Sunday, June 27, 2021

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Darth Sheila; Bubble Brunch and a Wee Shop; Hiding Spot Found

Hello, my friends! We're experiencing an anomalous heatwave on the west coast this week, and it's a reminder to me that I do not like temps higher than the mid-20s. It's been as high as 42 degrees here, with it being in the high 20s to mid-30s most days, and only dropping to around 20 at night. We're melting! 

But enough of the weather report - let's get to the clothes! I have Friday's work outfit, a charming vintage dress for Saturday brunch, and I also dared to go shopping in this heat. So let's get it started, shall we? 

For Friday, I wanted to be warm enough in our air-conditioned office, but not overly covered for the hot sun.
Most of this is silk, so very light and floaty. I always hum "The Imperial Death March" (aka Darth Vader's theme) when I wear this long duster - I'm Darth Sheila! 

  • Duster - Emporio Armani, vintage, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in June 2020
  • Top - Melanie Lyne, thrifted; first worn here (4th outfit) with sailor pants five ways earlier this month
  • Pants - Pinkertons, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May 2020 for a Zoom Happy Hour
  • Sandals - Wonders; last worn here last weekend with my JCDC jumpsuit

This thin sleeveless sweater went well with the silk palazzo pants. 
They have an elasticized waist, so I like to cover that, even though it throws the proportions off slightly. My legs would look longer if I tucked the top in, but then that elastic would show.
I switched from "duster off" to "duster on" throughout the day as my internal furnace blew up.
Seriously, hot flashes during a heatwave are the worst. I highly recommend a hot water bottle filled with cold water - put it in the fridge to chill it, then use as needed. This has been a lifesaver for me all weekend! 
The duster is a burnout (or devore - duh-VOR-ay) silk velvet; there are little velvet squares all over it. 
It's super-fun to whip the duster around, and it billows behind me when I walk. I swooshed it at every person I spoke to at work, including the security guard and a DHL driver. They were suitably impressed.

Masked up. 
More pink! 
My sunnies are in regular rotation already. How did I live without them?

  • Sunglasses - WOOW (it's just a Gucci carry-case)

Wearing my hat for my walk to work. 
After work, L and I met up for burgers at Bin 4 Burger Lounge. I've missed their burgers! 

With my sunnies and mask on, I'm totally incognito. 

  • Hat - thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
The silk pants are a bit long, so I always need a slight platform. 

Colourful bling: 
This floral cluster necklace worked so nicely with the pants. Matchy! 

  • Necklace - thrifted
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Gold/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's
  • Earrings - made by Sherri, gift

L and I hung out and played boardgames and listened to music while we hid from the heat on Friday night. It has been difficult sleeping in this - most homes in Victoria don't have air conditioning, so we just have a crappy old fan that is normally barely needed. I hugged George the hot cold water bottle all night.

I slept in a bit on Saturday morning, then we met up at the Ruby for brunch with Nick. 
Cotton dress - check! Sunblock - check! Sunglasses - check! I am ready for the heat. 

  • Dress - Marjorie Hamilton, vintage 60s, thrifted; last worn here in July 2020 for brunch
  • Shoes - Prepare Guide, Fluevog; last seen here a few weeks ago for a Zoom call with Mom

Although we have a group shopping expedition planned for next weekend, lately I've been yearning for a little shop on my own. 
This dress is 100% cotton and stands away from my body. 
Perfect for walking around in the heat. 
I had L sunblock the "window" in back. 

Masked up. 
The bubble-print mask matches the "bubbles" on the dress! 

Fetch me the Jaguar convertible, L, and take me for a ride!
I don't drive - I'm driven. 

  • Sunglasses - WOOW

The stuff: 
I picked shoes that I knew would not give me any issues at all for walking around or for slipping off and on while trying clothes on. 

  • Purse - vintage late 90s
  • Mask - by Mom

Minimal bling: 
I just can't wear much in the way of bling when it's this hot. 

  • Silver/turquoise ring - local
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Earrings - vintage fair

At least I'm not wearing a fur coat, though. 
"I'm melting."

He's been just flopping down in front of us for tummy rubs. I have to watch my step! 
"I will permit the scritching of my tum."

Vizzini comes around and bumps the bathroom door while I'm doing my make-up (I'm holding my mascara in the pic above). I always stop and give him attention when he wants it - I always have time for my kitty.

