Friday, December 17, 2021

Fancy Friday: Silver Belle and Boots Bookends and Red Cashmere

As suspected, new restrictions on indoor gatherings are going into effect later this weekend. I needed colour and sparkle so badly!
I had a lot of positive reactions to this outfit - mostly of the "OOOOOOH!" variety - and I responded, "I'm focusing on the positive and putting out the sparkly!" Breathe in...sparkle out. 

  • Jacket - handmade, vintage 70s, thrifted; first worn here in December 2020 with ginormous pants
  • Skirt - John Laing for N. Peal, vintage, vintage fair; last seen here in December with grey bookends
  • Boots - Teleport; last worn here in November with PANK
  • Coat (below) - Mallia, consignment; last seen here two days ago

I named this jacket the Silver Belle last year, but this year she is destined for the giveaway pile. The fabric is nearly disintegrating, sadly. 
I also discovered a tiny hole in this wonderful 100% cashmere skirt, but I'm going to do a wee mend on that, and give Vizzini a scolding for playing with the moths instead of eating them. Bad kitty! 

I had a video meeting with some of my favourite people from work today - I miss them all so much.
They appreciated my sparkle too. Silver bookends! I pulled up my foot and waggled it at the screen for them. So KLASSY. 

Masked up.
Nearly two years into this thing...and I'm glad I have a massive collection of masks that go with all my outfits. 

Outerwear - I felt very holiday-ish. 
L is on vacation now, but I still have a half-week to go. 

I snagged  one of L's wool scarves again - this is another one I bought him second-hand. 

  • Beret - Parkhurst, consignment
  • Scarf - Roots, consignment
  • Gloves - Echo, consignment
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
My colleague Gary started singing "Silver boots" to the tune of "Silver Bells" and it got stuck in my head. Thanks a bunch, Gary! 

Sparkly bling: 
I enjoy hauling out some of my vintage rhinestone pieces this time of year. 

  • Necklace - Allain, gift from Allison
  • Earrings - can't remember
  • Brutalist ring - thrifted
  • Silver/onyx ring - Toccara, vintage fair
  • Bracelet - Birks, c. 1974, gift to Mom

I remember picking this bracelet out as a Christmas present from Mom at the Birks store in Hillside Mall when I was a kid. Dad let my brother and I select what we thought she'd like. I "liberated" it from Mom's jewelry box when I was a teen, c. 1984. It snags on everything so I don't wear it that often, but it is dear to me. 

Have a very happy weekend, my friends. Stay safe and don't let that Omicron get you down. I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure. 


  1. Sorry to hear you have new restrictions in place! Aside from mandating masks indoors again there are no new restrictions for us thankfully. I'm just trying to avoid indoor places as much as possible with Christmas so close, just in case!

    I really like the sparkle in this outfit! it's a shame the top isn't holding up but what a great last outfit for it to feature in!

  2. Ooooooh so sparkly! Absolutely a fabulous holiday ensemble!

    Here in Ontario they are imposing restictions again and I think more are to come. I'm not generally an anxious person, but I have to say I am experiencing some right now. Every time we think we are over the hump on this it heats up again. We have kept our circle small and are registered for booster shots the first week of January and I guess that's all we can do. I try to stay distracted.

  3. I still feel so bad for health care workers. I'll do my part. I think we'll all do tests before interaction with family outside our bubble. You look wonderful. I now have the earworm for silver bells.

  4. Ha ha, just like SAM, I also had the ear worm for Silver Bells. Having read your blog before our early morning walk, when we went uphill I started humming it!

    The top reminds me of silver tinsel, which is a direct link to holiday festiveness. Then you added the boots, well, that took the silver bell cake. ;-)

    Fred just told me that the Netherlands is going into full lockdown tomorrow, and I know that in Belgium school vacation begins a week earlier as a result of the newest surge. Smirking because I am not even sure what our regulations currently are but already my instincts are to be over-protective. We did manage an overnight adventure to Massachusetts from Wednesday to Thursday of this week, and it felt good to have a change of scenery and visit an art museum that was practically empty. Nothing like having galleries to oneself to feel safe! Now we hunker down for the foreseeable future - taking walks, food shopping, but not much else in the way of outings.

    Here's to a wonderful weekend and a Very Merry Christmas to you, L, Vizzini, and your Mom! Am sure I'll say that again over the next few days. :-)

  5. OOOOOOH -cashmere skirt!!!!
    I love it! The silver and red goes SO nicely together!!! You look a vision!!

  6. Very pretty! Perfect holiday spirit. And, yes, sadly Omicron is spreading rapidly everywhere.

  7. We had a press conference yesterday. Total lock down! Gosh. Love the look, I love bookends! Happy Sunday.

  8. I'm hearing you on trying to focus on the positive. That's all we can do really. While for the time being no further instructions seem to be coming our way, there's no telling what the near future will hold, especially as the Netherlands have just gone into total lockdown.
    Loving your silver bookends, but what a shame that jacket is disintegrating! You did give her a worthy final outing, though!
    You're so good at matching your masks to your outfits. Although I do have quite a collection too, I do not always think of using a matching one.
    Your sparkly jewellery is gorgeous too, in particular the bracelet you helped your Dad pick out for your Mum. Oh and thank you for yet another earworm, I'd just gotten rid of I Don't Like Mondays :-)) xxx

  9. Beautiful red cashmere skirt! I love the silver belle jacket and the silver boots. You look fantastic!

  10. I think all we need colour and sparkle these days, dear Sheila, so your blog is a joy for my eyes!, loving this outfit!. Love Red and Silver and your fab boots!

  11. What a fun & festive outfit! That jacket is fantastic but I hear you on the fabric, I made an outfit in something very similar a while ago and it barely lasted the day! Those boots rock! xxx

  12. We definitely need colour and glitz, thank you for providing that via this blog; you look incredibly festive and bright.
    Those silver boots… great big WOW x

  13. Love beyond love! What a glamorous, gorgeous outfit with the best hint of yesteryear charm thrown into the mix.

    I am with you completely regarding focusing on the positives - rarely has that been more true or vital for a lot of us than over the course of the past two long, uncertain years.

    I wholeheartedly hope that this festive season houses an abundance of positive happenings, experiences, meals, and memories for you + L.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

  14. Oh... so good. I am glad you can mend that little hole in the red skirt as it is gorgeous. So is of course the silver top, but if it is falling apart.. that's the end.
    The silver boots still make me swoon.

  15. You always look so stunning in vintage!
    I agree about emphasizing the positive. I sometimes feel I've had an unfair advantage in being such an introvert and able to practice reclusiveness often for the last 2 years. It does take a toll on me too, but a lot of my friends are doing worse. We've all recently resolved to see each other more no matter what--and even if it's only a zoom call.
    I love your silver boots and jacket! Silver's my favorite metallic and looks extra great on you. So sorry about the jacket, but it's enshrined on the blog. :-)

  16. Such good sparkle, from top to toe.

    Like Red above, I've got through this largely by being a massive introvert to start with, but even I've had enough of restrictions and the same old scenery all the time. I hope you get to see more of your friends as spring comes in. It must be so hard for more sociable people.


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