Sunday, August 15, 2021

Weekend Wrap-Up: Funky Brunch Dress and a Wee Shop; Cat Pics ; and Finished Flowered Fluevogs

Ah, another weekend spent chilling out, playing boardgames and having just the right amount of socializing. Vizzini's been lurking around, looking photogenic for his fans, and I also finished floralizing my Fluevogs (first shoe work seen here) … and I know you're wondering...did I do the straps? Grab a drink and settle in and find out! 

On Saturday, we didn't have enough people for a game of Ultimate Frisbee, so L and I met up with Nick for brunch at the Ruby. I was in a very chatty mood (fully-caffeinated) and we met a lovely couple from Tofino/Calgary who were in town for the day before their wedding on Sunday. 

I dressed for the anticipated heat, standing in line, and for a small post-brunch shop at Dots while L and Nick browsed in Ditch Records.
It was hot and muggy with the wildfire haze, but we had cool breezes off the ocean so it didn't feel too bad. This is one of my "depths of summer" jammy dresses that I've had for a couple of years. 

  • Dress - Trina Turk, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in August 2020 for a downtown stroll
  • Shoes - Swedish Hasbeens, consignment; last seen here in July with a jumpsuit

I was going to do a Flashback on this dress, and then realized this is only the 3rd time I've worn it. 
I'm a fan of the pockets and the funky pattern. 
It's rather short, but I knew I'd only be sitting while we ate. 
Isn't it a great print? People were hollering at me right and left as I walked to Dots. 

Masked up - this green speckled one is a good match. 
Dots seemed to have dropped their customer mask mandate, but all the staff were wearing them, so I did too.

  • Mask - by Mom

I carried my paper parasol for sun coverage instead of sunblocking up. 
It easily slips into my bag while I'm indoors, and it's light because it's made from bamboo and paper.

  • Parasol - Quonley's in Chinatown

The stuff: 
I wore my silicone toe-sleeves and was thrilled with how comfy they made these shoes. 

Matchy bling: 
You know I love to match. 

  • Plastic cuff/ring - Italian, vintage 60s, vintage mall
  • Bangles - thrifted
  • Green crystal ring - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Earrings - consignment

Vizzini, we're heading out! Where are you?
"Sigh. I'm here on the deck, napping."

The sunlight here looks orange from the smoke haze, but the Air Quality Index was only 2, so we opened the windows a bit to cool our place down. 
"About time. It's been too hot."

We are relieved that it's finally started to cool off - we didn't get the predicted peaks of low 30s, and instead have been enjoying a light breeze and temps around the mid-20s. The sky was even blue for a while on Sunday. That's more like it! 

Dots is starting to get their fall stuff in - I rarely bother going through the racks of sale stuff, as I've already snagged the good things. 
I remember having a gold satin skirt like this in the late 90s that I wore with a black ballet-style bodysuit. Everything comes around again! 

I have quite a bit in this dark green shade in my closet, so this should work with a lot. It's by 24Colours, which is a German company. 
It was $29.99 and it's a washable polyester blend.  

I worked on my shoes in the afternoon, and L and I played Arkham Horror all evening. I caught Vizzini "gargoyling" and watching us in the reflection of the glass. 
"Heh, they don't even know I'm here."

Uh, dude, we totally do. 
"Oh, is it kitty treat time?"

We were up until 2am, music on, laughing ourselves silly and having a grand time. We both enjoyed sleeping in - the lower temperatures meant I got my first good night's sleep in nearly a week. Ah... 

All right, are you ready? It's the...

Finale Fluevog Floralizing! 

I went from this...
My Listen Up O'Hara Fluevogs from 2011. The bone white colour has always been tricky to style, and the black soles meant that the sides of the shoes have gotten scuffed more every time I've worn them. Since I got them signed by John Fluevog in 2019, I've been meaning to "do something artsy" with them. this! Ta-dah! 
Yes, I did the straps. I appreciate that nearly everyone who voiced an opinion in the comments said, "No, don't do it," but I like to hear what people think and then make up my own mind. I always make up my own mind. I'm a Boss Lady! 

I'd finished doing all of the black line-work on Saturday afternoon, then on Sunday, I did all the colours, adding a few more leaves here and there. Then I went through the fonts in Word and found a couple that I liked: Algerian (the top one) and Old English Text (bottom).
I used a middle-thickness black pen, and a light grey Zentangle Staedler marker for back-shading. 

I chose the Old English Text as this is the font we used for everything when I worked at Christmas House, the year-round Christmas store that I worked at from 1986 to 1997. It was in the Days Before Computers and as the #1 Elf, I hand-lettered all of our signs. I got pretty good at free-handing this font, drawing pencil lines and blocking the lettering out for spacing. I couldn't do that here, however.
I learned calligraphy as a kid after I got a kit for a birthday present. Recreating this lettering brought back memories of all the signs I made for the store, including creating giant gold-leaf stencils by hand for our entrance wall that said, "...and to all a good night."

