Sunday, December 19, 2021

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Grey Brunch and the Last Party Double-Shot

Back in November, when things were starting to look sunnier, we planned a Christmas party this weekend. With restrictions starting Sunday night, L and I debated: should we host our party? 

We decided to go ahead - but to give any of our (all fully double-vaccinated) friends the out to stay home if they felt unsafe or nervous. We encouraged space (pillow barriers on the couches), had windows open and we chose to celebrate what could be the last party for a while. 
A sneak preview of what I wore - and of course, I did an outfit change halfway through the party! 

But first, L and I met up with Nick on Saturday morning for brunch at the Ruby. It's business as usual with restaurants, with everyone required to have their "vax passport" scanned. We've been doing this for months, so it's nothing new. 
It poured rain all night, so loud it woke me up, and was still coming down in buckets by the time we met up with Nick downtown. I dressed to match the weather. 

  • Sweater - Nor, consignment; last worn here (and Flashbacked) in March for a Zoom call with Mom
  • Sweater underneath - Judith & Charles, consignment; last seen here in October under a gold jacket
  • Skirt - Nine West, thrifted; first worn here in July with pink bookends
  • Boots - 1883 Lucchesse, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in September with stripes and long denim
  • Coat (below) - Jeno of Paris, vintage 70s, thrifted; last worn here in November

I liked all the textures in this outfit, although the light-coloured sweater layered underneath is a little too high-contrast for my taste. 
But it was warm, and ooh, it was FREEZING out. 

I was so happy to wrap my hands around a hot cup of coffee.
This skirt is such a great pattern - it's suede! 
We enjoyed our last brunch of the year, and wished our favourite servers Happy Holidays. 

Masked up - no changes there. Wear a mask. 
We stood in line in the wind and rain for about 30 minutes. 

So while I wish I could have casually posed around with my coat open, it did not happen. 

I was bundled up snug, and huddled under our big umbrella. 
We did a grocery shop after and a few errands, then came home and gave the house an extra-good cleaning. 

I noticed that the crystal glued to the toque was missing and put a brooch on it in time for my pictures (I do the Accoutrements picture first). 

  • Scarf - Helena Rubinstein, vintage 60s, free
  • Toque - gift from Tammy
  • Gloves - Danier Leather
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
I put a coat of clear Woly on my boots to protect them from the rain. They are a dark slate blue-grey. 

Bold bling: 
My "alien" necklace reminds me of Dominique, a former colleague - she passed along a bunch of amazing things to me a few years ago, and this necklace is one of them. 

  • Necklace - All Saints, pass-along from Dom
  • Leather cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Lucite/silver cuff - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Vancouver
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Brooch - Eaton's, c. 1999
  • Earrings - vintage fair

After cleaning the house, I did my "test run" of my party outfits. I like to do this in the afternoon, as the light is better for taking pictures. 
I'd forgotten about these amazing tights - I bought them in the summer (here) and set them aside. When I found them, I knew I had to wear them for this party! 

  • Gold Wing Dress - Kaffe, customized by me; modeled here in November when I finished it
  • Shoes - Super Fine Cardinal, Fluevog; last worn here in October with oversized plaid

After wearing this dress from approximately 7pm to 10:30pm, I can say with doesn't suit me. 
It's fun to wear and I adore the enormous sleeves.

It's very warm.
The backside of the faux leather is fleece! 

But really, the back is the best part. 
It got a lot more faded as more of the design rubbed off just from wearing it. Anyway, I'm going to move the dress along to a good home. 

I changed at 10:30pm into this leopard dress, which I think you will agree is a stunner. 
I felt like a million bucks in this, and twirled and posed like a screen siren. 

  • Dress - Joseph Ribkoff, consignment; purchased here for $62.00

Although I loathe this ponte stretchy fabric, the print is fantastic, and the dress fits so well. 
"I approve of the feline theme."

Vizzini joined me for some pictures. He knows when a party is in the works.
We had about 14 people over the course of the evening, with the last two leaving at 2:30am. 
"I liked the shrimp ring."

We had to go on full Cat Alert at 1am when he came out from under the bed to look for food. 

He's such a mooch. 
"I call it recycling."

It does force us to clean up before we go to bed, which is a good thing. It's nice to wake up to a tidy house. 

The stuff: 
I lasted in these until about 1:30am, then kicked them off. 

Gold bling:
I wore the same accessories for both outfits. 

  • Leather/chain cuff - local
  • Gold chain - vintage 70s, Grandma J's
  • Ear-cuffs - consignment
  • Bronze brutalist ring - vintage 70s, consignment
  • Silver/smoky topaz ring - Anneli Neuman, Sweden
  • Earrings - Biko, consignment

L posed for me in the kitchen before folks arrived. The vintage dressing gown is a thrift find from a couple of decades ago. 
"And I'm in a tuxedo."

