Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Gone Black Tee V, and Red Boss Pants

I'm not feeling terribly inspired with my outfits lately. I probably need to spend time in the ol' closet putting looks together, but until I motivate myself to do that, I just threw together some things to feature this new-to-me V-necked tee.
I'm basically letting the colour do the work here. I was actually quite stumped when it came to building an outfit with this tee. 

  • Top - Tangerine Jill, thrifted; purchased here for $12.95
  • Pants - Zara, thrifted; last worn here in May with my JC Penney Halston blouse
  • Sandals - Sorel; last seen here (3rd outfit) in May for a non-Zoom chat with Mom
  • Bomber jacket (below) - 2014 Stella McCartney for Adidas, consignment, Vancouver; last worn here in April with Boss Lady Shorts

I love the neckline (it's squares of silk), but other than that, I really don't wear t-shirt fabric. It's just too casual for my style. 
I kind of already knew I'd be letting go of it, since I've been delaying wearing the top since I bought it back in February. 
Delaying wearing of a new garment generally means I'm not as excited about it as I initially thought I was, or I'm finding it difficult to style. So, into the giveaway pile it goes. Gone! 

I'm okay with that - I did love getting another wearing in of these massively-wide-legged trousers, so the outfit wasn't a total loss. Boss Pants! 
I mentioned last time I wore them that I need to hem them, and of course, I hung them right back up without doing that! This time, I left them out in a conspicuous location so I remember to do it. 

Masked up - I just picked a red one to match the Boss Pants. 
"A perfectly good hallway...and I could be in it. Also, no one cares about your clothes, Woman."

The black tee did pick up a lot of cat hair this morning. 

  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

I didn't really need to wear a jacket or outerwear, but I did anyway. 
I like daisies. 

The stuff: 
These shoes are very comfy. I like the industrial look of them. 

Silver bling: 
I did the square earrings to echo the squares in the V-neck. 

  • Steel cuff - thrifted
  • Silver cuff - vintage, thrifted, Powell River
  • Silver earrings - consignment
  • Shield ring - Nine West
  • Silver/onyx ring - Toccara, vintage fair

I'm feeling a bit tired - aftereffects of Jab #2, I'm sure - but also on the "blerg" side mentally. Off to practice some the closet! 


  1. I like the earrings to compliment the top and it is so pretty on you but I agree, if you're not feeling it, best to let it go! Hopefully spending time in your wardrobe helps you feel a bit better and you recover quickly from the second vaccine. I've heard the second one can really take it out of you!

    I meant to say thank you for your advice about the bag too - you're right! The strap doesn't look or feel sturdy but it's holding up fine so far, even when I overload the bag. I feel silly taking it around so many cobblers now when I've been using it fine since, haha!

    1. Thanks, Mica! It does help to get my creative brain engaged and creating outfits. I'm better now, but that really did take its time in the effects fading.

      Aw, glad to hear that! Leather is very strong!

  2. A simple, classic look.

    Awww, sorry to hear you are having some side effects. I felt very tired and a bit warm for a day and then all was well, so I hope by tomorrow you too are feeling 100% again.

    1. Thanks, Nana, but it just didn't feel like me 100%.

      I'm much better now - thank you!

  3. Those gorgeous boss lady red pants hide the full scope of the shoes, so I smiled at my surprise when I saw which ones they were!

    Yup, anything you don’t feel the love for should be relocated to the toss pile. With that said, could the top work under those dresses where you often wear tops underneath, like the solid black (I believe) spaghetti strap dress (my name for it ;))?

    By the time you read this the second jab blues should have worn off. Nonetheless, I hope you are feeling back to your regular self.

    And finally, HEM THE RED PANTS :)

    1. I went for a different shoe! These chunky sandals are a fun pair.

      I know exactly what you mean, but the V neck doesn't seem right, and my dresses aren't quite right for this. However, it found a new home...with Greetje in Amsterdam!

      They have, thank you! I am nearly back to my usual whiny/grumpy/sunshiny self.