I didn't overdo the decoration on the straps, and just let the lettering take centre stage. No leaves or any colour.
Although I was extremely careful to keep the lettering about the same size and as even as possible, I didn't get the words perfectly centred or even exactly match any of the identical letters (don't look too carefully, haha!), but since I'm a perfectionist this whole project was a good exercise in letting go of that. 

The black alone looked too stark, so I outlined it with the light grey pen to give it the look of a tattoo that's aged slightly. 
It looks less like it's printed on, and is a subtle effect. 

As you can see, I put the shoes on and pranced around in them for a while. 
I showed them off to L ("Holy sh*t!") and took pictures, walking around and remembering why I can't wear them on a regular basis. That's a four inch heel. My fragile bones can't handle that for long.
The heel on the left is the second shoe - I did light layers of the matte spray lacquer between each colour to keep them all from smudging/blending. 

I didn't want to just stuff them back into my closet - I want to show them off! 
I took a pair of black socks (I have a dozen pairs, and rarely wear them) and stuffed them with scrunched up paper bags and made them into "feet" for the shoes. 

This is better for the ankle leather, keeping it upright and supported, as they flop over without anything in the shoe. It's very soft leather. 
I think the decoration is fairly balanced, but it's barely noticeable when they are on and in motion.

I signed and dated them on the back of the heel platform. I "erased" my signature for this post - no need for that on the interwebz! 
The heel on the left is my first attempt - the one on the right is using lacquer between colours. Live and learn! 

I'm completely thrilled with how well these turned out, and now my mind is thinking...Gee, I could do this to a leather jacket or a purse...hmmm...thrifting possibilities! I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for light-coloured leather. 
I am really proud that I overcame my fear of screwing up and did this. 

Now, what to do with them? 
"Leave them out for me - they look tasty."

I was playing around with the decoration on our big bookcase above the other day, thinking about getting rid of some of my graphic novels. 
"Yes, put your shoes in my reach, Woman. Good idea."

We joke now, but he's chewed up four pairs of my shoes, including two pairs of Fluevogs! 

I cleared off a shelf and added them. 
They are out of Vizzini's reach, on the right. 

The black socks disappear into the dark cherry wood. 
I added my John Fluevog autobiography (a gift from Ally, so doubly special) to the display. We have at least one book on every shelf. 

Now I can show off my "art" without breaking my feet! 
I hung Grandma J's mischievous elf figure off the book (he's rubber, so won't break if he falls). 

The book is triply special because I had it signed over the picture of a pair of shoes that L has, the Malverns. 
I still have my invite to the book-signing party! 

We went in December 2019 (pics here) and I met John for the second time.
If they do another party in the Victoria store (I'm sure it will happen at some point), I might just have to break out my floralized shoes so that I can show him! 

Vizzini, try to muster up some enthusiasm, will you? 
"Busy watching the crows."

I'll leave you to nap then, Your Lordship. 
"Just go already!"

And now, off to relax some more with L and Mister Purryhead. I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend, full of good times and good people. Thanks so much for stopping by! 


  1. Those floralized Fluevogs ... wow! Pure magnificence in every single detail!

  2. Bellísimo! I am so glad you went for the text as I would have been in the “don’t do it camp”. They make me smile and I hope an occasional outing allows some acquaintances or strangers to enjoy them as much as I do. Your talent, creativity, and joie de vivre has been very special to me for years.

    1. Most people were in the "don't do it" side, but I trusted my vision, Chalotalo. Thank you so much - I will be showing them off proudly! Aw, thank you...I really appreciate your kind thoughts.

  3. I love the text you added to these - it works so well! I really liked them as-is in your previous post but definitely agree that is the perfect finishing touch! :) You're so talented! I have an old bag that's pretty worn I was intending to redye - nothing as fancy as this, just an all over colour, and I've been too scared to do it, this makes me think I really need to just bite the bullet and do it!

    1. I thought it finished them off nicely, agreed, Mica. Thank you so much. Ooh, that bag sounds exciting! Go for it!

  4. You have finessed the Fluevogs and they are FABULOUS! I still think they would make the salespeople at the Victoria store delighted and hope you make an opportunity to bring the shoes in for a viewing. In any case, I quite like the eye catching way you partnered them on the shelf with the book.

    Sadly it seems like the wildfires just keep coming but am glad there is a respite for you in the temperature and air quality.

    Ah, relaxed weekends can be quite the tonic and yours sounds purrfect. Here’s to a comfortable week and making the most of your days off. Hugs from across the Continent!

    1. Oh my, so completely carried away by your hand drawn rose shoes that I neglected to say how much I enjoy your cool as a cucumber dress complete with parasol!

    2. Thank you so much, Laurie! I'll take them with me next time we go to the store, so that I can show them off. I enjoyed creating a little display for them so I can look at them too.

      We have received a welcome reprieve - no more haze and no more heat. I'll take a cloudy, cool day, and will be grateful for it!

