Sunday, November 15, 2020

Stay-cation Wrap-Up: L's Closet Swap-Over; Wind-sday Gals; Fin Skirt Flashback

Hello, my friends! 

Just a quick note: the free hosting platform here (aka Blogger) seems to be glitching on the email feeds again, so I made some minor changes. You may receive a summary of my last 3 posts (enjoy) and short/incomplete versions of my posts going forward; just click on the title and it'll bring you straight here to the blog to read the posts in their entirety. Good times! 

I'm on Day 6 of my stay-cation and am trying not to think about work tomorrow! 

Instead, let's cast our minds back to, um...Friday?...when L and I did his closet swap-over. Over 80% of L's wardrobe stays out all year 'round, so it's not anywhere near as convoluted as my swap-overs are and takes less than an hour. 

Here's our "before" (L is messier than me, no judgement...but I'm totally judging, ha ha!).
He's good at keeping his clean shirts hung up, but not so good at folding his tees and putting them away. The mounds of shirts hanging off the top of the closet door (sigh) are shirts that have been worn and are airing out. We both often don't bother washing things every wearing if they aren't worn next to the skin - it's hard on fabrics and makes clothes wear out quicker. Sorry if that icks some of y'all! You do you!

We packed away all of L's short-sleeved and Hawaiian shirts, and a few of his tissue-thin summer sun-blocker shirts, and hung up his football jerseys instead. 
We also returned some of his dressier clothes to the closet, just in case we have an event to get dressed up for. But let's face it: those are going to be far and few between for the next six months. We might have to go fancy just for the heck of it! 

A few tees were culled from his vast collection, and a couple of shirts and blazers too. A job well done, we then chilled out and have been watching movies (I, Tonya) and TV shows (Ash Vs. Evil Dead) and playing boardgames for the past couple of days. 

We were scheduled to have a Winesday/MANday this past Saturday evening; however, due to exponentially-increasing COVID infection numbers, we've chosen to put our regular Winesdays on hold, as they are typically 8-11 people - that's way too many for folks that we don't see very often. We pledged to "not be those people" so instead we did a very small 5-person "core" gathering during the day at Carolyn's. Three of the men did their own distanced gathering in the evening, as everyone is feeling very nervous/cautious. 
And this is what I wore to sit outside for four hours. We'll have a Flashback on this funky finned skirt at the end. 

  • Sweater - RW & Co., consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in March for Winesday on the first lockdown weekend
  • Skirt - TKStyle, thrifted; last seen here in February with all neutrals
  • Boots - Aldo, consignment; purchased here for $59.00
  • Coat (below) - Donna Karan, consignment; last seen here in March on a casual sick day

My "outside" ensembles have unseen layers - I'm wearing a long-sleeved New Zealand-made 100% wool thermal top (purchased for $4.00 four years ago) under this bright red sweater. 
The sweater is a cheapie from RW & Co., another Canadian mall chain which has closed all its physical stores (it's still online). I haven't shopped there in well over a decade, as I didn't find the quality very good once I started primarily shopping second-hand. The wool of this sweater is polyester, and it'll undoubtedly fuzz out over time, but I do like that poly doesn't breathe in this case, as it'll keep me warmer!

This skirt is a very thick cotton ribbed knit - it has the unusual "fin" feature on the side. 
More pics of that in a bit. I'm wearing my thrifted Club Monaco leggings underneath it. So snuggly!

All bundled up! I wore my glitter pinecone mask (from Mom) - it kept my face warm. 
Getting my first wear of the season of this down-filled Donna Karan puffer coat that I found last year. It's a tie-wrap style with a wide shawl collar that flips up into a hood. It has two zippered front pockets and it's lovely and warm. 

I also broke out my favourite fur accoutrements (I have several, most purchased second-hand and worn a kazillion times), including my toque and a non-matchy scarf. 
It was my first wearing of my wool/cashmere-lined leather gloves - my feet and hands were the most cold, but that's par for the course. 

