Monday, July 6, 2020

Plaid, Ruffles Flashback, and Kermit Shoes Flashback

Another week, another Monday. Today, I just felt like ruffles. And plaid. 
And my Kermit shoes! 

  • Blazer - Marc Cain, consignment; first worn here (2nd outfit) with picnic plaid in June
  • Sweater - Talbots, thrifted; last seen here in January to show off new amber
  • Skirt - Sandra Angelozzi, thrifted; last worn here in September 2019 with soft pink
  • Shoes - Poetic Licence; last seen here in April for my first outfit of spring

I was idly scrolling through Tom + Lorenzo's coverage of Giambattista Valli's Resort 2021 Collection (here, link 'cause I love), and I noticed GV showing a longer tiered ruffly skirt, very similar to this one; they even paired it with a Chanel-inspired tweedy jacket (here). 
Right away, I thought, "I have pieces just like those!" And here we are! 
I did love wearing this jacket again - it's so cool. I picked out the bits of green in the plaid pattern this time for my accessories (vs. last time, with pink and orange). 
Isn't the skirt cool? I have had it for a few years, and it's Flashback-worthy even though I haven't worn it too many times, so we'll take a boo at that shortly. 

It's bias-cut silk organza - very light and fluffy. 
For some reason, Vizzini loves to lick it. Silly kitty. 

The stuff: 
I actually had a different pair of shoes picked out, but then my eyes alighted on these beauties. I've had my "Kermit" shoes for a long time, going back to 2012, so we're also doing a Flashback on them too. Why the heck not? 

Green bling: 
Some favourite things. 

  • Necklace - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment, Vancouver
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Flashback #1! 

First, the skirt. I bought it here in June 2017 for $17.95:
I removed the black satin ribbon belt (I have a stash of these - they come in handy once in a while).

I first wore it in June 2017, in what felt like a very adventurous outfit at the time. I love the mix of plaid, leopard belt and funky shoes.
I still have that corset-style top - I have had it for ages, going back to the late 00s. Must dig it out.

The skirt is quite challenging to style - it has zero stretch and that blush colour is tricky to match to, so I went with black the first couple of times I wore it.
This was in August 2017. You'll recognize my t-strap shoes - they're also old friends that I've had for years. I gave the dress/tunic thing to Yvonne.

This remains one of my favourite outfits of all time - it's so soft and pretty, and I love how these colour all play together.
This was in May 2018 - I still have everything in this outfit, except for one of the necklaces. Did you notice I'm wearing a fringed scarf around my neck, hanging down my back?

I defaulted to black again in July 2019.
Yup, that's very basic. Pearls and ruffles, ya can't go wrong.

And then I wore it in September 2019 with soft pink.
Such a fun look! We saw this in the Effortless boot Flashback (here).

With today's outfit, I'm at 6 wears, which works out to $3.00 each. I'm fine with that - and the skirt remains in my wardrobe, to be pulled out once or twice a year. I'd love to hear some suggestions for styling it - the blush colour goes well with oranges and pinks. 

Flashback #2!

And now, let's revisit my Kermit shoes! Why do I call them this? Because they are actually wool on the surface, and that reminds me of Kermit the Frog (also, it's not easy being green). The dots on them are fuzzy and raised! I bought them at She She Shoes on sale for $99.00, probably in the after-Christmas sales in December 2011.

I first wore them in January 2012.
I can tell that I didn't have a lot of green in my wardrobe then. The shoes have teal crystal decorations on the toes, so I've often done teal or turquoise accents to pick up on them.

I wore these shoes four times in May 2012 during my 30 for 30 for 12 capsule (recap here).
I see I picked up a green cardigan!

Second wearing in May 2012 - I had that green velvet jacket for a long time. I like all these colours together.
I still have that belt (it's an old one of Mom's).

Third wearing in May 2012.
I'm sure my coworkers joshed me about it not being St. Patrick's Day.

And last time in May 2012.
"What's all the fuss about?"

Aw, Vizzini is only a year old there! Look at our little gangly-legged guy.

As the year-long wardrobe challenge ate up most of 2012, I didn't wear the shoes again until March 2013.
It's my St. Paddy's Day outfit! It's a "kitchen sink" outfit: this is everything green that I owned (the tights were actually teal, but photographed blue).

March 2014 - another St. Patrick's Day outfit.
I didn't worry too much about matching my greens - the exact colour isn't that important. I'm surprised that I didn't wear the shoes for a full year, though!

I let the shoes be on their own with a yellow and blue outfit in July 2014.
I miss that blouse, but it refused to stay done up.