He's wearing a printed shirt, burgundy jeans, a white leather thrifted belt (by Catalyst Leather), and Mom's Mexican astrology pendant, and "crazy cat guy" socks. 
"Now put the food out."

I always wait until we have a substantial number of guests before I put any goodies out. 

Here we are, all prepped. L built a custom playlist for the evening, and everything is ready, from bottles of sanitizer to blankets on the deck.
Lots of room to spread out. We had several windows open. 

My friends enjoyed checking out all of my Christmas decorations. 
Many of them had never seen my collection before, so it was fun to show it off and point out some of my favourites. 

I wore my hair down with the leopard dress. Here's me and Justin, having a late night chat. 
Ronnie found my camera and marveled at its antiquity (I don't have a phone) and these pictures with it. 

Showing off my Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments to Caro. 
I'm so grateful that we were able to have this small party before things get stricter! 

I hope you had a safe weekend, my friends! Thanks so much for dropping by. 


  1. I'm glad you were able to have your party. The best practices seem to change by the day. I'm leery now of our get togethers this weekend. I won't look so fabulous, but will move beyond my stretchy pants.

  2. I'm happy for you. The annual party we go to every Christmas was adjusted to request every guest (who's already been vaccinated) to take a COVID test beforehand but, even with that precaution, the party was just cancelled. Too many guests were uncomfortable coming so the hosts cancelled the event with great sadness. I understand and said we'll look for an excuse to socialize again in the Spring. Happy holidays, Sweetie!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you were able to squeeze in your party before restrictions were imposed - we're all on teterhooks here and waiting for an announcement in the next day or so!
    The Sheila-decorated dress is an absolute triumph and the leopard looks fabulous and L's smoking jacket is a beauty. Vizzini and your lounge look pretty spectacular, too! xxx

  4. I'm glad to hear you went ahead with your Christmas party, as who knows what the future will bring. With everything that's going on, I'm not much in a partying mood. We're not even sure the family Christmas party at Jos's son's - which will be only in January anyway - will go ahead.
    Your lounge looks so inviting and festive, and of course both of your outfits do meet my full approval. Your Gold Wings dress is truly spectacular, and you're looking very va-va-voom in your slinky leopard gown! xxx

  5. Yay, you were able to have your party! Two outfits as well. I'm of course mind blown by that faux leather dress with the angel wings. There aren't many people that could pull that off. The animal print dress is a beautiful fit on you.

  6. Great that you’re party went ahead and you had fun..goodness knows what we face going forwards, re restriction.

    I adore your fitted leopard dress, absolutely fab with those glitzy, gold shoes. Great heel!

    Your lounge looks very inviting; like you could just sink down into one of those sofas and chill! x

  7. Three huge cheers for the ability to enjoy one last party for the time being. That's awesome!

    As are both of our outfits. Each is chic and memorable, and so very, very lovely.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

  8. It's such a shame you weren't feeling the love with that black feather dress as it's such a special piece - I hope you passed it on to one of your friends at the party to enjoy! :) I do love the leopard print dress too.
    So good you were able to have the party before restrictions as well. I'm worried here as cases increase and there are so many "last minute" things to do I've already been to the crowded stores once this week and have to go again today which I'm not looking forward to - a few places were contact sites, but from a few days before so they'd all been deep cleaned and things. Definitely a lot of covid around, we had 49 new local cases in Queensland yesterday, it's almost like the start of the pandemic all over again! Our kids can't get vaccinated until after 10th January so we will likely have a quiet summer after Christmas is over.

  9. I'm so pleased you went ahead with your party Sheila. It's too easy to be cowed and frightened sometimes by the constantly negative news. You took all the right precautions and I bet you had such a fun evening!

    I loved your leather angels' wings dress; it's a shame you're passing it on after all that hard work on it. The green coat was fabulous. Loved the animal print dress; I actually love that material as it's usually very flattering. L looked great, too. The Christmas decor is wonderful - a Christmas Wonderland!

    Happy Christmas to you and L - and of course to the little monster!

  10. Although the wing dress is super cool, I do love the leopard dress on you! It’s so swishy and you look so tall in it! What a wonderful party!

  11. What a shame that the leather dress is on its way to a new home. After all that work. Next time, wear an item before you make it into an art project.
    The leopard dress is indeed a stunner. You must have had the heating up pretty high haha.

  12. Hooray! I'm so happy you got to have your party and see your friends. And both your outfits looked great, though if you're not happy with something it's best to find a home for it. ("Sheila says 'always be upgrading'" is something I remind myself of regularly...)


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