      Hugs right back.

    3. Oh, no worries - the dress was rather overshadowed by the fancy 'Vogs!

  5. Oh Sheila, so glad your art is on display!! Clever girl, definately show them off - they are to be admired and good for you biting the bullet and going for it! Loved todays outfit another jammy dress (love shift dresses) the funky vibe of the jewelry going perfectly with it. hey no wonder you were hollered at looking good. Vizzini is full of character like our adopted Dave(their choice of name ha ha) the pic of him asking for treats with big eyes made me giggle. Shazxx

    1. Thank you, Shaz! I wanted to be able to look at it and admire my handiwork. Aw, thank you - I enjoyed my funky little outfit. Dave is an awesome name for a cat, hee hee!

  6. What a magnificent job you did on those shoes, Sheila! Well done. I adore the lettering and think it 'makes' the shoes. You are so right; the possibilities are now endless for you; you just need some more light leather items. You've acquired a new hobby. The shoes looked great on display in the cabinet and at least you can show them off to any visitors you may have.

    What a snazzy dress! Loved the shoes; they looked very comfortable.

    Hope your weather continues to stay in manageable temperatures.

    1. Thanks so much, Vronni! I agree - I'm glad I did the lettering. I am hoping to find a purse or a leather jacket I can do this to! So fun! I enjoyed creating the display - it lets me admire them.

      Thank you! It's much cooler today. Phew!

  7. I'm loving the funky pattern of your jammy dress, and the perfectly matching mask! I think I'll keep wearing a mask in shops for a while yet even after the mandate has been dropped. Lovely to see that gorgeous parasol again, and of course Vizzini pictures are always welcomed with open arms.
    Your finished floralized Fluevogs are absolutely stunning, and totally deserve to be displayed in a prominent position. The lettering - and the words you chose - are just perfect! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! I love the pattern on that dress, even though it's VERY short. I plan to keep wearing my masks when I don't feel secure or safe. There are so many tourists in town right now, so that's basically everywhere!

      Aw, I appreciate that, thank you, my dear.

  8. Magnificent!! I thought about them today as I love the drawing so much, as a tattoo! Fabulous fabulous fabulous!

  9. Absolutely stunning. You are such a great artisit!

  10. I know I was a “no” for the straps, but that was because I was thinking more flowers! That lettering is absolutely perfect!

    I can’t wait to see what you customise next :-)

    1. I'm so glad you approve, Tat! Thank you!

      Next up will be a jacket!

  11. Those Fluevogs look absolutely amazing, the script makes them and I'm very glad theat they are on dispaly and away from Vizzini's evil clutches! I'm in aws of your talent!
    Loving the print of the dress and the clogs are perfect with it! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix! I really wanted them to be out - I need to show them off after all that work.


  12. John Fluevog has a rock star vibe around him...and his brand is fabulous. That photo of you is so cool. I loved every pair you bought and showed to us.
    I loved the old English lettering you did on the straps of those heels. It matched and compliments the rose design perfectly. You look stunning in that jammy dress btw.

    1. Very much so, Ivana - he's such a sweet and funny guy in person too. I love his shoes and I'm so glad I was able to customize these and make them even more special.

      Thank you! It was so hard to do! I'm glad they turned out okay. Love that dress.

  13. and Vizzini is the cuttest....even when he has some cat moments😂

    1. We never ever forget that he is an evil cat at heart! Ha!

  14. Love this jammy dress, so groovy print and you rock it with your attitude, your parasol, fab shoes and sunnies!, looking gorgeous!
    And I really admire your work on these shoes, the lettering on the straps, the fabulousness!, totally fantastic work of art!. I feel encouraged to use my textile markers on some projects!

    1. Thanks so much, Monica! It's a great summer jammy dress.

      Thank you - it took so long, but I'm really happy with them. Go for it! I know you're really creative! :)

  15. You art work is fabulous, Sheila. What a brilliant way to add pizazz to a pair of shoes and that you put them out for display is marvelous.


    1. Well, I won't likely be wearing them too often due to the very high heels, but I definitely want to be able to admire my handiwork! Thanks, Rena!

  16. Gosh you are an artist. You could work for Fluevog and design shoes. I love the letters on the strap and the text itself. Yes, you are weird, in a very good way. Love you.

    1. Aw, thank you, Greetje. Maybe I'll think about applying for my retirement project? Thank you! Big hugs!

  17. Even though I was in the "don't do it" camp, I love the end result. I think the lettering is perfect with the tattoo style roses and they really are a brilliant work of art. I'm glad you decided to display them on a shelf where you can admire them every day.

    1. I'm so glad you like them, Shelley! I wasn't afraid to try it, even if I screwed 'em up. I love looking at them.

  18. Your shoe artistry is a thing of breathtaking beauty, dear Sheila. Utterly and completely gorgeous!!!

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thank you, Autumn! It has been really fun and relaxing to do my latest art projects.


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