Thursday, December 16, 2021

Mom-Day Adventure: West Side Story in Silver and Six Feet

I'm feeling a lot of anxiety lately. COVID cases are soaring locally and potential restrictions are in the air. And of course the holidays are also coming and plans might have to shift. I'm trying to be Zen about it, and remember that I can only control myself (and I'll be working on my Peacock Jacket to help my mental health), but I really needed my mom today.

So Mom and I went to the theatre to see the new West Side Story! Mid-day on a Thursday was about as dead as you'd expect, so we felt safe. There were maybe 8 other people in the entire giant IMAX theatre. 
Dressing sparkly helps me feel better too - although I only looked like this while we sat and watched the movie. 

  • Sweater - J. Crew Collection, Fall 2013, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in March for a Zoom Happy Hour
  • Turtleneck - Jacob, thrifted; last seen here in November layered under a sparkly dress for brunch
  • Silver jeans - H&M, consignment; last worn here in July for the Day of Indolence
  • Boots - Go Groovy Husymans, Fluevog; last seen here (2nd outfit) earlier this month for brunch and shopping
  • Coat (below) - Sarmite Wearable Art, consignment; first worn here a week ago

I have to plan for sitting for two-plus hours - it was a long movie, but I loved it - as well as a slow, long and rambling bus ride on the way home. The bus is a good Zen reminder: it takes as long as it takes.
These jeans are thin but extra-stretchy. I love the bright silver colour. 

I refer to this top as my Thousand Dollar Sweater, as it retailed for over $1,000, I kid you not. 
It's pale pink wool (warm) covered with dark green embroidery and it's encrusted with beads, paillettes and crystals. It's very heavy.

Front and back too! 
I layered a sparkly black turtleneck under it. 

Masked up.
It's good to see so many folks are wearing masks, even outside. It makes me feel somewhat better 

Outerwear - I couldn't resist the call of the Six Foot Coat again. All that pink! 
I wore my McQueen scarf with it again - it goes so well. 

I remembered that I have studded wool and black fur earmuffs. They were delightfully cozy.
My purple bag matches some of the embroidery in the coat. 

  • Bag - Sonia Rykiel "Martha", thrifted

Ready to rock and roll. 
A woman walking her dog stopped me on the street to gush over this jacket. It does feel like I'm wearing a piece of art! 

I needed my Colour Therapy today. Ah, pink is calming. 

  • Scarf - Alexander McQueen, consignment; last worn here
  • Earmuffs - Michael Kors, consignment
  • Gloves - Danier Leather
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
Comfy shoes. I bought these with the intent of wearing them a lot and I do. 

  • Leather cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Studded cuff - c. 1995
  • Earrings - vintage fair

We drove to Silver City - I'm used to the quaint downtown theatres and had forgotten what a sensory overload a multiplex can be. 
Blurry, but much easier to process! I spy an orca, a gorilla... and Mom walking in front of me. 

A huge crowd of teenagers surged out of this hall just as we arrived.
I'm glad it stayed empty after that. I would visit an "arty room."

Mom-daughter selfie! Mom's wearing her new-from-me Christmas sweater. Great necklace too. 
We both sat rapt and took in the spectacle: the costumes and colours were fantastic, a feast for the eyes. Thanks so much, Mom, that was just what I needed. I love you! 

I arrived home to the fury of the resident feline. 
"Feed me or the llama gets it."

Time for my Purr Therapy...after he's fed! 


  1. That coat is definitely worth stopping for, I can see why you got a compliment on it! I like your sparkly and cheerful pink outfit! :) It's good you had a nice time with your mum as well.
    We opened our borders (previously you couldn't enter Queensland from anywhere without 2 weeks quarantine) and it's scary how quickly cases are going up - today they announced masks are back for indoors but that's fine as I was wearing them in crowded shopping centres any way! we aren't at the daily 1,500+ totals of other states but already anywhere from 7-9 new cases daily as locally transmitted cases which is not normal for us!

  2. I'm questioning any crowds. Skipped trivia and hoping this variant is mild and hospitals don't keep being overwhelmed

  3. Finally got off my butt and switched devices from iPad to laptop, so here's hoping my comment comes through. Have yet to figure out why periodically my iPad refuses to let the comment post. Could be the device, the browser or something else entirely!

    Anyway, that's by way of saying I have typed multiple comments on prior posts, all to no avail. There have been many outfits that wowed me, particularly your silver ruffled skirt ensemble (stunning!) and your weekend wrap-up outfits from December 12 (that Dalmatian print dress, tights and boots! the full-on outfit of blues - jacket, sweater, skirt and accessories!) and now this one, which is full of cheer!

