Sunday, July 3, 2022

Bigass Long Canada Day Weekend: Walking in Red; Lounging in Good-Buy Copper; Wet Book Club and a Wee Shop

Welcome back, my friends! It's been a wonderful weekend over here, with sunshine, good times and some fun outfits. Let's take a look, shall we?

This is my Friday look - actual Canada Day. I'm not a fan of big crowds or other "fest"-y events, so we always avoid all the downtown celebrations - but we do watch the fireworks in the evening through the trees.
Instead of hiding in the house all day, I suggested to L that we go for lunch, then go for a walk in our 'hood. 

  • Dress - Proenza Schouler for Barney's, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in July 2021 for brunch, with the same shoes
  • Shoes - Fluevog, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) for a Book Club in the park in August 2021

We had a lovely warm day - rock on, summer! About time you got here. 
We strolled down to Christie's pub, then walked through Rockland to Government House, which you might remember from a Mom-Day Adventure last September (here).

I love this swanky high-end designer dress. It's 100% silk, including the lining.
I wore a camisole and black nylon long shorts under it. 

Your eyes do not deceive you - it's two different "reverse" patterns, mirrored side to side, sleeve to sleeve, etc. 
I'm still amazed that I found this for only $22.95 - seriously, it would have retailed for over $2,000. And no, that's not a typo: two THOUSAND dollars. 

Masked up - the carriage houses were open (although the tea room was not), so we had a look through the costume displays, which were really cool. 
Overall, we spent a lovely 3+ hours meandering through our neighbourhood and through the grounds. There were hardly any people around (all downtown "fest"-ing away, no doubt!), which was nice. 

It was a good change of pace for us. Once we got home, we read/napped and then played board games into the wee hours, taking a break to watch the fireworks around 10pm when the sun went down.

  • Purse - Danier Leather, thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff:
These Fluevogs were awesome for walking around for hours, although my feet were tired that night. 

Red and blue bling: 
I didn't really do red and white, but eh, whatever. 

  • Silver/enamel cuff - thrifted
  • Leather/steel cuff - Rimanchik
  • Crystal heart - found
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Silver/enamel ring - antique shop, Sidney
  • Earrings - local

Me and L, ready to go. 
We both wore our red! 

L took a few photos with his phone while we were wandering around the gardens at Government House.
I think you know by now I'm a sucker for a rose garden. 

Must smell all the roses! 
Ah, it's so good to feel the sun! 

Look at this iris.
It's almost alien, isn't it? 

The view looking south through the Garry Oak meadow. 
Clouds, the Olympic Mountains, the Juan de Fuca Strait. 

On Saturday, we had enough people for a game of Ulti - it's been weeks since we've played, so we were moaning and groaning. It was a short game (Andrew got a foot injury), so L and I headed home and got ready to meet up with our dear Family We Choose for a long weekend chill-out at Lure Patio at the Delta Hotel downtown. 
Unfortunately, my halter-top Trina Turk dress just doesn't work on me - I wasn't dressed for trying on clothes the other day so I didn't get an accurate fit - so although I'd planned on wearing that, it will be given away to a friend. Ah well, ya win some, ya lose some. 

  • Jumpsuit - Eva Franco, consignment; first seen here (2nd outfit) for our anniversary family gathering in March
  • Shoes - Prepare Guides, Fluevog; last worn here in April with a horrible dress
  • Blazer (below) - InWear; last seen here last Friday in June

This jumpsuit rocks my world, though. 
"It tastes good too."

Vizzini lurked around in "gargoyle" mode. 
"I guess this means a late dinner for me."

He was very yowly and grumpy with us when we got home.
My friends loved this outfit, particularly admiring my cleavage (I'd done some bra shenanigans to enhance the boobular region), ha! 

Masked up. 
Yeah, I don't care, I'm still wearing one! I haven't had Covid yet! 

Ready to go.
I wore this blazer as a topper with the jumpsuit the first time I wore it too. 

I only buttoned it up for this picture.
I had a lot of people hollering at me over all my glitter. "Oh my god, all this!" said one person.

With scarf. 
I was happy to have these extra layers after the sun had passed over and we were in the shade. 

Classy designer! 

  • Scarf - Alexander McQueen, consignment, Vancouver
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
A bunch of my copper collection. 

  • Belt - Renoir, vintage 50s, vintage fair

The stuff: 
I walked partway home in these shoes - they are comfy as heck. That's all hidden platform. 

Copper bling: 
I'm finally getting my sh*t together and rejoining up with Shelbee and Nancy (links on the right side-bar under "Link Parties") for their July Good Buy/Good-Bye Book theme, which is Jewelry With A Memory/Story.

