Sunday, December 5, 2021

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Fancy Friday Golden Lions (and Unsafe Ocelot); Spectacular Shopping Coat; Cat on the Couch

Hello, my friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, doing whatever makes you happy. I had a quiet (but shiny!) Friday, got started on my holiday shopping on Saturday (plus a few things for me, naturally!), and

We have a bit to get to and the couch is a-calling, so let's get started. On Friday, I went for so much shiny.
Golden lions! This was a very fancy Friday outfit indeed. I love that it has pockets! 

  • Dress - The Arkin Collections, vintage 60s, vintage fair; last worn here (2nd outfit) in February for a Saturday night Zoom
  • Sandals - Chie Mihara; last seen here in September with ruffles and LAMB
  • Coat (below) - Hilary Radley, thrifted; last worn here in February

I love the cut and shape of this wonderfully brilliant vintage dress. 
I chose to go chunky with my accessories, to bring it into the modern era. 
I was quite annoyed that my brown tights snagged on their first wear - good thing I buy my tights second-hand and these were only $1.95. 
Matchy mask. 

Unleash the Unsafe Ocelot! 
The belt is getting icky (it's fake leather), so I'm on the lookout for a real leather belt to swap it. 

I forgot to take the Accoutrements picture. 

  • Fur scarf - Danier, thrifted
  • Leather/cashmere gloves - Club Monaco, consignment
  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

The stuff:
I'd planned to do boots with the dress, but then the colour of these sandals went so well. Look at the last - this is only a 1" heel - the rest is platform. 

Bronze-y bling: 
A mix of artsy pieces. 

  • Belt - thrifted
  • Brass cuff - Midzo, vintage expo
  • Brass/copper cuff - Karen's
  • Brutalist ring - vintage 70s, vintage mall
  • Gold/amber ring - c. 1996
  • Earrings - thrifted

On the way home from work, I stopped in at Rich Rags and found this lovely sweater. 
It's a dark brown, but I love the ginormous faux fur collar. 

I took the collar off (it's removeable - 13 buttons!) to see how it looked, but the buttons are too visible, so I won't be wearing it like this. 
However, I did blow the colour out so that you can see all the textural details in the knit. Double-breasted buttons (reinforced with grosgrain ribbon on the back), buckles at the cuffs, slightly puffed sleeves. 

There is variation in the knit too. 
You can see it across the upper back and shoulders, and a bit on the sleeves. 

It's a rich cocoa brown. 
Oh, I see a name on the buckle: Karen Millen. 

And it's 100% wool. 
Good quality! 

It is a Karen Millen piece, made in Hong Kong. 
That means it's got a bit of age on it - the last time these big-collared sweaters were in fashion was in the late 90s, so that seems about right. It was $40.00. 

L was out on Friday night, so I watched the 1964 film My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn. I haven't seen it in decades, but I know all the songs, and I was watching the fashion - the rest of it hasn't aged well (horrendously sexist). 

On Saturday we met up with Nick for brunch at the Ruby. 
L and I did our grocery shop afterwards, then split up to get started on our Christmas shopping. I did all my gifts for our nieces and nephews, and a bit for Mom. 

  • Coat - Desigual; last worn here (2nd outfit) in March for an anniversary shop in Sidney with L
  • Sweater - Yest; last seen here in October with my snake tattoo jacket
  • Skirt - Danier, vintage, thrifted, Powell River; last worn here in December 2020 in a similar outfit (same coat)
  • Shoes - Groovy Husymans, Fluevog; last seen here in October with my S-dress

I felt very seasonal in my red and greens! 
The tights are cool, aren't they? I've had them for over 5 years - the gold design is printed on with rubberized ink so that it stays shiny. 

I had a lot of comments on the coat while I was out. I've had this coat for nearly 11 years (Flashback here - this is its 23rd wearing) and it's still going strong.
It is rather spectacular! I had many comments on it while I was doing my shopping. People appreciated the colour, pattern, texture and shine - all in one garment! 

I only took it off while we were having brunch. 
Not as exciting without the coat. 

Masked up. 
This is how most people saw me, bereted and masked, gloves off or on. 
I added more red and bits of orange and I liked how they popped off the overall-green vibe of the coat.

That mug is one I bought my dad for Christmas back in 1984-ish. I thought it looked like him - his t-shirt says, "Have a Day." Very Dad. 

  • Fur scarf - thrifted
  • Gloves - consignment
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
We walked back to town after unloading the groceries at home, and then I shopped for about 2.5 hours and walked home again. My feet were tired. 

Shiny bling: 
Nothing overly fancy. 

  • Gold-plated necklace - Robert Larin, vintage 70s, gift from L, vintage mall
  • Gold/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's
  • Earrings - gift from Petra

I shopped the massive sale at Dots for my nieces and nephew - they are all getting a few pieces of clothes from their stylish auntie. 

I picked up this dress on the $15.00 rack for myself. 
It's a slim-fitting, slightly stretchy dress, with some ruching on one side of the waist. I like the sporty trim on the neckline and cuffs. 

