Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Odds and Ends: Snow Daze

Hey, my friends! I hope you're having fun in this weird daze of days between Christmas and New Year's. Our plans for NYE are scuttled (thanks, pandemic!), so L and I have mostly been catching up on old movies, playing games and lazing around. 

Since Tuesday was the end of our self-imposed non-contact period and we were desperate for groceries, L and I headed to town to have brunch at the Ruby and to do a small shop. 
I'm fully bundled up, since (in addition to the sub-zero temps) we got a huge dump of snow in the past couple of days. 

  • Dress - Claudia Nichole Cashmere, consignment; first worn here in January with greys
  • Boots - Doc Martens, thrifted; not tracked
  • Coat - Mallia, consignment; last seen here for travel on Christmas Eve

My view of the Castle. 
It's so pretty in the snow. 

I wore my cashmere dress with thick sweater tights and an extra tank top under it. 
"Wait, are you going out in that?"

This dress is lovely and warm. 
I didn't bother doing much styling, as I knew we'd only be indoors for about an hour. 

Masked up - I mostly kept my mask on to keep my face warm. 
I have my wooly scarf wrapped around me - I was cold just taking pictures! 

All bundled up. The roads are not drivable for us yet (poor Vlad is a delicate flower), so we packed up a bunch of cloth shopping bags for our grocery trip. 
L's getting his gear on: his 1985 homegrown vintage Miami Dolphins satin jacket. 

My fuzzy hat kept my ears warm. 

  • Scarf - V. Frais, thrifted
  • Hat - Principles, thrifted
  • Gloves - Parkhurst
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
My Doc Martens are my usual outside shoes - they are the best in this weather. No pics of them - they are rather battered. 

  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Brooch - Eaton's, vintage early 00s

When I got up this morning, I looked outside. 
Hey, someone's shoveled our walk! 

I spy L and a snow shovel. 
Thank you! I curse the people who do not shovel their sidewalks. 

Vizzini, how are you feeling about all this cold weather? 
"I don't like it. Make it warm."

His fur is so thick, nothing comes off when we brush him. 

I took the camera on our walk to town. 
The workers at the gas station were having laughing and skidding around in the snow while they cleared the pump area. 

I love this big Victorian house. 
It's all split up into separate apartments. I want the tower room! 

L with his backpack. 
As you can see, only a tiny bit has been cleared on this sidewalk. Don't even get me started on the entire block around the school nearby - the sidewalk never gets cleared, grrr! 

This is my grocery store, the Market on Yates. 
For some reason, we are having a mushroom shortage. L and I stocked up on the way home, carrying all of our food home in packs and bags. 

And here we are at the Ruby. 
We stood in line for about 30 minutes, chatting. We met a nice couple visiting from Calgary. 

And here's me, Nick and L. 
Thanks for brunch! 

And now, back to hibernation. Brrr...where's that warm cat??


  1. I slipped to the store but fortunately just needed a couple items... and forgot bananas which was the main thing we needed. Stay warm.

  2. And, we have had really strangely warm days here in the Midwest when we should be having snow! No global warming, indeed! That cashmere dress looks so cozy and warm. Is L originally from the US? Or, does he just like those sports bomber jackets? My oldest son just had to have a Michael Jordan jacket back in the day! I rather wish we still had it…not that anyone could wear it! Oh, it does make me angry when people shovel only a shovel’s worth of snow! Last year, when Nigel broke his ankle, it was me doing the shoveling and snow blowing. I had a young man or two go past and comment as I was shoveling away! Seriously? You couldn’t be a good neighbor and shovel the trail alongside me for the good of the neighborhood! Ah, grousing about as is my wont these days!

    Happy New Year to you, L, and Vizzini!


  3. I'm sorry to hear that you had to cancel your plans for NYE, but I guess we are used to this by now. The cashmere dress looks amazing. Wishing you and your family a happy 2022!