  • Chain-link bracelet - Renoir, vintage 50s, thrifted
  • Feather bracelet - thrifted
  • Squash blossom bracelet - Bell Trading Post, consignment, Powell River
  • Enamel/copper cuff - Matisse by Renoir, vintage 50s, vintage fair
  • Brooch - Bell Trading Post, thrifted
  • Enamel/copper ring - vintage, consignment
  • Copper/ball ring - vintage, consignment
  • Shiny copper ring - Glee, local
  • Copper/turquoise small ring - vintage, Grandma J's
  • Copper/enamel earrings - Matisse for Renoir, vintage 50s, Grandma J's

When I was first in university in 1985, I used to stop off at my Grandma J's (my Dad's mother) apartment  and visit with her for a couple of hours once a week. Every so often, she would pull out her jewelry and a couple of times she actually gave me some pieces, including a gorgeous Renoir solid copper cuff, and an earrings/ necklace set in unmarked copper. I wore them (and continue to wear them) for years. 
When she died in 1996ish, my Aunt Lois (her daughter, my Dad's younger sister) took what she wanted from the jewelry and I was permitted to take whatever I liked from the rest. I had always wanted these earrings, which are also Renoir ('Matisse' is the line with enameling detail), and this wee ring. I'm pretty sure the ring is by Bell Trading Company, but it's the earrings that are the most special to me, as I remember her wearing them in the 70s. It means so much to me that her wear patterns are on them: where the copper has dulled from rubbing against her cheek, the oxidization from her skin oils. There is probably still some of my Grandma's DNA on these. Every time I wear them, I feel close to her - I know it would mean a lot to her that I still wear them. So...if you came here from Nancy or Shelbee - thank you! - these are my "Good Buy" (even though I didn't buy them). 

Moving along! L and I took a cab to Lure - I took a pic of his awesome outfit while we waited outside. 
I love that my guy is so colourful! The pants are new-to-him, by Gap, picked up for $40 at Rich Rags a couple of weekends ago. The shirt is a Dio de los Muertos theme, the blazer is vintage, and the shoes are Fluevog, of course. 

My awesome friends! 
Dear Casey, and my lovely Yvonne! 

Yvonne and Veronique! 
They were my view. 

Beside me, Randall and L.
Rock on, my love! 

Then I did a selfie with Justin. 
Aw, good to see you, honey. 

Jim made a rare appearance. 
Super-introvert (kinda like me, but less social). 

L and Chris. 
He's sad because he's not sitting with his lady-love.

She's with me! 
Alison, looking gorgeous as always. 

The view behind me.
We had a warm and semi-sunny day. It was so good to catch up and see all of our wonderful friends. 

We walked over the Johnson Street bridge. 
Float plane coming in for a landing. 

Casey and L, deep in conversation. 
L and I hopped a bus from town and went home to our yowly kitty, then enjoyed an evening of board games and music. So much fun! 

I slept in a bit on Sunday, then got ready for Book Club. 
The sun and warmth had gone, with major downpours. Sigh. Summer is such a tease! 

  • Dress - Desigual, thrifted; first seen here in March with a velvet jacket
  • Boots - 1883 Luchesse, consignment; last worn here for three days straight in March for our Anniversary Adventure
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather; last seen here (3rd outfit) in April for a shopping expedition

I walked to town, then walked back over the bridge, then followed the Songhees Walkway to Spinnaker's Brewpub to meet up with the Book Club gals. 
Although it rained unrelentingly, it's not cold out, so this thin viscose t-shirt knit dress was perfect. 

It did feel weird wearing tights again, though! 
My cowboy boots are the best for walking. 

Womp-womp - I hate the back. 
I guess they couldn't spare more patterned fabric for the upper?? So silly. 

Masked up. 
We hung out and had some drinks and shared some appies and discussed our previous book, Jennifer Egan's "Manhattan Beach" (which I'd already read just last year), and got our new book pick from Yvonne. 

This is how most people saw me, all geared up for the rain. 
My boots got soaked, the leather coat got soaked, the hat got soaked...but my feet, me, and my hair stayed dry. And yup, every piece is fine. I don't mind rain. 

This hat was awesome in the rain - it dried in less than an hour. 

  • Hat - Zara, consignment
  • Scarf - Fluevog
  • Gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff: 
You can see that the toes of my boots are dark from being wet. 

Plain bling: 
Nothing too strenuous. 

  • Earrings - Tania Gleave, Granville Island
  • Silver/enamel ring - antique store, Sidney
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall
  • Leather cuff (top) - Rimanchik, thrifted; purchased here for $4.95
  • Leather/steel cuff (lower) - Rimanchik

On the way to Book Club, I stopped in at Flavour Upstairs since I had the time and hadn't been there in a while. 
This lovely peasant blouse-style top caught my eye. I love the colour (which is a little brighter than here - stupid dark rainy day!). 

Mostly silk, nice! 
I see it's from Holiday 2012, so nearly 10 years old! 