It's by InWear, and would have retailed for $125.00. 
I like that it's call the "Unruly dots" dress. Heh. Just like its owner. 

I popped into a bunch of stores along Fort Street where many locally-owned businesses are - I always shop local for my gifts. 
This had to come home with me - I found it in a vintage shop, but it's not vintage. 

It's the H&M collaboration with Morris & Co. as in William Morris, from 2018. This is based off an old wallpaper pattern from the late 1800s.
I love that intricate pattern. 

This was $32.00 which is about what it retailed for.
I'd rather support a small shop than H&M, though, so I'm happy with it. 

L and I snuck in a quick nap before Cat and Ross came over for an evening of Arkham Horror and Exploding Kittens (board/card games). Vizzini lurked around and hoovered up all the dropped junk food.

This morning, he was keeping my seat on the couch warm for me. 
"You were careless with your popcorn last night."

I caught him with his head in the bowl! 
"I thought they were there for me!"

Naughty boy. And now, off to work on my peacock jacket while I watch football all day. Ah, the perfect Sunday! 


  1. I really like both sparkly outfits but the second is my favourite with the awesome tights! I really need to try more red and green outfits, I haven't been much in the festive mood so far this year to do so, need to snap out of it! You got some great finds on your shopping trip too.

  2. That vintage dress is spectacular! Love your new to you purchases. I can't wait to see the William Morris print dress in particular.

    Vizzini is so cute. For some reason his white whiskers really standout in these pictures. What a handsome guy.

  3. The dress! The haul! The shopping outfit! The Desigual coat! The cat :-) Being with friends and also time to relax…speaks to the perfect weekend! I am enamored of your opening outfit, Desigual coat, and fun tights. :-) What a great way to enjoy a December weekend!

  4. The dress sure is a find. I bet you turned heads shopping. I dress too comfortable in stores. Time to step up.

  5. Two fabulous outfits, Sheila! I'm loving Friday's super shiny vintage dress, and the shoes are indeed perfect with it. And oh, hello Unsafe Ocelot! Saturday's brunch and shopping outfit is a corker too. That coat is indeed everything, and those tights are brilliant. I've got a somewhat similar pair in green. And this is not the only thing we have in common. I've got a blouse in the same William Morris pattern, charity shopped for a fraction of the H&M price last year. And I too found a slightly stretchy dress with a sporty trim over the weekend. Totally different print, though. I'm loving that it's called Unruly Dots, and that's finding a name for it sorted!
    Bess and I are rather intrigued by the Exploding Kittens game! xxx

  6. Such a gorgeous shiny dress! It fits you beautifully. Good to see the unsafe ocelot. I though of you today as I unpacked some donations ; amongst a pile of belts was a leather obi - for a tiny waist, so no good for me! Loved the Desigual coat; no wonder you got comments and compliments it's like a work of art.

    Great finds; especially the William Moris print top.

    Have a great week.

  7. Exploding kittens? Whaaaa sounds like a have for me. I love the double breasted buttons on that sweater. And the h&m dress. I also had a dress by that collaboration and it was a really good one.

  8. Now that I know Desigual coats exist I might have to spend some time on ebay. That is utterly magnificent. The tights are snazzy too.

  9. That shiny dress is so beautiful. The leopard coat is a great pairing with it. I love the second outfit as well. Your red top and black mini skirt are fabulous match as well...I love the shining red tights...and that coat is so beautiful.

  10. Ah, you look so shiny and pretty. I love all your outfits. Must get my Sheila skirt out to wear as it is the Christmas season! I love the Unsafe Ocelot- he's so fluffy and the orange scarf- did Garfield lose his stripes!?!

  11. OMG I just can't figure out which piece I lov most!!! Shine and sparkle are all the same for me- so you got my heart on that very first dress..but then the ocelot coat- WHAT? I want. And the last jacket/coat is to die for. YOu hands-down have the best selection ever- I wanna move into your closet/ closets!!! xx

  12. That gold dress is such a good dress. Suits you beautifully. (I am rushing through your posts, but I am trying to read everything.)

  13. Look at that snuggly boy! Much nicer than his lookalike, Stephen Squirrel who deposited a dead rat at my feet yesterday morning.....eeeekk!
    That vintage dressis fabulous and the Desigual coat must bring joy to all who se you in it.
    That Have A Day mug made me laugh out loud, I think I'd have liked your Dad a lot if I'd met him. xxxx

  14. Wow, love your golden lions dress with those shoes and the metallic belt and bling!, Rocking It!, and the Unsafe Ocelot is so cool!
    Also love your Desigual coat with all these reds, the tights, the fab shoes (I have a weakness for them) and the fab accessories!.
    I'm admiring the W.Morris print in that top, so beautiful.

  15. The coat and the red accessories look amazing together - no wonder you got so many complements!

  16. Fantastic finds and ensembles, my perpetually chic friend. I am sooo digging the late 90s cardigan with a hefty faux fur collar that you scored. And that W. Morris print is truly a work of wearable art.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

  17. That is a whole world of fabulousness - the shiny vintage print is really dramatic. And Morris is always excellent, I reckon.


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