike, making ME feel huge and tentlike. 

But looking at the pictures, I think I look good. 
Just goes to show how our minds mess with us! I trust the pictures, not my insecure brain. 

"Fake it till you make is" has been one of my personal mottos for well over a decade. 
I only LOOK confident - everyone has issues, me included. 

Masked up. 
All that to say that I am going to snag this out of the giveaway pile. 

Caped and incognito. 
Yes, a wool cape. I could have gone without on the way home, but dang, these mornings are still chilly! 

This isn't the most exciting vintage silk scarf I own, but it's a very useful colour combination. 

  • Scarf - vintage 60s, thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
These shoes are a little rough on my toes - I wore nylons today. 

Silver bling: 
I really felt the lack of a necklace or brooch at the neck - maybe that's why I felt off about it. I just needed a big necklace! 

  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Pivot ring - consignment
  • Mesh bracelet - Stella & Dot, thrifted
  • Cuff - Fossil, gift from L
  • Earrings - Fossil, thrifted

By the way, here's my new bracelet display in action. Some of my bulkier cuffs are very happy to not be crammed in my dessert tray storage. 
And now I can see all my other bracelets and cuffs better! Win! $8.00 well spent. 

L and I hung out on Friday night, playing board games and listening to music. I slept in a bit on Saturday (such luxury) as we didn't have an Ulti game, and we met up with Nick at the Ruby for brunch. 
Finally getting into some of my summery things! The weather's been warmish (mid-20s) and a mix of overcast and sunny. 

  • Blouse - Sure 1032, thrifted; last seen here in August 2021 with this same skirt!
  • Skirt - Alex Coleman of California, vintage 70s, consignment; last seen here in August 2021 (shocker)
  • Sandals - Sorel; last worn here in July 2021 with a top I only wore once

Not an especially creative outfit, as I last wore both pieces together! 
I did change the shoes up, at least. 

After brunch, L and I ran a couple of errands, and then grocery shopped.
Isn't this skirt lovely? 

It's vintage, of course, and fully lined in black cotton.
It has slits up both sides for walking. I actually went bare legged (with a pair of wee shorts underneath). 

Masked up. 
There's been much talk of another wave of Covid happening here within the next several weeks. 

The drama! 
I covered up my bouffed-up hair with a scarf to keep it all from snarling as we drove around with the top down on the convertible. 

I need a scarf with turquoise and pink! This was close enough. 

  • Scarf - vintage, thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
These clunky shoes are very comfy and combine the best of sandals (openness) with the comfort of a full shoe (wedge heel). They zip up the back. 

Gold and teal bling. 
Doesn't everyone wear this much bling to grocery shop? No? Just me? 

  • Belt - Emmanuel, vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Bronze/turquoise/pearl/crystal cuff - Myka, consignment
  • Chain bracelet - thrifted
  • Necklace - vintage 70s, thrifted
  • Earrings - consignment
  • Gold/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's
  • Hematite ring - thrifted

While L was off doing his thing, I popped into the newly-opened Cheers Vintage Collective store (no website), which has recently moved from Fort Street (where I bought this belt on the Day of Indolence). It's a lovely big space where the former Lyle's Place Records (RIP, now closed) and Scandals Nightclub (where L danced in the 90s) used to be located. It's now a mix of a few different vendors, including Csinos Vintage and Star Vintage. I enjoyed the big open space and the brightness (the space has skylights), and I found a little treasure in a $5.00 bin.
You know me and yellow tops! This is a vintage 80s-does-50s sweater. There is a big scrolly "B" on the upper right of the chest, if you look closely, which I'll likely cover up with a pin.

Bianca was one of Nygard's brands (its owner is a Bad Person, look him up if you want - I won't link to him). 
It's a wool/acrylic blend and this is a style that suits my shape. For $5.00, it was worth it. Greetje just linked to me in her recent post (here, link 'cause I love!), noting the bargains I find. This would be 3.79 Euros.

L and I napped in the afternoon, and I worked on the Autumn Jacket (Happy Birthday, Autumn! link here), which is finished! I had a lot of "help" while I worked on it.
"What are you doing, Woman?"

He sat in the sun beside me, on the bench, while I worked out on the deck. Then he walked over me and generally was a nuisance. 
"I think a cat on your lap is what you need."

I'm so excited to be finally finished my Autumn Jacket - I'll be wearing it at some point this week, to model it, and will include all the detail pics then. 
"Lap! Now!"

He was very demanding. 