After brunch, L and Nick headed home, and I went to Flavour Upstairs. I lucked out! 
These dark grey boots were in the menswear section. They didn't look like men's boots to me, and I have big feet (Euro 40, US 9.5-10) so small sizes in men's shoes often fit me.

They are kind of a cross between a motorcycle boot (mid-calf) and a cowboy boot. I love the braided ankle wrap and the dip down at the back of the calf. 
No zippers, just pull-on. I have very narrow feet and I know that this brand makes their boots narrow. 

1883 Lucchese! I know this company - my red cowboy boots are by them. And I just realized I've been spelling their name wrong for years! Oops.  
Note the strap for pulling them on. Trying them on with bare feet while sweating in the heat ordeal. I nearly fell into a rack of shorts.

The interior is all leather - they are made in Mexico. 
M 4641 is the model number. These are called the Camila, and they don't make them anymore. 

Nice stamp inside the boot. 
They've had some wear on the leather soles - I will probably take them to the cobbler for new soles.
I spy a Talize tag with $24.99 on it (we don't have Talize here)...but these were $59.99 at Flavour Upstairs. That's still an amazing deal - these would have been around $500 new. 

I gasped when I spotted these shoes on top of a display rack. Blue leather sandals! 
And I know Fluevogs when I see them! Although it would be hard not to figure that out - all four buckles per shoe are custom with the Fluevog name on them, plus John's stamped signature, the logo on the insole and more Fs on the soles. The man knows how to brand. 

The straps allow for a custom fit.
That's a great heel - these are totally squishy and soft. No rubbing or hard edges.

Barely any wear! They say "F is for all things that give Hope."
These are called the Hopeful Sunny, and I suspect that they're the same era (2012-2013) as my other blue Fluevogs (these ones) as they are the identical leather.

I put them on so you can get a better idea of how they look on. Never say no to a Fluevog shoe until you've tried it on! 
"Never say no when your favourite cat needs some lovin' - got it."

They are extremely comfortable. I have a feeling I'll be wearing these a lot! 
"Those straps do look delicious..."

They were $59.99 which is a steal for Fluevogs. 
These would have been around $389 new - even on clearance sale, Fluevogs rarely go below $199.

I didn't have a lot of luck with clothes (trying them on was...sweaty!), but did find this cotton bustier top. 
I will likely wear it over a shirt, but I couldn't resist the zebra stripes! So cute!

It's by Wrapper, and was made in the USA - it's cotton with a touch of Spandex.
There's nothing online about this company, so it's pre-internet. I suspect it's from the 90s - those adjustable bra-style straps just scream 1995 to me. $19.99 felt like a good price. 

I hemmed and hawed over this. It's a black silk tunic/dress with long sleeves.
It has really high slits on either side seam - wearing it as a dress could be dangerous, but maybe with a slim trouser or palazzo pants underneath for a classy boho feel? 

How would you style it? 
The fabric felt like quality - and yes, my hand was correct: it's silk with Spandex. 
Made in Canada, nice! And hand-washable too, "for optimum life"! 

I know this brand, Sympli. I used to have a "cold shoulder" top by them (old post from 2014 here).
$34.99 is a very good price - this line is like Eileen Fisher, doing simple (hence the name) pieces that are intended to mix and match. This tunic/dress would have been well over $250 new - they make very little in silk, with most of their product being that gross, bouncy polyester jersey. 

Fresh from my exciting bonanza at Flavour Upstairs, I ventured back out into the blazing sun. Many stores and businesses in Victoria do NOT have air conditioning, as we seldom need it for more than a day or two in a summer. I wove my way over to the big WIN (Women In Need) store on Pandora Ave, but it was closed (? on a Saturday?), so I strolled to the Patch, trying to stay in the shade as much as possible. 

Neither Flavour Upstairs nor the Patch have AC, but both stores were busy with folks looking for summer dresses and Hawaiian shirts. I did a quick run through both floors of the Patch, basically running my hands along the crowded racks (feeling for real fabrics like silk, leather, cashmere, cotton, wool and linen), looking at the lower sections of each rack for interesting patterns and then pulling out anything that catches my eye or hand. It's a really fast way to find the good stuff without going through every item (which I also like to do, when I have oodles of time).

I found this amazing dress tucked in with a bunch of tissue-thin crappy fast-fashion dresses. It's fully-lined and is cut like a fitted sheath dress.
The fabric is polyester with a crepe weave, but it's that good quality polyester that higher-end brands use. I love the dark blue/black/indigo pattern with the "crackles" of white. 

