Saturday, November 13, 2021

Art Project Reveal: Gold Wing Dress

I finished my Gold Wing Dress last weekend, but I'm just getting around to showcasing it now. This is my first time illustrating a garment with gold liquid ink, which brought its own challenges (it's very smudgy). I also learned that stretchy faux leather is not the greatest material to work with. 

Here's the original dress, which is by Kaffe - I picked it up at Dots here for $14.99 on final season clearance. 
I love the ginormous sleeves, plus it has pockets. The back side of the fabric is fleece - nice and cozy. 

Here's the finished design. Angel wings! 
Although no one would really describe me as an angel, except for maybe my mom ("my angel child" - but that was only after my brother was born, ha ha). 

For more details of the design along the way:

There are more pictures at those links, including my inspirations and the pens/materials I used. 
I sketched the design out with a water-soluble gold pen, to get the shape and balance right. 

And then started to work on the feathers. 
I worked out on the deck as much as I could. 
And I got better at doing the feathers as I went. 
I got lots of practice! 
One final push, and I had the bottom feathers all done, including one that's fallen off. 
I signed it there, plus the year. 

Here we go. 
So pretty and shiny! 

I hid one feather inside a pocket, up high where hands won't rub it off. 
I realized when I put the finished dress on and then took it off, that the stretchiness of the fabric caused the gold pen ink to flake into micro-dust. 

I gave it a spray with my protector out on the deck after taking these pictures to keep it from smudging further. 
Same boots I wore for brunch on Saturday, plus some gold accessories. 

Not an actual outfit, as I just wore this for these pictures. 
Aren't the sleeves fun? I like the overall shape of this dress. 

There are my wings. I put this dress on over my head, which stretched it out, especially across the back. 
I need an event to wear this to! Where is my Urbanite, Art Gallery? 

And there we go. 
I've since moved on to my next project, but that's how I got from...

...this... this! 
The left wing is a bit smudgy, which is a bummer, but ah, well. Nothing stays perfect for long! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my finished project! 


  1. Absolutely amazing, Sheila. I wonder if you realize just how gifted you are. The dress is stunning just as it is, never mind turning it into an outfit! Thanks for sharing the process -- so interesting.

  2. Very, very cool. You are an amazing creative. Enjoy - I certainly did. I hope you get many enjoyable outfits from your original efforts. The line of the dress is beautiful and you did a wonderful artistic addition to it.

  3. It is absolutely stunning Sheila! Looks so good on you and I loved seeing how it all came together. You're so talented! :)

  4. Amazing!! What a cool dress this is. What a talent you are!

  5. Your finished art project looks amazing. My favourite part of it is that individual feather that 'feel off'. It gives the wing design such a great touch. The dress was pretty cool before but with the hand made wing design, it is even cooler. I do like the boots you choose to showcase with this outfit. They are really cute!

  6. The dress as purchased had its own simple, almost understated wow factor with the sleeves. Then you added those wings! Again, from the front the look is interesting, and then the back ! which will surely cause people to do a double take or to come a little bit closer to marvel at the wings.

    I know these are angel wings. However, they also remind me of the wings of Osprey or Great Blue Herons, wide, graceful and powerful. Come to think of it, they are also like a giant hug. Definitely an art gallery outfit! I also like the gold earrings. :)

    Happy mid-November! Here’s to the rest of your long weekend!

  7. Those wings are absolutely glorious! Incredibly cool and creative! I really love the hidden feather too.

  8. Wow! Truly one of a kind now. You're rocking it with the boots.

  9. Your finished gold wing dress is absolutely amazing, Sheila! I'm loving the quirky and fun details, such as the fallen-off feather and the one hidden inside the pocket. The sleeves are fabulous too. I do hope you get the chance to wear it in public soon. Also, I'm intrigued about your next project! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Sheila! xxx

  10. You put so much work into the feather detail! It's too bad about the issues with the fabric, hopefully the protector will help keep the wings intact. I'm really enjoying watching you add art to your clothes.

  11. I think that is astonishingly good! I am so, so impressed! You are so clever to have done that and I know you must have enjoyed it! Can't wait to see you wear it out!

  12. Very nice! Great project, both in conception and execution.

  13. IT's an absolute triumph, I love it! The detail is astonishing, you amaze me with your creativity.
    I love the shape of that dress, so dramatic! xxx

  14. Absolutely fabulous, love particularly the fallen feather, so beautiful detail!

  15. It is magical. Such a conversation piece and not only because of the fabulous wings (nice detail, the fallen feather). The dress itself looks very good on you too. And the gold jewellery is a perfect addition. Such a shame if it would smudge further or flake off.

  16. What a heavenly (pun intended, sentiment no less sincere) creation. Seriously, your workmanship and artistic skills are off-the-charts. I just adore the fallen feather below the wings. What a soulful, fantastic detail.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

  17. That is great. I hope it doesn't smudge too much before you've had a chance to show it off a few times.


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