After dinner, we headed over to Cat and Ross's place for an evening of games. I'll be looking after their little fuzzy Mabel this coming week for them, and we thought she might come out to visit us, but she's a shy little pandemic kitty. Hopefully, I'll be able to coax her out for some pics! 

On Sunday, we enjoyed another sleep-in and a relaxed day until we got ready to head out for dinner, followed by Day 2 of "Tilt!", the second in the Phillips Backyard Weekender summer series of concerts (link here). 

I am notoriously NOT a fan of any "fest" type of activity, as I get very anxious in crowds, especially when there are no seats and personal space, but as the shows were outdoors and I'd have space to back up and get away from people, I decided to push myself and risk it. 

The Big Question: What to wear? No sitting, walking to/from town and home again, standing on my feet for hours. Better wear comfy shoes!
I ended up going with this lovely vintage dress because it goes well with these shoes. 

  • Dress - Marjorie Hamilton, vintage 60s, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in June 2021
  • Shoes - Enneagram Individualist, Fluevog; last seen here in December 2021 with a Disco Vest

I actually did wear my mask whenever I was walking around near people, even though we were outside. 
I had a lot of enthusiastic reactions from the crowd to this outfit in general. 

One woman told me that the pattern was "very fun" for her to look at. 
Besides loads of booze (since Phillips is a brewery), there were many people with "altered consciousnesses," shall we say? 

I enjoyed people-watching. 
I was not the brightest dressed there, but I was close! 

I carried a big purse and my cashmere pashmina.
Victoria's on the water - it gets cold at night. 

This was just right.
We walked home late (after 10pm) and that also warmed us up. 

My bag held our concert tees (we each bought one - mine will not be worn on the blog, it's for sleeping in). 

  • Purse - decorated by me
  • Scarf - Portolano, thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
I walked to and from town in these and stood/danced for close to four hours. My feet were pretty tired by the time we got home! Standing on concrete is not easy on the feet. 

Matchy bling:
My usual suspects, plus my wrist-band .

  • Smaller bracelet - Fossil, gift from L
  • Larger bracelet - Stella & Dot, consignment
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Turquoise ring - Glee, local
  • Earrings - thrifted

I took the camera and Carolyn also sent me some pics. 
L and I headed through Chinatown, on our way to the "industrial" part of downtown. 

Here's Phillips.
They occupy a full block - their concert series are literally held in their parking lot (they also blocked off a section of one street. 

We're on the opposite corner of the block now. OMG, people. 
It was a very well-run event, with drink tents, food trucks and the first aid/harm reduction volunteers. The harm reduction folks walked around, looking for anyone who was tripping or needing help. This is reality...

Check out the giant vats - some of them have beer brewing, some are the hops and some are the malt.
Every so often we got a whiff of hops. 

Christine and Caro, who had been there since the event started at 3pm. We arrived around 6pm. 
There was no seating, so the curb was the handiest spot! 

L joined Christine briefly.
Pic by Caro

L and I both enjoyed non-alcoholic options (they do an excellent margarita in a can, and L had their root beer). 

Me and my honey-bunny. 
We're out in the street that was blocked off. The area behind the chainlink fencing is the parking lot. 

L and I wandered over to the merch tent and bought out shirts.
Looking back at the stage area. More giant vats. 

This is the entry. 
L and I stood in the midst of everyone for a while, but then the sheer volume (close to 3,000 people, eep!) started to get to me. 

I needed to move back! 
I knew this would just get more crowded. 

Seaplanes buzzed overhead. 
Such a perfect day/evening for this. 

Our pals Mac and Petra were there too! Pic by Caro. Oh, there's Christine on the end! 
I staked out this area as My Spot. Fence behind me, no one in front of me, and my guy beside me. I felt a lot better being back here. 

Even so, I had to get away and move around just to de-escalate my panicky feelings. 
I'm okay if I am moving, as long as I have space around me. 

Caro selfie! Thanks for the pics, sweets. 
We were super-stoked to see Snotty Nose Rez Kids, an Indigenous rap duo from BC (BandCamp link here, article about them here) - "Boujee Natives" (here) is an awesome song and good "gateway" to their albums if you like rap (which I do!).

And here they are! 
L and I have all their albums, and they played all the hits. 

The crowd was really into it. 
They actually cleared a mosh pit in front (Nick and Casey were down there). I have been in a mosh pit (by accident) back in my death metal days, in the early 90s. No way I am going in that crowd, nope nope nope. 