Wait till you see this on - it's a very curvy, almost mermaid fit, with a very flared hem. 
The blue Vs I've drawn on show the inside/back of the fabric, and the inset godets (Wiki link here if you aren't clear what those are). Extra flare, baby! The hem is a midi-length, and flips and swooshes magnificently when I walk.

In addition to using my hands and eyeballs to look for special items, I also have a mental database of "good mall brands", and Talbots is one of them (along with Club Monaco). I've been in Talbots stores so I know how much their clothes retail for (a lot!).
That says $24.95 - this would have likely retailed for at least $150.00. Looking forward to wearing this! 

I'm always on the lookout for gowns - I love long dresses, and with things looking very promising for BC's Stage 3 next week (a good visual here of where we are in our province), I might actually be able to wear this for a special occasion, party or event soon! Not during a heatwave, however - I'll be wearing natural fibres all week!
*sigh* Isn't she magnificent? The fabric's pattern reminds me of marbled paper. There is no designer label in her, so she'll be the Marble Gown so that I can find her on the blog. 

The cuffs and waistband are smocked with elastic. There's a zip up the back and two hooks at the high, ruched neck - there's a big swatch of fabric for a ginormous bow in the front! 
I love the baby blue shade, and the mix of amber, wine, grey, blue and white in the sheer portion. It's fully lined (except for the sleeves) in more baby blue. I am picturing it with my big caramel Fendi belt and caramel platform sandals.

There's no brand label, but I did find the "DC Dry Clean Only" tag and the content tag (100% nylon, "exclusive of ornamentation").
You can see the baby blue lining here. 

I also spotted the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) "Union Made" tag, which helps me date this garment. The red/white/blue label was in use from 1975-1992 (source here), and I checked the other side of the seam and found the (R) trademark, and "Made in the USA." 
Middle back zippers were standard in the 1970s (the zip on this one is plastic, as you can see in the pic before the above). The "Dry Clean Only" tag means it's after 1971 when manufacturers were obligated to put in garment care labels.

I carefully examined the dress after I tried it on - vintage dresses often have issues, but I'm less scared of them than I used to be. It's not a huge deal for me if I find some wear and tear, especially if it's fixable or not in a visible spot.
This is melting damage on the fabric in the neck bow, likely from either a candle or a cigarette. Can't you picture our stylish former owner having a ciggie with a cocktail in this? The melt-holes are easily hidden in the bow. 

Sadly, there's some really noticeable damage and subsequent repair on one of the sleeves, circled below, where someone's roughly sewn up more melted patches. Imagining our former owner being a crowded room of smokers and someone touching her sleeve with an ember, or perhaps getting too close to a candle? 
Isn't that print just swoon-worthy? I don't mind this repair, even though it's visible - this dress has Seen Things, and it's part of her history.

I also found the Lot tag, which has the size on it. Lot numbers (although none are listed on this tag) were used by manufacturers to keep track of their garments, and stopped being used in 1979, so this means this dress is pre-1979. The vintage sizing of 13/14 is roughly equal to a size 10 modern. Some good tips for dating clothes here (all links 'cause I love, of course).
The Patch's tag is incorrect; this is not from the 80s, it's from the 70s. I asked for a discount due to the visible damage on the dress, and they were nice enough to give me $7.00 off, marking it down from $29.95 to $22.95. It doesn't hurt to ask, and I would have still bought it for $29.99, which is still a good price.

I staggered home in the sweltering heat, flush with my shopping victories. Chris and Alison came over for an evening of Arkham Horror. It was so hot that we (Ali and I, both "enjoying" menopause) sat with wet facecloths on our necks, and I alternated putting George (the cold water bottle) under my feet, on my lap or hugging it to cool off. L and I slept with a fan pointed right at us all night, but there wasn't even a tiny breeze! 

On Sunday we were forecast for over 40 degrees (it's 34 degrees and climbing as I write this), but thank goodness we have a breeze again, so it's bearable. We had a moment of panic when we couldn't find Vizzini, but soon discovered his New Hiding Spot. 
"Heh, heh, they will never find me!"

He is hiding under my "art chair" on the deck. What are you doing under there, bud?
"Well, I WAS having a pleasant snooze, Woman!"

He came out and flopped on my foot. The sun is just starting to hit the deck, and it will turn into a hothouse by later afternoon. It was over 40 degrees on the deck on Saturday! 
"What are you waiting for? Rub my tum!"