  • Toque - Danier
  • Scarf - thrifted
  • Gloves - Roeckl, consignment; purchased here for $20.00

The stuff: 
I paid only $20.00 for new heels on these boots - I wore them to walk to and from the bus stop, outside at Caro's, and to walk home from town. No slipping, and they were awesomely comfortable. Note that the laces here are completely hidden from a little bitey kitty...

Simple bling: 
Karen was with us - her cuff was a warm presence on my wrist all afternoon. 

  • Necklace - All Saints, gift from Dominique
  • Cuff - Karen's
  • Earrings - don't remember

Cat sent out some pictures that night - thank you, honey!
Caro in her down jacket, under her down blanket. 

Me! We were under their tent, with two of the four tarp walls loosely attached. 
I've got my blanket, and George the Hot Water Bottle on my lap. 

Vero wore her mom's vintage mink coat - and I spy Fudge on the right, surveying the back garden. It didn't rain, but it was REALLY windy! We often had to stand up and hold the tent from blowing over. 
Ronnie fired up the heat table for us, which was very welcome.

Yvonne has 6 layers on, not including her sleeping bag! 
She looks very Canadian in her plaid and her toque!

Fudge is still lurking around. 
Ha! He must be getting into Vero's stuff. 

Not my kitty - he's been enjoying having both L and I home, and has been snuggling with us/George for days. 
He's hiding under the covers with George here, while the cleaners did our house. 

Flashback: TKStyle Olive Fin Skirt

I miss our downtown St. Vincent de Paul thrift store - I really found some great items there over the years, including this interesting and unique skirt. 
I bought it here in October 2016, and if you take a quick gander at my shopping trip, I still have all three of the items I picked up at the St VdeP (including my vintage Etro dress, and my grey t-strap shoes), but NONE of the WIN purchases have lasted (I would have kept the velvet 70s trousers but I ruined them in a jam spill).

This skirt was new with tags (NWT, as the cool kids say), for $8.00. It's one continuous piece of knit fabric, finished with a thick elastic waistband. It's a bit of a wrestle to get it on. 

I wore it right away to work, in October 2016, and this is not a successful outfit. 
I did a heavy closet purge around this time, and only the skirt survived from this outfit. I have regrets on the jacket (slight) but not on those horrendous cream tights. 

I quickly discovered that the skirt was really warm, and due to it being pull-on I often wore it for shopping in the chilly months. 
This is one such shopping outfit from December 2016. I still have everything there - that scarf belonged to my dad. 

I like having an olive green skirt (I actually have two, full disclosure) as it's a good neutral for more "bossy" pieces, like this Dries Van Noten pixel/beaded top, seen in October 2017. 
I eventually found this top too difficult to style and gave it away, but it was also a St VdeP find (it was $4.00). I still have those shoes, and they are due for a wear. 

I am very fond of this cool jacket with the fin skirt. It will get a Flashback when I get around to wearing it.
This is a shopping outfit (you can tell by the shoes, Flashbacked here) from October 2018.

Another shopping outfit in February 2019. Giving Vizzini some love before I go. 
You can see a bit how the fabric creates a slit at the side there. 

Oh, there we go - this is a good shot from December 2019.
We saw those boots in Flashback here

And here's the second outfit with the groovy tweed jacket, worn to work in February 2020.
I think that might have been the first wearing of those booties. 

Mathy stuff: It's easy math this time. Eight outfits for $8.00 equals one dollar per wear so far!'s your week(end) been? I hope you're all staying safe out there. Thank you so much for stopping by! 


  1. With the virus raging out-of-control, it's prudent to scale back our socializing. Your plan sounds safe. I'm seeing individual friends but declining invitations to large groups and parties.

    1. Cases are increasing here in BC, so we're all doing our part to stay safe. I haven't been to a large party in months, but I miss them so much!

