Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The First Sundress of Spring

I found this sweet little sundress in my favourite consignment shop over the weekend, and had to find someway to wear it before warmer weather actually arrives.
Added the jacket and my usual wooden jewelry (for some reason, wooden jewelry makes me think "summer"). It's still too cold to go bare-legged, so I did have to deal with the dress (which is cotton) clinging to my legs all day. I don't have a neutral slip - why are slips so hard to find? You'd think with all the dresses out there that they'd be a dime a dozen!

A close-up of the nice styling on the bodice ("Why are you posting your boobs?" says L):
I've done the self-tie into a bow, but I think I would do a brown belt next time.

The stuff:
I love these shoes; they have such a great 40s/50s look to them. These are the shoes that prompted some guy to leave me a comment asking me to send him pictures of my veiny feet - ha! I deleted that comment...and I don't take pictures of my feet in my shoes very much anymore. Live and learn.

Dress (no label, consignment), jacket (Jacob), shoes (Le Chateau), wooden jewelry (Caracol).


  1. So cute! I have shoes kind of like these and every time you wear them I want to wear mine.

    Good find!

  2. Love the color combo in this dress! Ya know how much I love turq! Great shoes also, they look so soft and yummy.

  3. I love those shoes! The outfit is great too.

  4. I feel like I've been raving about your outfits lately, but you really have been putting together some great ones. This dress is stunning and the shoes are to die for! (I can't believe how pristine they look. Are they new or are you just really careful where you walk?)

  5. Super cute! Love the colors and you always have the perfect shoes!

  6. very nice colors and of course, i LOVE the shoes.

  7. Those are adorable shoes and I love the dress. So springy. I can't wait for spring here in the cold tundra in which I live. At least the grass is once again peeking through the snow.

  8. Darling dress-it makes me feel hopeful about the weather. Once again, I COVET your shoes.

  9. I cannot WAIT to bust out the spring dresses! This one is a fab find, lady.

  10. Shall I rub in that I have been wearing shorts/sandals for a month + now (remember I only get to wear boots 2 weeks out of the year tho)

    I love the dress. I agree with Tina, you have put together some lovely combos lately.

  11. Thanks, Kaylyn! Wear them!

    Same here, Erin - turquoise is the best. The shoes, though: not soft, very hard on the bottoms of my feet, sadly.

    MM: me too - thanks!

    Thanks, Anon.

    Tina, you're too kind - and like I'm going to stop you from saying nice things, haha! The shoes are actually over 3 years old, but I don't wear them very much. I also tote my shoes to work and only wear them in the office building where I work.

    Hillary: she's back! Missed you! Thanks so much.

    MS: thank you!

    Eednic - of course you do. Thanks!

    Alison, I am just dying for spring, and I feel like it is finally here. Sending you some warm weather - let me know if it works, hee hee.

    Cat, I'm all about the hope. Ah, the shoes. You wouldn't covet if you knew that they hurt after a few hours.

    Sal, me too! Bring on spring! Thanks so much.

    Lain, oh, rub it in, you evil thing! At least we get "real" seasons, haha. Thanks so much for your kind words.

    Wendy, ya really can't go wrong with turquoise, brown and white. Really.

  12. Your outfit is to die for. Esp. that dress! I've been buying way too many lately, but wouldn't mind taking yours off your hands, if you become 'tired' of it :)

  13. Thanks, Lmac! I'll keep your offer in mind.


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