We solely exist to provide pats, rubs and scritches. My fellow "owned" humans know this! 
"Ah, that's the spot."

And now, my friends, I'm going to collapse and try not to move for the rest of the day! Stay cool, stay safe, and thank you so much for stopping by! 


  1. Oh, what a lovely post. Reading your posts are like visiting a fashion museum/vintage how-to-shop post. Love it!

    1. Aw, that's such a sweet comment, thank you, Cynthia!

  2. Love the Darth Sheila outfit and how fitting that you wore something so sizzling on such a hot day. You really struck designer gold on your shopping trip. I especially can't wait to see you wearing the 1970's gown. I remember the style being very popular and I agree that it is most definitely 1970's. And you scored some great footwear!

    I sure hope you get a break from the extreme heat soon.

    1. Thank you, Nana! It was actually quite comfortable to wear in the heat (silk is great for that). I did very well on my shop - I love the luxury of being able to spend some time in my favourite thrift stores. I am excited about the Marble Gown, but will need to wait for cooler weather!

      Thanks, I hope it cools off soon!

  3. Darth Sheila! That made me laugh!
    Two fab outfits, the dress looks really cool and fresh to wear. You know how jealous I am of your temperatures sitting here in a mohair cardi!
    The shoes and boots are fantastic finds and that pussy bow dress is going to look fabulous on, that icy blue always looks incredible on you.
    Look at how much Vizzini loves the heat, he's gone all floppy. I love it when cats do that! xxx

    1. It makes me laugh too, Vix! :)

      Thank you so much - I love that dress, and it was so good in the hot weather. You can have this! I hate it when it's this hot!

      Thanks, I'm super-excited about all of the lovely finds. I'm always surprised at baby blue on me - never thought I would like it.

      Is that love or just heat exhaustion? We worry about him when it's this hot!

  4. I love your shopping finds - especially those boots and shoes! :) I am missing summer temps so much although you make a good point - I can't imagine stores here not having aircon for the summer heat, and we often have the aircon on at night when it gets over 40 here. Hope things cool down for you soon!

    1. I did so well on the boots and Fluevogs, Mica! I don't usually find shoes at Flavour, so it was a nice surprise. Oh gosh, you can have this hot weather - it's way too hot for us! I hope this heatwave ends soon.

  5. The moment I saw the opening photo I said, with a grin, fabulous palazzo pants! Not sure what I’ve thought of them in the past, but for summer’s heat they seem absolutely perfect for sun blockage and air flow, plus a bit of pizzazz. I would absolutely wear them, along with your shopping outfit and every single shopping purchase (the boots! The Fluevogs! The clothes!) with one exception…the gown.

    Not being a gown person or a bow person or a high neck person, you can see why it doesn’t appeal to me. On the other hand, I can picture it looking wonderfully classy on you. Your styling and deportment bring out the best in gowns and give them added life. Looking forward to seeing this gown make its showing here!

    Hmm, how to style the back tunic with slits? I have a black tunic, no slits and shorter length, an Eileen Fisher bought at one of the Renew stores ( I have worn it bear legged with a kimono-type covering and also with leggings and a colorful sweater. Could easily also wear it with wide legged flowing pants. Maybe yours could also be belted and worn with tights or those cool undergarments you wear for thigh comfort.

    Oy, 40 degrees is tough…your co-opting of the hot water bottle sounds like a great solution. Robin started freezing tee shirts and placing them on the floor over ice packs for each cat and they took to this hack with what sounded like delight.

    Stay cool! And thank you, as always, for sharing your style and musings!

    1. Aw, thanks, Laurie! I haven't worn them all that much, but that loose silk was heavenly for airflow. Thank you so much!

      Oh, that's totally cool - it's a very specific era and a very tricky gown to wear. Not for everyone! I am excited to wear it - I love these very vintage and "of their time" pieces like it.

      The slits are too high to wear the tunic bare-legged unless I'm feeling extra-risque! I like the idea with wide flowy pants, but worry that it will swallow up my small frame in all that fabric. I'll have to try some stuff with it and see what works. I don't know if belting it is a solution or if that would ruin the lines of it. I can see why its previous owner got rid of it!

      It is WAY too hot for everyone here! We barely slept last night, even with the fan pointed on us. Vizzini wants nothing to do with anything cold - it's like he doesn't get that it will help him to cool off!