  2. Thank you for mentioning that point, sweet Shelia. I follow your wonderful blog via Bloglovin' and have noticed that I'm not seeing all of your posts there and that those that do appear aren't showing a lead image at the moment. Silly ol' Blogger! I swear, it seems like blogging platforms have minds of their own sometimes. Fingers crossed that everything is right as rain again for you on that front soon, my friend.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Arg, Autumn, Blogger is such a pain sometimes! Looks like my posts are going through, but if the worst thing is that you have to come and visit "in person", then I'm fine with that.

  3. Snap! morning Sheila, a certain blogger encouraged me to wear red and I got a sweater almost identical lol I too think a high round neck needs a long necklace to balance it out. You look so good but warm too. Love the fact you are all being sensible but still enjoying yourselves. Have a great day Shazxx

    1. 'Morning, Shaz! Ha ha, we're twins, I love it! I agree - I often like something to fill in all that chestal area! We can still have fun but stay safe! Happy Monday to you, my dear!

  4. Neither of your last two blog posts showed up in Bloglovin or my side bar, it was only when I thought I'd reread your last post that I discovered the other two. How bizarre!
    L's wardrobe looks fantastic. We always leave our worn clothes to air, I only wash stuff that's dirty, why waste time and damage your clothes laundering clean garments?
    That skirt is fabulous and perfect with the red. Those boots are fantastic and you still manage to look gorgeous despite the layers. I'm happy you're all able to meet up and stay safe. xxx

    1. Oh, arg, so frustrating, Vix! I try to post every 1-2 days, so if you ever miss posts, do come check in. It's likely Blogger's issue, as I hadn't done anything.

      He has a solid wardrobe, that man. Glad I'm not the only one who airs things out - I agree that it's a waste to wash otherwise clean garments.

      Thank you! It's a fun one to wear, and I LOVED the boots so much. Yes, very grateful that we're able to meet up still, even in the cold.

  5. love that orange sweater. Lucky you being able to meet up with friends. We are still in lockdown and I can't even see two of my children who have moved out.
    Keep the posts coming I can live vicariously through you.

    1. Thanks, Jane! It's actually a tomato-red, but it's a great sweater regardless. I'm so glad we were able to meet up in person. We're hoping we don't have to do another lockdown, as it was so brutal and that was in spring! I can't imagine how awful it could be in the dead of winter.

      Don't worry, I'm still posting!

  6. I'm glad you were able to resolve things, and I'm now once again receiving your emails and your posts do come up in my reading list/side bar again too! I'm guessing Blogger does have its foibles ...
    Jos is far messier than me too, and I hate to think what his wardrobe - and indeed the whole house - would look like without my "gentle guidance", which I'm sure he would call "nagging" :-)
    Nothing icky about airing worn clothes, which is what I do too. I only wash blouses and dresses after a couple of wears, unless they get dirty or I've been having too many hot flushes :-)
    I'm loving the funky skirt paired with the red jumper and you look all cozy and snuggly warm all bundled up for your outdoor meeting. Very sensible to reduce your contacts!
    Once again, it was fun scrolling through your flashback. I can't believe you let that tartan jacket go, though! I hope your first day at work is going smoothly, Sheila xxx

    1. It's free, but yes, Ann, UGH to all these stupid issues that seem to come up when I haven't done anything!

      Oh gosh, our house would be a mess if L was on his own. He'd be a hoarder for sure.

      Glad I'm not the only one who does that! Yes, I washed more when I was having my hot flashes/flushes.

      Thank you! I have my pride - I have to be dressed up, AND still be warm! I was so happy we were able to meet up, even in the cold and wind.

      Glad you enjoyed it! I know, I was in a mood when I turfed it. Sigh. Ah well. Work is good, but quiet.

  7. When I opened your post it was one - containing quite a lot! I was wondering why you weren't posting daily as you usually do but you've had more important things to do! I hope you feel rested and that going back isn't too difficult.

    How lovely you got to gather with your friends even if it was outside. You all looked so cosy and I love the idea of a fire table; I've never seen one before.

    You're so right to limit contact with others - if only everyone would do it!

    Fab skirt!

    Take care

    1. Well, ha, very important things were going on, Vronni, and I WAS posting! Silly Blogger. Work is fine - it's very quiet, so not stressful like it was in the pre-pandemic times.

