Monday, July 19, 2021

Double Flashback: Pink Jacket, Beaded Cream, and Grey Suede Swirls

On the weekend I spent some time making outfits out of all the new-to-me things I've picked up recently. I need to ensure that each piece gets its chance to say, "Hey, I'm a keeper." Or not!

First up is this wonderful grey sueded leather skirt. 
I enjoy the contrast of soft and tough so I paired it with some warm pink bookends, in the form of jacket and shoes. 

  • Jacket - Brooks Brothers, thrifted; last worn here in April 2020 with a blossom maxi
  • Silk beaded top - Jones New York, thrifted; last seen here in July 2019 with my black patterned suit
  • Skirt - Nine West, thrifted; purchased here for $24.95
  • Shoes - Sol Sana; last seen here in May with blue everything (including my hair)

I haven't posted a picture of the Castle in a while.
I say hello to it every time I do my stair picture. Hello! 

Back to clothes! I realized last night that two of the items I'm wearing have been with me for quite a few years, but have not been featured in a Flashback yet, so today we'll look back at both the pink jacket and the beaded cream top I'm wearing under it. 
Instead of a solid cream top (it would have been this ruffled one), I decided to wear this delicate beaded top due to the bits of grey in it. 

I thought the random "branch" design would work well with the swirl pattern of the skirt. 
The pattern gets a bit lost in pictures, but this is a gorgeous silk chiffon top. 
Once I have a piece that matches a pair of my shoes, it's hard NOT to wear them together. 

Enter my pink Brooks Brothers jacket. 
I love this dusty rose shade - it's flattering on me, but doesn't disappear into my skin like blush pink does. 

Masked up - this is a grey pattern.
This overall look is a bit more subtle than my usual colour that slams one in the face, heh heh. 

  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

The stuff: 
These are such comfy shoes, although the ankle straps work their way to the inside of my ankle every time I wear them. Annoying, but I can live with it. 

Filigree bling: 
I pinned the brooch to the lapel of the jacket; the rest is all arm-party stuff. 

  • Filigree cuff - St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop, London, UK
  • Silver cuff - Karen's
  • Brooch - The Bay, c. 1999
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Shield ring - Nine West
  • Earrings - Lazy Susan's

Flashback #1 - Brooks Brothers Belted Jacket

I found this fabulous pink blazer at the Women In Need (WIN) Warehouse store back here in July 2017 on one of my regular post-grocery weekend shopping trips. 
The colour stood out, as did the composition of the fabric, which is linen, silk and wool and was made in Italy. The buttons are real mother-of-pearl, not plastic.

It's by Brooks Brothers and was priced accordingly higher than usual at $32.95.
The blazer is only lined in the sleeves and to the mid-back, so it's intended for warmer weather. 

I was in the midst of growing out my formerly very short darker purple hair, and really grooving on matchy things. This was in July 2017.
I wore it done up and belted, and paired it with a navy blue/pink/white crackle printed skirt (I think Yvonne has this now), and my beloved Trout shoes.

This jacket brings out the classy in me, as I did a subtle cream/pink mix here in October 2017. 
I like the addition of my copper and white enameled jewelry here - copper and pink are so pretty together. I still have that skirt but I let go of those too-high heels. 

Once I had this jacket, I realized that I didn't have that many things to pair with it, so I started actively hunting for bottoms with pink in them. 
Showing off my butterfly "bandage" skirt here in January 2018. I let go of the skirt as it rode up my thighs atrociously! Bad skirt! 

Instead of going matchy here in May 2018, I let the jacket be the pop of colour against navy and white. 
I love that comfy velour skirt - it's due to be worn again soon. I like seeing my progress in growing out my purple hair by going magenta, then lavender, as I let my grey come in fully. 

Again, using the pink of the jacket to spice up this look from November 2018. 
I'm a big fan of pink and red. I still have that red lace top and shoes, but I let go of those boring grey wool pants. Yuck. So dull. 

I love how this blazer goes with my lavender and orange Fluevogs. I have a tiger (brooch) on my shoulder too!
This is from January 2019. The skirt felt too uniform-ish. I think I still have that blouse...

Rosy pink goes with neon yellow - who knew? I did! Pink and yellow are a great combination. 
This outfit is from March 2019. I still have every piece! I know the jacket looks better done up and belted, but it's more comfortable worn open when I'm working. 

I did not keep this pretty skirt, worn here in April 2019. It was very tiny - I'm wearing it half-unzipped - so I gave it to my colleague Emily.
I did notice how well the pink on the backside of these boots went with the jacket, though. These will be paired again. 

Nothing like a blazer to perk up a casual tee! This is how I styled my Corey Hart tour t-shirt from the concert the night before, in June 2019. 
Sadly, that skirt is now gone - I washed it and ruined it. Sigh. Ah, well. 

This is a fun mix of subtle pink and peachy shades in September 2019 - that tiered chiffon skirt is a very tricky piece to style. 
I'm shocked that this is only the second time I've worn my vintage pink crystal jewelry with this jacket (a moment of sadness for the broken salamander brooch!). That's nearly all of my white/grey hair grown out, by the way; it was around this point that I said, "F**k it, I like colour," and went back to playing with pastels. 