  6. Oh that is hot! It hasn't been that bad here this summer. We surprisingly have had some cooler days which is so nice because it sure gets humid in Georgia. I really love the duster with the palazzo pants, I am going to have to try that with what I have in my closet. I like that silhouette.

    1. We're humid too, Mireille, as we're on the ocean, but we always get cool breezes at night. This is some sort of "heat dome" over most of western Canada, and it's breaking heat records all over.

      Thanks so much! Go for it! You can do it! :)

  7. I read in the news how excessively hot your region is right now. Try to keep cool.

  8. Oh my, I'm really feeling for you Sheila! We had +40°C two Summers ago, and it was quite horrible. Love the Darth Sheila outfit! The duster is fabulous, and so are those silk trousers. I'm hearing you on the elastic waist, which I often cover up with a wide belt. I'm also hearing you on the hot flashes + hot weather thing. The things we menopausal girls have to suffer!
    Your vintage cotton dress - which I'm quite envious of - is the perfect shopping attire in such weather conditions. And you've done really well, too. Those Fluevog sandals are to die for, as is the Marble Gown, and I can't wait to see you in that Talbots frock!
    Sending a cool breeze your way! xxx

    1. It's been just horrendous, Ann - we can barely move when we're at home (no AC), but at least it's cool in the office.

      Thank you! I thought of that, but the waist is too big on the sides, but dips down at the front/back, so it doesn't belt well. Ugh, hot flashes in this weather are the WORST.

      That dress is one of my absolute favourites - I love the amazing fabric. I wore the Fluevogs today (you'll see them laster), and I'm excited to wear both of the dresses...once it cools off. Thanks for the breeze, my dear!

  9. Ijust did a purge again, and anything that didn't fit well was tossed. One excpetion were a pair of plack sinlky ocovered with chiffon palazzo pants. I love the wideness of them, and a smidge of motivation. You are too sweet to be compared to Darth Vader.

    1. Good for you, Sam! It helps to have fewer items, and can help you see what holes you have in your wardrobe - it'll make it easier for you to shop. I love the sound of those palazzo pants!

      Oh, I have my scary side, I assure you! :)

  10. Silk is a life-saver in warm weather. I love your silk styling. All you need is a lightsaber and you're ready to face anything. I do love the Darth duster. It's gorgeous. This Darth Sheila outfit is absolutely fabulous. The palazzo pants are very pretty and so is the top. I get why you wouldn't want the elastic waist to show and choose not to tuck in tops with these pants. Anyhow, I think proportions are still good because wide trousers are always elongating, especially when paired with a bit of a heel.

    I love the cotton dress you wore for shopping. The psychedelic pattern is absolutely fabulous. Those blue heels are fantastic and they look comfortable too....and how cute is Vizzini!

    Seems like you did well shopping. I cannot wait to see that dress with an almost mermaid cut. Congrats on finding a fantastic pair of Fluevogs! I know by know (I learned it on your blog) that 60 dollars (or 59.99) is a great deal for a pair of Fluevogs. One thing my husband taught me is that you should never save on quality shoes. One should always have at least a few pairs of quality shoes. Shoes do make a difference in how we walk and how we feel so in that sense they are definitely a wise investment (especially for those who don't take the car everywhere- I walked to work in most of my jobs). Anyhow, I think we should never miss an opportunity to get a pair of quality shoes. Fluevogs not only look comfortable and quality made, they all have such unique design.

    1. It really is, Ivana! Thank you! Ha ha, I wish I had a lightsaber! I agree, the duster is amazing - such great quality. I am not generally a fan of elastic waists showing. Thanks for reassuring me on the proportions!

      Thanks! It's one of my very favourites. The new sandals were awesome. Vizzini is so funny.

      I am excited to wear it - it will be pretty soon! Yes, that was a score on the Fluevogs, for sure! I always tell people to spend money on: shoes, glasses and bras. Everything else can be second-hand. Some of my $300-400 shoes are now on over 50-75 wears, which really reduces the cost. I love that Fluevogs are so unusual!

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment, my friend!

  11. Oh Sheila, how I feel for you in that heat. When I went to Spain a few years ago it was so hot at night we had the fan on all night - but it didn't make a bit of difference! I slept so badly on that holiday and I usually sleep like a log. Love your cold water bottle solution...

    Lovely outfits - what an amazing pattern on those palazzo pants. Loved your finds; you really lucked out with the footwear and both dresses look gorgeous. I think your description of the maxi dress pattern as 'marbled paper' is spot on.