Our spot was right beside the recycling station, which meant we got to see nearly everyone there. They all recycled properly too! 
Caro was the anchor on my other side. 

Give it up for Snotty Nosed Rez Kids! 

The crowds kept coming, as the headline was The Beaches. 
We were excited to see The Beaches for the 3rd time! They were our last pre-pandemic concert here in February 2020 and we also saw them in 2018 - about them here (they are playing a bunch of shows in Canada/USA, well worth going to!). "Want What You Got" is probably my favourite song by them here (a live number) - they are fantastic live! 

The sun started going down. 
Caro is wearing a very old sundress that used to be mine in the early days of my blog. Ah, here it is, in April 2009!

We had a fat moon over the ginormous brew vats. 
The smaller cans on the lower left are full-sized beer kegs. 

Time for The Beaches! 
The crowd was really animated by this time, lots of dancing and singing along. 

We actually had a pretty good view from the back of the parking lot. 
Also, having seen them a couple of times before, I don't need to be up close. 

There were beach balls being batted about. 
It was loud! 

I liked this sign as it got dark.

Last song...
L and I left before their encore song, so that I wouldn't have to be in the river of humanity on the way out. 

Rock on, my love! 
Thank you for taking care of me. I would go to one of these again (if a band I like was playing).

We were physically worn out, and a bit overwhelmed after 4 hours of crowds and walking home was a relief. 

I planned ahead and lined up my work outfit for Monday, knowing I'd be dog-tired when we got home.
These new-to-me copper pants are a match made in heaven with my copper jewelry. 

  • Blouse - Miu Miu, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May 2021 with silk palazzo pants
  • Pants - BCBG Max Azria, consignment; purchased here for $39.99
  • Sandals - Chie Mihara; last worn here in December 2021 with gold lions

They were a delight to wear. 
Very swooshy! 

The green blouse has a raw-edge design sewn on the front. 
It's an unusual shape. I should do a Flashback on it at some point. 

The back of it is knit - but the whole thing is silk. 
It dips down a bit in the back, so covered the elastic back section of the pants. 

Masked up. 
So matchy in all my coppers! 

I did not wear a jacket! 
It has finally become warm and sunny! 

A scarf for the chill in the morning was my only nod to outerwear. 

  • Scarf - Lanvin, vintage 70s, consignment
  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

The stuff:
My colleague Nour was initially surprised when I told her these shoes are like wearing flats. They're flatforms! That's barely an inch heel. 

Copper bling: 
Wearing my "ball" set, plus some turquoise. 

  • Copper/turquoise cuff - Bell Trading Post, vintage 50s, consignment, Powell River
  • Ball ring/aqua ring - vintage, consignment
  • Earrings - vintage, vintage expo
  • Shiny ring - Glee, local
  • Chain/pendant necklace - Bell Trading Post, vintage 50s, consignment
  • Ball necklace/cuff - vintage expo

Phew, that was a very busy weekend! Vizzini, shall we retire to the couch for some lovin'?
"This tum won't rub itself, Woman."

I hope you enjoyed our adventures! Thank you so much for dropping by! 


  1. I know what you are saying with feeling as if you wear a tent. I often have that feeling too with nowadays fashion (very wide and often midi/maxi). But as you say, it doesn't show at all. Love that pink collar you added. A very elegant outfit.
    Thanks for teaching me something. "Mosh pit" was something I had never heard of. I am not a concert visitor. To think I used to work at the biggest Dutch pop and jazz concert organizer and being totally uninterested in the concerts themselves. I had backstage access and all. If I have seen 10 concerts in the 2 1/2 years I worked there it is much haha.
    If I had to go to such an event, I would have chosen trousers (pants?) and sneakers. You go full out on a lovely dress and Fluevog shoes. No wonder people complimented you, you looked like a ray of sunshine.
    Philips in the Netherlands is the huge electronics manufacturer and Heineken the biggest beer manufacturer. So it is funny to read that in Canada Philips is a beer manufacturer.
    Of all your other outfits in this post the cognac coloured trousers by BCBG Max Azria with the green shirt is perfect to me. So figure flattering and such good colours. Again, I would have chosen flat shoes after such a day. Even though they are comfortable platforms and by Chie Mihara (very good brand), I still would have opted for something more comfortable. You really put in much more effort than I do.

    1. The pictures don't lie, so I know it's my brain!

      You never heard of a mosh pit? Wow! Lots of folks did wear pants/sneakers - I stood out!