It's by J. Crew and was a mere $19.99. 
It would have been around $140 new. 

This scarf was tied around the neck of a mannequin - I always look at displays! - and I noted the bright green and handrolled edges. It felt like silk, so I pulled it (gently) off the display to see if it had a label or a signature. 
I also loved the zigzag "step" print of three shades of green, plus white and navy blue. 

Oh my gosh. Yves Saint Laurent! I am sure this is from the 1970s.
Even second-hand, YSL vintage scarves sell for $200 and up! To find one for $ boggles the mind. 

On my way home, I popped into Vintage After Death to see if there was anything interesting. I found this leather dress in the clearance section. 
It's the same "slim bottom/oversized top" cut as my acid-wash dress (this one). 

Big dolman sleeves. 
The leather is very thin and pliable, but it seems like this has been hanging in a closet for many decades. 

It has this damage right on the front chest. 
An accidental snip? I'll be gently gluing this together. 

I found Velcro strips inside the shoulders. 
For the option of removing the ginormous shoulder pads this likely came with! 

It's by Originaux par Pablo (Original by Pablo) and marked Montreal, Canada. The sizing is pre-Great Size Shift of c. 1987, and this fits more like a modern size 8, so it's from the mid- to late-80s.
The tag says, "Coolest leather dress ever with sooo many styling opportunities." It was $29.00 and I am probably going to draw all over it (heh). 

I also snapped up these fun earrings. 
They are triangles of black plastic, with discs of "crackle" black and white. The strip of white is actually a semi-circle. The backings are good quality (as noted, .925/silver), but also look like they've replaced the original clip-ons. I suspect these are 1960s, converted for pierced ears in the 80s. Not bad for $16.00, though. 

Ah, there we go...and now I'm off to spend my last weekend hours with L and Vizzini. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I love that jumpsuit on you what a fantastic piece and the orange blazer and turquoise accessories are just so good with it! My favourite outfit of all the ones here, it's just so you! I am really excited to see what you do with that awesome leather dress too, what a great find!

  2. Swanky dress, indeed! And only you, master shopper, would get it at 99% off retail. Glad you had a nice holiday. Today is our similar holiday (Fourth of July).

  3. Big crowds are the worst! I can't even force myself to go to concerts anymore unless they're at a nice small venue. Even that can tire me out. What a fun weekend filled with awesome outfits!
    Love your incredible jumpsuit! Looking forward to seeing how you turn the "Coolest" leather dress into the "Out of this World Super-Coolest" leather dress!

    1. We're doing an outdoor concert/fest next weekend and I'm super-anxious about it, Cheryene. Thanks so much! I am not sure what I'll do with the leather dress, but I had to take it home.

  4. What a joyful post - great outfits (you and L), good friends and tales of adventure. That "new" dress is crying out for some Sheila makeover magic, I can't wait to see what you do with it.
    Love the YSL scarf! xxx

    1. It was truly a joyful weekend, Vix. I know, I'm excited about it. Not sure what I'll do...

  5. Lots of fabulous outfits and lots of lovely activities!. Totally understand that you avoided the crowds, and so great idea to go for a walk in a quiet area, and looking fab in your (luxurious) silk dress and cute sandals.
    Love that shiny jumpsuit and Love your copper&turquoise jewellery, particularly those earrings that have a sentimental value for you, so lovely!. And the rusty-orange jacket is a fantastic piece!
    It's fabulous to see L. rocking his colourful outfits!. I'm pointing him to Mr.A. as an inspiration to wear patterns and prints!.
    Also looking lovely in your floral dress and red coat, love all those reds and love your hat too!. Looking glamourous whatever the weather!

    1. It was a lovely weekend, full of good times. L will love that he's inspiring Mr. A!

  6. This is my idea of a perfect weekend filled with superb outfits, excellent friends, multiple activities with rest in-between, book sharing and food. Ahhh…. :)

    Here’s to a glorious week (I am behind on reading as Robin is here and our other son with his family is due in at JFK airport at 1:17 pm.) We are so excited!


    1. Yup, it was pretty much the best weekend I've had in a long time, Laurie.

      No worries, say hello to Robin for me! Woo, so exciting!

  7. What a wonderful weekend you've had, Sheila, and surely there's nothing better than spend ing some time with the Family You Choose. Both you and L. are dressed fabulously, and I'm not surprised the sparkly jumpsuit got so much love! It is truly spectacular!
    I can't wait to see how you will style (and possibly decorate) that amazing leather dress, and I can't believe you found yet another designer piece at a bargainous price! xxx

    1. It really was awesome, Ann! I'm excited about the leather dress. I know - can you believe I found another YSL??

  8. Yes, since the pandemic I am even less of a fan of crowds! Nice to have a lovely day away from all the people! I am also still wearing a mask. It is flu season here as well so I am surprised so few people are! People are still getting sick!


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