    Hope your temperatures retreat to more bearable figures soon.

    1. It has finally passed, Vronni, but gosh, it was awful. Our small fan at home just pushed the hot air around. The cold water bottle is amazing for cooling me down.

      Thank you! I love the palazzos, although I haven't worn them a lot. I am so excited to wear that blue dress! I remember doing paper marbling as a craft when I was younger.

      Your good vibes helped, I am sure! Thank you!

  12. I am so impressed with the knowledge about vintage clothing! That blue dress is a stunner! And yes I can picture a elegant lady with hair that looks lke a wig and with blue eyeshadow and a pinky lip smoking a cigarette, but not any cigarette, no no, a long thin one, more like a ladies sigare!

    1. I really love learning and educating myself on the history of clothes, Nancy - it's so fun to start digging for clues on a piece's life before me. Lol at the hair/wig, blue eyeshadow and pinky lip with a skinny ciggie - you have her down! Love it!

  13. Your op-art Marjorie Hamilton dress is one of my favourite pieces. I have a burgundy velvet jacket from the 70's from her company (which I believe was in Vancouver?) in my Etsy shop. I really like the blue fluevog sandals you found too - the heel is stylish but not too high, and the colour is gorgeous. Too bad the vintage gown has had some close encounters with fire over the years, but it is beautiful, so like you, I would have bought it anyway. I would style that Simpli tunic over a pair of bold coloured, narrow legged trousers and a bold necklace. I have a skirt made by that company that I layer under shorter skirts and it was expensive for what it is.

    1. I love the fabric on that dress! I checked out your Etsy shop and that is one gorgeous jacket (I love that Gino Charles dress too!!). Yes, my dress was made in Vancouver, at her factory there.

      I love that Fluevog heel - they are incredibly comfy. I don't mind this damage on the dress - that used to be a deal-breaker for me, but I've come around on vintage somewhat if I love the piece.

      Yes, that's along the lines of what I was thinking too for the tunic. I've seen Sympli in boutiques here and it's VERY pricey for basically mostly polyester clothes. All made in Canada, though.

      Thanks so much, Shelley!

  14. woww, love to see Darth Sheyla back, this duster is Awesome! and love your silk trousers and delightfully colourful necklace. Totally fabulous in this outfit!
    Also loving your cotton dress and fab shoes (these are some favourites of mine!), You Rock Them!. Looking gorgeous whatever the weather!
    So glad that you're rocking your new sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses make a difference, totally agree!
    Sorry that you're having these high temperatures, particularly when they're so unusual and nobody has air conditioning at home (or a swimming pool down the corner). Not many people have air conditioning here in the north of Spain but it's almost compulsory in the South (where 40ºC are completely normal!). It's one of the reasons I moved from the south! ;DD

    1. Ha ha, that's me, Darth Sheila! I felt powerful in this.

      Thank you so much - I know you are one of my staunchest fans of these turquoise shoes.

      I love them so much! How did I live without prescription sunnies before now??

      It's better now, thank goodness.

  15. So much to see and read in this post. Your black gown idea is very clever. Why don't you hem the pink top to the desired length if you are bothered about the proportions? The trousers are fantastic. As is the Marjorie dress. I can't wait to see the black and white dress with the mermaid hem.

    1. It took me a minute to figure this out - the duster is navy blue, actually, not black. :) I don't want to wreck the knit top by hemming it - I don't think it would look right. Thank you so much! I love that one and will be wearing it soon.

  16. Are you in/near that Heat Dome? It's been all over the news even over here; it looks awful. You look cool in every sense in your hot-weather outfits.

    1. We were, Mim! It's moved on, fortunately. Thanks so much!

  17. Seriously adore that duster! Having come of age when they were wildly popular at the end of the last century/start of the current one (wearing them frequently at the time), I cannot help but love dusters and hold tight to the hope that they have a serious fashion moment again one of these days.

    That is incredibly warm - especially for the Island. Wow!!! We hit at least 46/47C up here in the North Okanagan, which is the warmest that Tony and I have ever felt (which is saying a lot given that he grew up in Italy!). Fingers firmly crossed that we're over the worst of the heatwave now and that some rain falls soon to help with the profoundly dry conditions that the intense recent heat intensified all the more.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thanks so much, Autumn! I don't remember dusters ever being in style - I must have missed that trend! I really love them, but don't let trends stop you if you want to wear them.

      It was insanely hot, and I am SO glad it's over. I hope we get some rain soon!


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