      Gah, I know! I will! :)

  4. I'm totally hearing you on not feeling terribly inspired with your outfits. I've been taking the easy way out wearing my jammiest of dresses ever since my return to full-time employment. That way, I only have to think about accessories, although even that has been a chore. The awful weather we've been having isn't really helping either ...
    I'm only hearing you on the top, I can see why the neckline enticed you, though. And yes, if it takes so long to wear a new item, it usually means it isn't right.
    I'm loving the red Boss Pants though, and they look fab with the daisy bomber jacket.
    I did feel tired after my second jab too. Not right away - I actually had a surge of energy the day after, but day two and especially day three were pretty rough. But I'm glad we can count down to "freedom day" now! xxx

    1. I've been trying to narrow down my style to a couple of templates: Rock & Roll, Victorian, Boss Lady and Vintage - this will help me weed out things that aren't feeling like me. Jammy dresses are certainly one way to do, and we do need to get out wearings in of them when we have such huge collections, right, Ann? :)

      Yeah, it is so cool, but just not me. I'm shipping it over to Greetje!

      I do love the Boss Pants. Winners! But I need to hem them.

      I'm just over a week away now, and I'm back to feeling 100% again. Yay!

  5. Go shopping!! That helps. But I have to say, and you know I love black, I like that top a lot. Love the v neck and the sleeves. And those trousers are so good!! Now, make plans for a fabulous weekend, you probably need to surround yourself with friends!! Summer is too short to not feel fantastic! Kisses!!

    1. Strong advice, Nancy! And I totally did! :)

      I know, it's a cool top, but it just wasn't fully me - good news, though, it's going to Greetje!

      I had a quiet weekend - next weekend is all about friends! Thanks, hon!

  6. I love those trousers on you but I hear you on the top, it looks good from where I'm looking but when you mentioned tee shirt material I got you, I feel sloppy and underdressed in that jersey fabric, too.
    I'd say go shopping, too but I'm reading backwards and see that you already have! xxx

    1. It's a really fine t-shirt material too, Vix, not a thick fabric. I'm shipping it over to Greetje this week, so gone!

      Ha ha, such sage advice. :-P

  7. Loving the red Boss Pants! Right now, I look at them and the image that immediately comes to my mind is 1930's/1940's swanky summer pants paired with a halter top, some Bakelite bracelets, colorful wedge shoes and little round shades...

    Sorry you had a blergh time after your second shot. I'm happy for you that it didn't last. The day after my second shot, I had a 102 degree fever complete with chills and sweats. The day after that I was fine. Such a small price to pay for a good deal of protection! My thought was: if the vaccine affected me like that, COVID probably would have killed me. Zero regrets.

    1. Thanks, Rita, oh gosh, that's a great vision! I'm not really a halter gal, but yes, they are very much of that 30s/40s esthetic.

      It's okay, and it has now passed, thank goodness. Yikes, I see it could have been much worse - and you're so right, it's a small price to pay for safety.

  8. Mightily beautiful v-neck shirt. I adore how its design resembles both mosaic tiles and pieces of stained glass. My blink thought is how incredible that top might look with a silver coloured skirt - especially a longer length one. I could see the chic neutral that is silver working splendidly with the lux jewel tones in that neckline.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thank you, Autumn! I don't mind giving it up, as I have a dress that is this same square construction. Silver would be cool (you know I have a couple of silver skirts!).

  9. As you can imagine, I love this outfit. Totally my taste. You want to get rid of the T-shirt? I'll have it. I'd pay you for it, including shipping. Sigh, it won't be my size.

    1. This is very you, Greetje! It's going to fit you beautifully and it's on the way this week!

  10. Those pants! I have been looking for a pair of dramatic wide legged bright red trousers! I had thought I found the perfect Zara pair thrifting this weekend but when I got them into the fitting room, I discovered that the zipper was so broken I couldn't even undo them to try them on. Total bummer! But I will continue my search. This outfit is really fun despite you feeling uninspired. I love the fun little colorful silky neckline on the tee!


    1. Aren't they boss? I love them so much - can you believe these are Zara? That sucks that the zip was broken, but that is a quick fix at a tailor. Good luck!

      Thank you!


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