  4. Morning Sheila, it was so good of you to turn back (some would not have) and sorry that your plans were scuppered. I never tire of seeing around where you live tha castle looks great in the sonw. That cashmere dress hmmm can just imagine the softness and warmth but still looks glam. I love your vintage earrings. I thought of you as over Christmas dragged all Grandmas rings out and we are talking serious jewellery here which may look out of place for lounging around (glorious christmas it's been) but it makes me happy so why not? I know what you will say. So glad to be back peeping into your world. Thanks for another year of cheerful posts. Shazxx

  5. Sorry to hear your new year plans are scuppered. We are (hopefully) going to my Dad's for a buffet etc. I'm in charge of quizzes and challenges.
    Your cashmere drss is dreamy. I love cashmere. On boxing day I wore my black cashmere trousers (£5 charity shop 2 years ago!) and green and blue striped cashmere jumper and was super warm and comfy. Still wearing the jumper today. Very glad I purchased oversized!
    We don't get much snow here!!! I get nervous walking in it!

  6. Freedom at last!
    Sorry about your NYE plans being scuppered but I know the tow of you (and super fluffy Vizzini) will have a great time nonetheless.
    I bet that dress is wonderfully cosy and I'm loving the ear warming fuzzy hat.
    All that snow! We don't clear the pavements here and usually have to walk in the road that's if the council have gritted them the night before. Hopefully we've had our share of the white stuff already (I live in hope!) xxx

  7. I hate snow! Haha. With a bit of luck we don't see any here this season. We will be with just the two of us on Mew Years Eve. I don't mind at all. With delicious food and sparkling wine we will make it to the new year!

  8. Phew, you must be relieved your self-isolation period is over and you were finally able to leave the house. Look at you two all bundled up for your snowy walk to Ruby's and the grocery store. I loved seeing photos of both, so that I can now picture them in my mind's eye whenever you mention them.
    I loved seeing the snow photos too. Unless I don't actually have to leave the house - as in commuting! - I'm not really a fan of snow, but it does look so pretty!
    I hate it too when people do not shovel in front of their houses. We have two properties owned by the council in our street, and they NEVER bother to shovel. Grr!
    I'm sorry your NYE plans are scuppered, but you can still dress up and have a nice time. That's what we are planning to do, although we'll probably doze off before midnight :-) xxx

  9. Good luck with all that snow and ice - I hate it!

    You looked well wrapped up and very warm in all your winter wear. I'm so sorry your New year's Eve is not to be; what a bummer.

    Happy New Year to you both!

  10. Wonderful cozy and warm styling. It looks really cold there. We had a period of colder weather but now it has warmed up again. Fortunately, we don't have snow. Getting out and about when the streets aren't cleaned must be a challenge. I wear doc Martens when it snows too.
    I plan to stay at home for NYE 2022. Enjoy some good music, maybe see a movie. I wish you all the best in the New Year!

  11. It looks os cold Sheila! I like your colourful scarf though, it's nice you were able to get what you needed and head home to stay warm. Such a shame that your plans have been cancelled for NYE though! We are lucky my plan is always to bed asleep, hah! Don't have the energy to stay up till midnight with the kids! So no matter what happens here (over a thousand cases yesterday, unheard of even in 2020 for us in Queensland!) it will still be a normal quiet NYE for us!

  12. Such a cozy, terrific outfit to face the harsh winter elements in. We've been getting copious amounts of snow as of late here. Save for the road and sidewalk dangers of such, I find I'm more in love with the flurry of flakes this year than ever - perhaps it's because part of me is still processing and getting over the brutally hot heatwave at the start of last summer and the tense, stressful weeks of massive forest fires in our area (and the province as a whole) that followed.

    Wishing you, L, and V all the coziest, sweetest, happiest and most festive of at-home New Year's celebration (as per usual, we'll be snug as bugs in a rug under our own roof that night, too).

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

  13. We have had barely any snow out here in December and it was a green Christmas, and New Year's for me. It's also been very damp and grey. I would prefer white and cold if there was sun to go along with it!

    I had no plans for NYE, as usual. The COVID case numbers are crazy here so it was just me, Sylvester, and Turner Classic Movies.

  14. You should move over here, we have unusally warm weather. It was 14C on New Year's day.
    I think it is such a lovely deed of friendship to invite Nick as often as you can. Of course he must also be a very nice guy otherwise you would have trouble doing that and you clearly haven't.

  15. The sleeves on that cashmere dress are great - it's unfair that it should be both warm AND stylish ;-) I don't envy you that snow, though. Brr!

    1. Thanks, Mim! Ha, it's so rare that you get both in one garment.

      Snow's all gone now!


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