And here's the last time I wore the pink blazer, in April 2020. With pink hair! 
This might be my favourite look of all of them! The green jewelry is so pretty against the pink, and that skirt is such a beauty. 

Do you have a favourite? What would you wear with this colour? 

Mathy stuff: I have now worn this blazer 12 times, which brings us to an excellent cost-per-wear of $2.75. I am still going strong with outfits, so I can't see this leaving my closet any time soon. 

Flashback #2: Jones New York Beaded Silk Top

Now we go all the way back in the mists of time to...March 2015, and my last shopping trip here at the Hospice Thrift Store. Their lease was up and now, 6+ years later, their building is being demolished to make way for 3 giant condominium towers. I still miss the bargains I used to find in this store! 
On my last visit, they had 60% off on all stock, so I picked this up for a whopping $2.60 (from the original $6.95, which was already quite bargain-y). 

It's 100% silk chiffon, fully-lined, and it buttons up the back (these buttons are plastic). 
All of that bead and sequin work is hand-done. Amazing. 

My wearing of this top has dropped off over the past couple of years, but you'll enjoy the glimpses of my red/purple short hair in the early pics. 
This is from April 2015 - this top is the only thing left in my closet. I do remember that skirt was by Chloe, and I thrifted those funky shoes for $10. 

A couple of months later - I've become a purplehead! - and it's June 2015. 
Some of my readers might remember this skirt - it was an old Smoking Lily purple silk one with silver chairs silk-screened on it. 

This looks more like me - my Yeti jacket must be pretty new here in January 2016. 
I've always played with greys and creams - I do enjoy a neutral outfit once in a while. I still have the grey wooly Fluevog boots. 

A simple look in April 2016 with these funky plaid trousers. The pants are too snug on me these days, and I have set them aside to go into the giveaway pile. I'll see how they fit when I do my fall closet swapover.
I had just purchased the chartreuse sandals in Vancouver that March. 

This July 2017 outfit is notable for a few reasons. For one, it's the only time I've worn this top tucked in (it looks good!). It's too short to tuck into most bottoms, but this skirt had a high waist. 
And speaking of that skirt - it's leather and I didn't own it very long. I gave it to coworker Pam when I upgraded to my pouffy black Kenzo skirt not long after this outfit. Lastly, I loathed those shoes - they were Fluevog and they were horrible to wear. I don't even know why I bought them. 

I think this is my favourite look, just because I have such good associations with the event I wore it to in September 2016. Mom and I went to see a production of "Spamalot" and laughed ourselves silly. 
I'm doing a big feather fascinator in my hair. For the commenter who suggested a silver skirt to me recently: I already got one! (that's a Spamalot reference, tee hee). 

I remember being very soothed by the soft textures in this April 2017 outfit. 
Everything is silk except for the shoes. I still have that handstitched vintage Pierre Cardin skirt! 

My wearings of this top start to drop down to once per year around this time. That usually tells me it's time to move an item along. 
This was in June 2018, and I still have everything but the shoes. 

And here we are - I last wore the top in July 2019. 
I'm not entirely shocked that I didn't wear a fussy beaded, button-up silk top during the Pandemic Gap. 

Mathy stuff: Oh, this is going to be good. *clackety-clack on the calculator* I've worn it 10 times so that's 26 cents per wear. 

What do you think? Time for this top to move on? To be honest, I'm feeling a little "meh", especially after seeing that none of my outfits with it are all that great. 


  1. No! Don't ditch. It's lovely. Perhaps a darker LS top underneath would make it pop?

    Judith from Ottawa

    1. Thanks, Judith! It doesn't lend itself well to layering, unfortunately. I'm not keeping it, sorry.

  2. Replies
    1. Really? I am not a huge fan - it's time for me to let it go, Sam. Thank you!

  3. Morning Sheila, oh how I love those shoes! and that dusky rose shade of pink. I loved today's outfit and the "bookends" match perfectly. The filigree jewelry is the perfect match for the blouse too. I think there were many inspiring outfits in the jacket flashback but seeing the closeup of the top it is so pretty - maybe hold onto for one more season? wow to looking at a Castle each morning! I think you have everything where you live. Have a great day Shazxx

    1. Shaz! Thank you, and good morning! I love the velvet shoes too - they go so well with the jacket! Aw, thank you so much. The top is pretty, but I can always tell when an item is just not working for me anymore, and it's time for this top to go.

      I've zoomed in on the Castle in these pics - it's a bit further away - but yes, we live in an amazingly lovely place. Take care, my dear!

  4. I love that blazer and I think that is a very pretty top but I know if you're not feeling it you'll end up letting it go. I'd say keep, but how you feel about it and the outfits you've made with it will be the best indicator! So nice to see two flashbacks :)

    1. I love the blazer too, Mica, and you know me well enough by now to guess that the top is not staying. :) Thank you so much!