I wore the shoes for the annual Christmas party in December 2014 at Nick and Karen's.
The one and only wearing of that black dress (it just wasn't me). I remember getting soaked walking to the party - it was a very rainy December night.

I love this outfit from July 2015. That soft peachy thin sweater was a favourite - it got ruined in the laundry with big blotches from a dark item I washed with it.
Recognize the necklace? I wore it today. I still have that skirt, by the way - this is its third time matched with the shoes (so far!).

I wore the the shoes for my birthday party in October 2015.
"Is there a party happening?"

This is a very rare sighting of my Betsey Johnson dress, which I still have, although it is too tight right now.

I'm recovering from one of my arm tattoos in August 2016, and wearing my mint "wings."
I like this outfit - it's simple, but elegant.

In November 2016, I mixed some colour, pattern and metallic.
I still have that skirt.

Another favourite outfit, in May 2018.
I don't have the necklace or earrings anymore, but I have all the rest.

With a long drapey cardi in November 2018.
We saw this in my Dries Van Noten Pirate skirt Flashback (here).

When I found this dotted blouse in the thrift store, I knew I'd be wearing it with these shoes.
This outfit is from January 2019. I didn't keep the blouse - it was incredibly difficult to get into (and yes, I did use the side zip!). The skirt is part of my vintage Valentino suit.

My collection of green clothing has expanded substantially over the years - this is in June 2019.
Doing the "bookend" trick of matching the shoes to the top. Easy-peasy.

And finally, this is the last time I wore them, in April 2020.
I wore them around the house for a little while, but that's it.

Including today's outfit, I've now worn them 19 times, which works out to $5.21 per wear. Not bad!

And now I shall leave you with pictures of Vizzini, who's been snoozing on the deck non-stop.
"Go away, Woman."

L likes to point out that I behave like a 10-year-old girl with the cat, always wanting to pick up my kitty and carry him around.
"Don't you dare!"

I do tend to bug him, by sitting with him and petting him.

I caught him mid-yawn! He looks very fierce!

After my disruption to his nap, he wandered inside for a flop on the rug.

Of course, I can't resist that tum! More tummy rubs shall ensue!


  1. That is such a cute skirt and I really like it with the blazer! Definitely a good outfit to have gotten inspired by! :) I like seeing all the ways you've worn your green shoes too, I really need to try mix up my shoe collection a little - there are a lot of neutrals!

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! I get my inspiration from all sorts of places. Yes, you need more colourful shoes, my dear.

  2. Love the ruffly skirt, Shiela. My mum has been looking for a tulle skirt for ages but hasn't come across one that she really likes yet.

    It's great to see your flashbacks and how you style your pieces in so many ways! X

    1. Thanks, Jess! I love tulle skirts too - they are out there, keep looking.

      I'm glad you enjoy them.

  3. Love the ruffles and plaid. Ruffles can be too sweet sometimes and the plaid jacket nicely beefs up the attitude. Your emerald shoes are fabulous and particularly with the vintage dress.

    Vizzini is just adorable, even when he's looking fierce.

    1. Thanks, Nana! Yes, I like the contrast of sweet and non-sweet.

      He really is.

  4. Be careful Sheila, that Vizzini is set to steal the show hre what with his kitten-like legginess, tiger roar and sunbathing!
    That skirt is fab, what a versitile piece it is, too. Love it with the deconstructed Chanel-alike jacket, the soft pink Sept 19 outfit and under the tunic you gave to Yvonne.
    You've proved green's a neutral with all the colours you've worn with the Kermit shoes (I've never seen The Muppets, the only American TV show my Dad would tolerate was Starsky & Hutch!) xxx

    1. Oh, he's been doing that for years, Vix!

      Thank you - it's such an unusual piece, that I've hung onto it even when I'm stumped for styling it.

      Never seen the Muppets?? You missed out!

  5. Vizzini is the most weirdest cat ever! Tell him I said so! Licking organza ruffles indeed...

    I think the skirt looks fab with the pinks and pale oranges. What about coral?

    The outfit was fabulous Sheila and looking back at the flashback I realised how well you suit a skirt and how well you style a skirt. I'm very envious! All the flashback outfits were gorgeous - such an amazing pair of shoes!

    Take care

    1. Isn't he goofy? I know, such a strange cat.

      Thank you! Yes, coral would be awesome.

      Thanks, Vronni, I'm glad you enjoyed the flashbacks.

  6. How gorgeous is that ruffled skirt, and it looks amazing with your Chanel style jacket. I love how you picked out the greens with your necklace and Kermit shoes! Cats are weird, aren't they? Phoebe does like to lick some of my clothes too. She's also taken a liking to some of my shoes. Have to be careful not to leave those out. Doesn't Vizzini look scary mid-yawn!! As always, I enjoyed your flashbacks. Two of them, what a treat! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! I like the greens too.