      We were very snug (although cold feet/hands), and the fire table was awesome. I'm sure we went through a full container of propane! We're being careful and taking extra precautions, for sure. Thank you!

  8. It's a shame that things have been getting less safe - we were feeling lucky and confident with no cases in our state and I think we got up to 3 days across Australia with no cases in the country at all, but now there is another outbreak in another state reminding us we might see more restrictions before Christmas - hopefully not though!

    It's good you were able to catch up with your friends a little too, you all look so cosy in your layers! I'd imagine it would be tricky having outdoor meetings in such cold weather but you made it work! :)

    You are doing a great job with that olive skirt too, it's so nice on you!

    1. Oh, gosh, that's unfortunate, Mica! Still, Australia is doing better than us, and you should be proud! We're hoping we don't have a lockdown over Christmas.

      I'm so glad we were able to catch up and meet in person. We were so layered up! Ha! Hopefully we'll get a warmer day next month.

      Thank you!

  9. I was a fan of the Fin skirt from the start. You know I love pieces with an unusual sculptural shape. It hasn't been cold enough yet here to get out the down-filled coat, but we have had very high winds the last couple of days and Winter is definitely in the air.

    1. I know you're a fan, Shelley! :) I also love pieces that are unusual, and I adore extra construction in anything! I'm hoping it's not a really cold or snowy winter!

  10. Oh isn't it good to see friends like that. Or was it too cold? Can't imagine, you were all layered a lot! I never wash after one wear and I never wear on my skin. At least L knows where is closet is....... Gerben never send to find his......

    1. It was really freaking cold, Nancy! It was windy and we were only about 50 meters from the water!

      Nice to know we're not alone in our non-washing! ha! Maybe Gerben needs a closet re-org??

  11. I air and rewear things as much as possible- I struggle with tops which are fitted to the armpits-always have to give those a wash as I sweat!! Skirts get washed seldomly as they don't need it so much! Trousers more often but after about 5 wears! It's more eco-friendly and a good air is good enough.
    Eeeek, it looks so cold outside! I fancy wearing that down jacket and blanket as well as the mink! I have a vintage rabbit fur coat which was about 3rd or 4th hand and I really would like to wear it (as it is old and the rabbit is long gone) but it is controversial. I used to wear it at church when the heating is broken as it was so utterly freezing.
    I LOVE L's closet- look at that rainbow of shirts!

    1. There seem to be a bunch of us who refrain from washing too much, Kezzie! I am sure I have some skirts, dresses and trousers that have never been washed.

      It's cold, but not THAT cold - we just get really chilly when we're not moving around. I'm so glad I had my down - it was snuggly and warm. I would love a mink coat - I think most people support second-hand, including vintage furs. I would never buy a new one.

      He is a colourful guy! Thank you!

  12. Enjoyed it but no time left. Off to the phone to my mum.

  13. This is a fabulous olive green skirt. I enjoyed the flash-back very much. Your outfit with the red sweater and olive green skirt is fabulous. A match made in heaven. I also love the statement necklace.
    Nice to see you hanging around with your friends outside. It is good to be in the fresh air. Great idea to bring blankets and just chill outside.

    1. Thanks, Ivana! I love red and olive together, and it was nice to get in a wearing of that necklace.

      It's much safer to be outside, and even better to see folks in person. We needed all of our blankets!

  14. Lovely meeting even if you had to wrap yourselves in blankets and stuff!, but a chatting with Friends is particularly nice these times!
    Admiring L's wardrobe, so much patterns and colors. Mr.A. is a notorious minimalist, even if he likes bold colors!, but his wardrobe is pretty small!.
    Fab assymetric skirt (love an interesting shape!) and it looks so cool with your badass boots (with any pair of them actually!) and also loving your groovy tweed jacket!.

    1. It was good to see everyone in person - it'll be the last time for a while, sadly.

      He has a great wardrobe - I've helped him curate it for decades now.

      Me too - I live for interesting garments, really. Thank you!


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