      I've heard of Heineken (lots of it around here) - Phillips is only local to Victoria.

      My feet were fine in these sandals - they are like wearing flats!

  2. Wow Sheila, such a lovely vintage maxi skirt with the very high side slits and beautiful colours. The side slits look very high but I presume this makes walking in it much easier. Is the lining sewn into the slits or does it show a lot when you walk or sit down?

    1. Yes, the slits go to just above the knee, Dan. This makes walking so much easier. The lining completely lines the outer fabric, but it's black, so you just see glimpses of it when I walk. I'd rather a full-lined garment than one showing the (often ugly) backside/seams.

  3. You had to have been the best dressed at the concert. I understand the overwhelmingness, and wearing clothes you felt good in has to be comfort. You definitely don't/didn't look like you wore a tent. Easy and breezy.

  4. That event looks like so much fun although like you I don't think I'd be entirely comfortable with the crowds - leaving early was a smart move! :) I really like the beautiful outfit you wore - the dress does go so well with the shoes! But the last outfit is my favourite - I have a couple of rust skirts (a mini and a maxi) but I've not actually worn them with green tops before - green bags occasionally! I need to rectify that when the weather warms up again - only have sleeveless green tops!

    1. There were a few moments when I thought I might faint, Mica! It's scary!

      Thanks so much - I really loved that look too.

  5. Wow, that sounds like a weekend from the Before Times indeed. Like you, I'm not good with crowds, and I get claustrophobic quite easily, so well done you!
    Hearing you on our minds messing with us. I didn't feel at all great in most of the outfits I wore last week - some of them firm favourites! - but looking at the photos has made me change my mind. I guess I wasn't in the best of places being back at work :-( The dress does look fab on you, by the way, not tent-like at all!
    My favourite outfits are that fabulous vintage dress - which go like a dream with those shoes - and the copper pants with the green blouse. Loving all the copper bling you wore with this too! xxx

    1. It really was, Ann! I'm proud that I managed my anxiety.

      As I said to Greetje, the photos don't lie, so that's how we know our minds are messing with us. I hope you're at a better place now, my friend. Thank you!

  6. A normal weekend! Yay - at last! There is nothing like live music and I'm looking forward to our 'River Festival' where we'll have lots of live local bands to listen to along the river and in the park closest to the river. I can cope with crowds but the last time I went to Notting Hill Carnival - probably about 15 years ago; I found the crowds quite terrifying and almost got swept along at one point. I never bothered to go again.

    Loved all your outfits; the 60s dress was fab and I loved the spotted dress; the vintage skirt and the totally gorgeous copper trousers. Great combo with the green top. L looked great, too.

    Glad your summer seems to have arrived! Have a great week.

    1. It felt so odd, Vronni! Something on every day! I've been swept up in a crowd like that (back in the 90s), and I vowed never to go to a "fest" again. I'm glad I did this time, though.

      Thank you!

  7. Love the polka dot. (?) dress always have. And the shoes your shoes, just make me want to own them. Probably could not wear them but....

    1. It's kind of polka dots, kind of cow, right, Kim? :) The shoes are way more comfy than you'd think.

  8. woww, such a lot of adventures and social life and music!, totally love that this was a proper weekend with friends and fun!.
    Love your vintage skirt with black sandals and cool jewellery!, but my favourite one is that dress you wore to the concert. Great tip to pick your shoes first when going to an event, totally agree about comfort being first!. Glad that you could enjoy the concert, even if had to move back and find a quieter place (totally understand it).
    Those copper coloured pants are really fabulous, and match so perfectly your shoes and your copper jewellery!, so brilliant combo!

    1. sorry, it's me messing with comment form again.

    2. It was like in the Before Times! Thanks so much, Monica! I'm very happy with the copper pants.

  9. Nice outfits, fun times. I feel the same way about crowds.

  10. The blouse and skirt just go together so well though! Volume vs fitted, black vs bright! The purple and blue dress is fabulous too and goes so well with those amazing fluevogs! And then the more toned down chartreuse top and brown pants is also stylish!

    I also get panicky in big crowds, even before the pandemic. I went to a concert in the standing area once, never again, booked seats for me forever more. I wonder if you could bring a folding chair to the Phillips concert next time they have one.

    1. Thanks so much, Laura!

      I've actually fainted in a concert - it was hot and crowded and down I went, full panic attack. I checked the rules before I went - no folding chairs are permitted at these concerts, unfortunately.


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