Monday, October 4, 2021

Mustard, Orange and Oversized Navy Plaid

Happy Monday, and for me this is my first 4-week workday in, oh...19 months. It's going to feel strange when I have to get up tomorrow morning!

As I'm just barely into my fall wardrobe, you're going to see an odd mix of outfits, as I grab things I love and put them with other things I love. And then we'll just hope for the best! 
I really liked how this mustard blouse went with this dark orange skirt, and when I noticed the yellow and red in the plaid jacket, well, of course I had to wear them all together! 

  • Jacket - Yuppie Ladies, vintage 80s, thrifted; first worn here (5th look) on the March weekend I purchased it for $39.99
  • Blouse - H&M, thrifted; last seen here in November 2020 with my dragonscale skirt
  • Skirt - Max Mara, consignment; last worn here in August with fall leopard
  • Shoes - Super Fine Cardinal, Fluevog; last seen here in August with chartreuse silk

I have noticed that oversized 80s/90s blazers are in style. 
I have always been a fan - I used to pilfer them out of my dad's closet and wear them over my body-con dresses in the late 80s/early 90s. 

This is a thick wool blazer, and it's very good quality (note how the plaids all line up perfectly).
I wore it open most of the day. 

The skirt is one that I kept out from spring/summer. 
 The dark orange is a nice colour for fall.

Without the jacket, although I didn't take it off. 
Good colours together. 

Masked up - I saw a few people in the office today. 
I thought I would look classy for my call with one of our VPs. I'm doing some Executive Assistant work for a couple of VPs - I like a challenge of doing new things. 

Outerwear look. It's cooler, but we are still in the mid- to high-teens. 
Nothing a scarf and a pair of gloves can't cure. 

First wearing of my new-to-me silk scarf. It was warm and soft. 

  • Scarf - Forele, vintage, consignment; purchased here for $20.00
  • Wool gloves - Parkhurst
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
I had a lot of comments on my gold shoes today. Yes, they are shiny. 

Maximal bling: 
I wore three of the pins/brooches on the lapel of my jacket, and the leather anatomical heart one over my heart - that one disappeared in pictures, so I moved it above the others. 

  • Leaf brooch - Grandma W, vintage 
  • Anatomical leather heart pin - Smoking Lily
  • Crystal stick-pin - thrifted; purchased here for $7.95
  • Blue crystal bar pin - c. 1986, gift from Mom & Dad
  • Blue eelskin bracelet - c. 1986, mine, donated, then thrifted anew a couple of years ago
  • Chain/leather bracelet - thrifted
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pear
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Ear-balls - Dior, consignment


  1. Love the jacket. It brought it all together. Have a great week Sheila. x

  2. The jacket looks warm and comfy, like a favorite blanket. At least that’s the feeling anytime I try on my Dad’s blue striped suit jacket, saved by me for sentimental reasons. (I have periodically wondered if it pays to have it altered to fit me, or if that’s even possible without ruining the jacket.)

    Your outfit colors are deliciously fall, very appealing. :) And that has me wondering if you change what you bring for lunch at work as the seasons change?

    May Tuesday at work be manageable and provide you with many opportunities for creating fabulous outfits!

    1. It is, Laurie! I love the thickness of it. Oh, that's so nice you have your dad's jacket - don't alter it. To make it look modern, roll the sleeves up (before you put it on) and wear a tee and jeans under it. You should wear it - it would be like a hug from your dad. :)

      Thank you! No, I have the same lunch ever day: a Lean Cuisine (hot, portion control), veggies and dip, some plain yoghurt and a piece of fruit.

      Thanks, my dear friend! I'm excited about wearing an extra outfit per week.

  3. I do hope your newly reinstated 4-day week goes well and you'll get used to the extra day at the office soon. I have to confess that after 3 months, I'm still pining for all that time I had the luxury to have to myself for 15 months!
    I'm loving your outfit's Autumnal shades, the mustard and dark orange are particularly delicious together, and the oversized plaid blazer is just perfect too. And yes to maximal bling! xxx

    1. I hope so too, Ann! It was rough getting up today, and I have a feeling I'll also be pining for my 3 days a week quickly.

      Thank you so much - I love this oversized snuggly blazer. Maximal bling for the win!

  4. The mustard blouse is lovely and looks great paired with dark orange skirt...that's a very pretty skirt on you. I also like the metallic heels and that fabulous plaid jacket. You look great in this!

    1. Thank you, Ivana! I really liked these colours together - it reminds me of the autumn leaves. Isn't the skirt lovely? Such good quality. Aw, thanks!

  5. I really like the orange and mustard combo and the blazer is a great topper! hope you adjust well to the 4 day work week. I know it's going to hit me hard when I go back to working 5 days a week next year once both kids are back in school.

    1. Me too - it's a winning combo. Ugh, four days a week feels like so much now! Yes, that will be a tricky transition for a lot of people, I'm sure! Good luck!

  6. I love how you styled the blazer. I have a closet full of my Mom's square, shoulder padded blazers and was just trying them on a few weeks ago thinking that they are very much back in style! I may be bold enough to try a few now that you have inspired me. With the right shoes/boots and jeans it could look very 2021! That scarf is a gorgeous find.

    1. Thanks, Robyn! As I told Laurie, roll up the sleeves (before you put the blazer on), and wear them with a tee and jeans. It will look very modern and hip. Go for it!

      Thank you - I love that scarf.

  7. My goodness, do those shoes shine!
    They look fabulous with the colours in your Autumnal outfit. Love it!

  8. Lovely colour combo!, and lovely jacket too, looks really great (love some plaid and I'm glad that oversized jackets are trendy again). And lovely accessorizing too, piling the brooches.
    No wonder your shoes were admired by co-workers, they're Fabulous!

  9. What a chic, elegant, and splendidly seasonal ensemble. Those gold shoes are instantly captivating and sing out with such stylish pizzazz.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. The gold shoes have been a very good purchase - I'm getting excellent wear out of them.

  10. Such a lovely fall outfit! I really like the juxtaposition of lace and plaid! I think the gold shoes add just the perfect touch!

  11. You do look beautifully autumnal. And those shoes are fab.


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