      Yes, cats are definitely weird creatures. I can't leave my closet open or Vizzini will eat/lick things in there.

      They're fun for me too!

  7. I'm really enjoying your flashbacks, thanks for doing them! It makes me realize how long I've been admiring your outfits because I recognize most of them!!

    1. Wow, how cool! Thanks so much for reading all this time!

  8. oh love the skirt!!! i bought an adrian pappel long, special occasion dress that has all these beautiful layers and thinking of chopping it to make a skirt like yours! thanks for the reminder i need to do that! xo eva

    1. Thanks, Eva! Oh, that sounds wonderful - I'm sure you can work your magic on it.

  9. The skirt with this Marc Cain jacket is my favourite combination. I like the jacket open best (as if you care haha). Love the green with it and you can send the shoes to me anytime haha (love them).
    In the shoe flashback there are so many outfits I adore: the May 2012, the December 2014 and the June 2019. Big adoration.

    1. Aw, thanks, Greetje! I like it open best too (I do like hearing your thoughts). Ha, I think we are not the same size feet (I'm a 40 or 9.5 US usually).

    2. Rats. I am a 38 1/2... no idea what that is in US

    3. It's about a size 8. Your feet are too small for my shoes.

  10. First of all, you look stunning in that combo. The ruffled skirt is such a fab pairing with the jacket and the shoes are divine. I just love that Marc Cain blazer/jacket. A tweet jacket is always such a classical item. I don't have many tweet jackets or tweet items in my closet. I never seem to be able to find good ones. I bought one skirt second hand that kind of reminds me of your blazer but there were some tears in it and I still haven't figured out how to address them. I don't have any experience sewing tweed, so I'm afraid to mend it by myself.

    It was great seeing all the way you wore those divine shoes from Poetic Licence; such a statement piece. I think my fav look is the one with the mint 'wings'. That mint top is soooo pretty.

    1. Thank you so much, Ivana, and I have to credit GB for the inspiration! I have a few tweedy jackets and I've always loved them. I don't do any mending other than seams or minor things like buttons, so no advice for you on your skirt, sorry.

      I'm glad you liked them. I didn't keep that top, unfortunately.

  11. We are in the midst of an insane hot spell right now (daytime temperatures are in the low to mid-30's) so Sylvester is doing a lot of flopping and napping too.

    I've always liked your Kermit shoes and you've certainly got your money's worth out of them. Who would have thought that green shoes would get worn so often?

    1. Oh my, that sounds positively tropical, Shelley! I love a floppy kitty. :)

      I know, who knew??

  12. And there he is! It's like you travelled to the future and read my comment from the previous post and then responded to it by a big dose of Vizzini! He does look fierce mid yawn!
    I love seeing how many ways you have worn that gorgeous skirt (I'm not a huge pink fan but I LOVE it! So delicate! Vizzini LICKS it!? Bizarre) and the PL shoes! I love Poetic License!x

    1. I go in waves of taking pics of him too! I was not much of a pink fan until I turned 40 and then I just loved it. Vizzini is a very odd cat - he has a bit of OCD, we think.

  13. What a treasure trove of sartorial inspiration! Your tiered skirt is such a breeze, beautiful piece. I love how you've highlightest a wide range of ways to style a garment that at first glance might seem tricky to work with in multiple ways. As you've shown here with great success, a tiered skirt like this can be as versatile as a pencil or a-line skirt. Awesome job!

    Wishing you a sunny, gorgeous weekend,
    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thanks so much, Autumn! I love playing with unusual items and seeing what kind of magic I can coax out of them. Happy weekend to you!

    2. Such a lovely outfit, so elegant and cool!, love how you've matched this skirt and the chanel-esque jacket, and the cute shoes!. Brilliant!
      Lovely recap of this ruffled skirt, it looks magnificent with lots of colors!, and love it with your mauve&orange shoes and your purple boots (my fav ensembles!).
      Also lovely Kermitt shoes and lovely humour (it's not easy being green!) ;DD
      Never cease to amaze me how versatile a pair of bold color shoes can be!, these are so elegant and love that they look kinda retro, so cool!

    3. Thanks so much, Monica! It's such a cool skirt. I know, I'm amazed at how versatile many of my bold-coloured shoes have been! Just goes to show, you don't have to stick to neutrals to get good use out of your shoes.

  14. Such great inspiration! These two pieces work so well and of course I have been a fan of those Kermit shoes for years.

    1. It was fun trying to create an outfit with designer inspiration. The Kermit shoes are awesome, thank you!


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