  5. I thought every outfit with the soft pink blazer was a “spot on” look. The beaded silk-chiffon top…meh. I am not a fan other than for two of the outfits (April 2017 & July 2019) so my choice would be to move it to the give-away pile and reevaluate in the Fall when the pile is ready to be relocated from your home.

    Just wondering if you have ever had the urge to design the “perfect” top or bottom, and if so, did you go ahead and sketch it out? I realize there are enough possibilities that perfect may be the wrong descriptor here, but the idea being a preferred shape onto which all sorts of colors and embellishments could be added.

    1. I agree on the blazer, Laurie, thank you. The top is incredible...but not on me. I'm fine with letting go of it, and no regrets!

      I get what you mean, but my skill and desire don't extend to designing my own clothes. I prefer the hit-and-miss experience and the experimentation from trying different shapes, fabrics, prints and styles.

  6. Book-ending that funky skirt with dusty rose was an inspired idea. The jacket and shoes are a match made in heaven. The shoes look very strokable, I guess I wouldn't be able to pet them, which I admit might be a bit awkward when walking around :-) Loving the filigree bling too!
    Ooh, and not just one but two flashbacks! So many gorgeous outfits with the jacket that it's hard to choose a favourite. Such a shame that pretty skirt was too small!
    I'm hearing you on the top, though. It's undoubtedly gorgeous, but I don't think it is working for you. xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann - not really inspired as much as lazy, ha ha! When I have a bookend pair like this, I tend to repeat them over and over.

      The shoes are so fun, and it's a very soft velvet.

      I had passed up that skirt in the thrift store so many times, but it really was too small on me. I hope Emily wears it!

      Thanks, my dear friend. It is just kind of blah to me as well.

  7. I do like the top but it indeed van be a bit meeeeh. Perhaps worth leather trousers, or your leather peplum jacket. I love the jacket and the shoes. I think I would stroke those shoes all day long...... and what a amazing black boys are you wearing in some of the flashbacks!!

    1. I agree, Nancy, but it's done with me. I do like how you're trying to get me to wear my leather, though, ha ha!

      I'm trying to figure out which "black boys" (boots?) you mean. I have grey wooly boots on in one picture, and 3-tone purple boots in a couple.

  8. Once again I take my hat off to your pattern mixing skills - spot on!

  9. I love how your outfit matched the caste. The pink roof of the caste looks the same shade as your pink jacket and shoes. I do love this outfit. The pattern on the skirt is gorgeous and I love the intricate design on the blouse- gorgeous details.

    1. I didn't even notice that, Ivana! But yes, the pinks tone really well with the red roof of the castle. Thank you so much!

  10. You're right, that dusky rose pink is lovely on you and of course, you have to have the perfectly matching shoes to create bookends.
    I do love that castle.
    That top looks a beautifully made piece but I'm not loving it on you. Time for a new home, beaded top! xxx

    1. I love that shade of pink - once I had the jacket, I was on the lookout for shoes! I do love to have matching pieces.

      It's a gorgeous thing to see every day, that's for sure.

      The top is amazing, but yes, I'm not feeling it at all. Time to go!

  11. I love how you styled both pieces- it was like a masterclass in styling a piece in different ways to maximalise use of a garment.
    On a personal level- the colour of the top is not my favourite so I say of you're not convinced, let it go, but that's just my feeling because I wouldn't wear the colour!

    1. Thank you, Kezzie! Aw, that's so kind of you, but really, it's just try, try, try until I get something that I like.

      I agree - I prefer a more white cream to this yellowy-cream.

  12. Oh I love that branchy beaded chiffon top! And I like all the ways you have styled it. You really are not fond of the outfits that you created with it? The dusty rose BB blazer is absolutely a winner without question though! I do love the belted blazer look, too, and the color is just so sweet!


    1. I think the top is a beautiful article of clothing, and I think the outfits it's been in are...FINE. I'm not wowed by any of them, have no desire to repeat or emulate these looks, and the top doesn't inspire me at all. So, off it goes! That's how I weed out things I don't actually LOVE, Shelbee.

      I adore the blazer, and it's going NOWHERE.

  13. Deeply in love with your dusty rose Brooks Brothers blazer (fun fact, dusty pink is my all-time favourite colour). I've owned a few (all thrifted or otherwise secondhand) BB pieces over the years and adored them all. Such sturdy, high quality and timeless styling.

    The castle looks so gorgeous (as it always does, of course) nestled beneath a balmy blue summer sky. What a special joy it must be to live so close to such a stunning yesteryear abode. 😍

    Big hugs & oodles of joyful holiday long weekend wishes!
    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I love it too - it's my favourite shade of pink! So awesome to find such good quality in a thrift store.

      It does! I love checking it out every day. Hugs back!

  14. You rock this dusty rose shade, and love the way you create a subtle colour combo which is interesting and cool!, love the textures and love the bookending with the dusty rose shoes too!. Brilliant.
    Lovely flashbacks on both pieces, lots of fab outfits!. I'm not a huge fan of these subtle colours, but admire that you make them look gorgeous and elegant!.

    1. Thanks so much, Monica! This is kind of combining my softer Victorian vibe with my rock and roll edge. I was happy with the outfit aside from the top.


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