    Always warms my heart to read your Mom adventures. Mmm :-) Glad you enjoyed West Side Story! The music is incomparable, as well as the dancing! I read a nice interview of Rita Moreno and Ariana DeBose (the link is too long to make it worth pasting here!) and you might also appreciate reading it. We are not venturing to movie theaters yet but it is on my list to eventually see.

    Seeing Vizzini and your colorful, cheerful Christmas tree have made my morning!
    Here's to Friday and another weekend on the horizon!

    1. Great to see you, Laurie! So weird - it's probably something to do with your settings.

      Thanks so much for continuing to read and (try to) comment. I really appreciate it, although finding time to respond has slipped away from me. I will check out your link, thank you!

      Merry Christmas to you and Fred and Robin!

  4. PS The interview is in the December 15 New York Times.

  5. What a lovely mum and daughter day! Diversions are definitely needed to get past the anxiety of another covid wave. If this ween't happening a week before Christmas I think I would feel differently about going backwards and losing some of the newly regained freedoms.

  6. What a fab outing! I'm not into musicals at all but the trailers I've seen look absolutely wonderful and I'm rather tempted. I think we could all do with an escape from this Omicron madness.
    I love the blurry shot of your Mum, that sums up the sensoral overload of those multiplexes perfectly!
    Fabulous blingy outits, the killer coat, the $1000 top and your Mum's jewellery.
    Vizzini - leave that llama alone! xxx

  7. I'm feeling your anxiety too, Sheila. We're just slowly coming down from the 4th wave with the Delta variant, and Omicron is already more than looming on the horizon. It's just never-ending, isn't it? They're moving forward our boosters - Jos has already had his - but still ...
    Anyway, let's talk about your outfit. I'm loving all the silver and sparkle, and what a joy your Six Foot Coat is. I'm sure you are brightening up several people's day whenever your wearing it. And how cute are those ear muffs!
    I'd love to see West Side Story, but I just don't do cinemas, so I'll wait.
    I'm glad to hear it provided two-plus hours of escapism and that there were only 8 people in that theatre. Oh Vizzini, he does have it in for that poor llama, doesn't he? xxx

  8. My first ever comment!!! Just wanted to share a story from a week ago. I'm the Town Crier of Pontefract & I was walking into town to say a proclamation to a friend on her final day of work. A woman stopped me as I was approaching Pontafract Castle and made a statement. I thought she was going to ask me about the Castle but she said "when you get up in the morning and put on your town crier clothes it must make you feel great for the day" Wearing my Cadbury Purple coat & my lilac brocade long waistcoat I can't help but smile. That's why I doff my hat to everyone i pass & wish them a very good morning. I'll stop now & just finish by saying thank you Sheila for sharing your ups & downs. As Town Crier I finish by taking off my hat & bow whilst saying 'I thank you'

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, John, I appreciate it. Isn't it amazing how what we wear cheers others? I can just imagine your wonderful purple (lol, "Cadbury purple" is perfect) coat and lilac brocade waistcoat!

  9. I hope you fed Vizzini...poor Llama otherwise!
    You look brilliant in your thousand dollar top (whoooooooooooooooo, expensivo!) and the silver trousers are great! Not surprised the lady swooned over you coat- it is fab!
    I prepared outfits for the whole week and I felt fab every day!

  10. I went to a movie theater recently (with apprehension): there were fewer people there than in my living room. :)

  11. I remember when you bought that statement coat. So great you wore it with those silver pants. Great outfit.

  12. Great idea to enjoy some music and fun at the cinema, I'd love to see this film (but neither Mr.A. nor most of my friends like it!). And I always love your Colour Therapy attitude, it's inspiring!. Love your sparkly pants and the beaded top (a piece of Art!) and the Really Amazing Coat!, totally my kind of Coat!.
    Lovely post!

  13. Your new coat and silver pants are a great combo.
    The pink seems to really pop out!
    Love it!!

  14. Lovely post Shiela. Glad to see you and your mum spending time together for some much need calm/zen time. I hope to see that movie too sometime. Xxx

  15. The silver and magenta here work sensationally together. If Victoria had a best dressed award, I would sincerely nominate you for it year after year, sweet lady.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

  16. What seems to be a casual outfit, isn't. The silver jeans are of course already an item which is standing out, but that sweater.... so quiet, so elegant and so impactful. No kidding...$1,000???
    My goodness. Glad you didn't have to pay that. It is stunning.

  17. To 'it takes as long as it takes' I would add 'you are worth taking time over'. (My anxiety always makes me prone to rushing through things and multitasking, and sometimes it helps just to do one thing that takes as long as it takes and to remind myself it's okay to spend that time. Enforced slowness!) I hope spending a couple of hours with your mom enjoying one thing made things feel a bit better.


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