Thursday, October 15, 2020

Leisurely Lunch, and Let's Go For a Walk

Today, I wrapped up my Birthday Week officially (as of Friday, it's been a full week), with a lovely lunch out at the local pub with my friend Jen. 
I planned my outfit around the amazing purse she'd given me, but I also incorporated a new-to-me item, and got to play with some of my more "out there" clothes. 

  • Cashmere sweater - Marina Luna, thrifted; purchased here for $34.99
  • Skirt - Tribal, thrifted; last seen here in a Beetlejuice look in March
  • Booties - Maleika Conquer, Fluevog; last worn here (4th outfit) in February to the Victoria Film Festival Opening Gala
  • Ringmaster coat (below) - Rodarte for Opening Ceremony, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in February

I am debuting this wonderful blue cashmere turtleneck sweater, which I bought in the heat of August. 
Yes, I know the tights are distracting! I just bought these at Dots on Tuesday, for $1.99. Pretty funky, eh?

Outerwear - I like how the bits of houndstooth show under my Ringmaster coat. 
I walked down to the pub - a woman sitting outside at a coffee shop hollered, "This is great!" at me. 
See? Ringmaster tails! The top half of the coat is faux Persian lamb and does up with double-breasted snaps (4 of them). 

Masked up in my grey kitties mask from Mom. 
I'm perfectly matching my Korova Milk Bar purse - I felt very futuristic in this. 

The stuff: 
These booties are so bizarre, but I love them. They feel very Frankenstein-ish or alien, the way the heel curves back under the heel. There's a hidden platform so they're very easy to walk in. I considered doing a Flashback on them, but maybe next time I wear them, as I took a lot of pictures on my Mental Health Walk. 

Spooky bling: 
See how the checkered side of the purse goes with the houndstooth too? Awesome, right? 

  • Purse - gift from Jen
  • Leather cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Snake ring - BC Museum Gift Shop, 1986
  • Spider ring - gift from Mom & Dad, c. 1987
  • Snake brooch - gift from Mom & Dad, c. 1987
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Spider earrings - gift from Cindy
  • Necklace - swap from Vero

Mental Health Walk: Fall Edition

I took my camera with me this morning on my Mental Health Walk, to capture some of the fall colour and the more unusual things that I see on my walks. I like architecture (interesting buildings), trees, critters (ground, air, water), and generally anything that catches my eye. 

Heading down to get groceries, these trees are starting to turn. 
Isn't that flame red glorious?

This is an apple tree, probably a remnant of an old orchard, that is almost in the downtown core. 
Can you see the red apples up at the top? 

After I finished grocery shopping (it gets delivered later), I headed down to the waterfront. 
Passing the church school, I noticed two crows on top of the steeple. 

Victoria has oodles of these old Victorian-era houses.
Most of them are split up into multiple units. 

I've been noticing that some of the mid-century apartment buildings around town have these beautiful old hand-painted gold signs on the door. 
"Vancouver Villa" with matching "VV" ensigns! As the buildings are upgraded to more insulating doors and windows, these signs are disappearing, so I thought I'd take a few pictures of the ones I liked. 

I used to walk past this townhouse unit every day back in the 80s and 90s, when I lived in this part of town. It's called Avon Court. 
It's shaped like a number 3 with shared garden/yard areas in the "curves". 

One of the units is named. 
"Hobbit Hut" - I love that! 

Ooh, check out this vintage truck. 
I know very little about cars, but this is cool. 

The squirrels are very active right now, gathering conkers from the chestnut trees. 
"Who's that? Stay away from my food, lady!"

He was really keeping an eye on me, and I got quite close (although I am using the zoom on my camera to get up close).
"Get my good side, please."

There are a LOT of conkers on the ground right now. I wonder why?
Isn't that amazing? That's just one block - this street is lined on both sides with giant chestnut trees for several blocks. 

Most of the flowers are past their time, but I snapped this group of pink flowers. 
Check the comments to see if one of you awesome readers knows what it is! 

More amazing houses. 
Love the moss-covered low wall. No dogs pooping in that yard!

This one's a heritage house (I can tell by the oval plaque on the front pillar). 
I like the fancy gate posts. 

This is a pretty swanky apartment building! 
It even has a bronze sculpture in the front garden! 

This is an example of a door/window that will disappear soon - this apartment building is just a square box. I suspect they will just leave that pseudo-Art Deco font sign (which is new) above the door. 
And no one will remember that it was called "Woodstock Manor". The blue arrow is pointing to me in the reflection. 

I am drooling over this house. The 2nd floor balcony, the pillars, the leaded windows.
Like most homes in Victoria, the garden is everything. There's a raised pond in the middle, with a gurgling fountain, with the willow dripping down towards it. 

This is now a Bed & Breakfast. I believe my mom took dance classes here when she was a kid. 
The staircases at the back are new, likely to bring the house up to fire code. 

And here we are, at the water, the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, and nearly the most southerly part of Canada. 
Walkers, joggers and strollers on the path, with the Juan de Fuca Strait in between us and the Olympic Mountains, which are in the US (that's Washington State). 

A closer look. 
On clear days, you can see Anacortes, Washington, a little bitty town. 

Hey, this house is for sale! Wouldn't you like the above as your view? 
It's only $1.995 million! (link here 'cause I love, if you're feeling rich, or want to see how amazing it is inside - there's an out-building!). 

Looking towards Ross Bay. The coastline here is a series of bays, with a lovely swooping drive all along the waterfront. 
I saw lots of crows around here - see the one taking off? 

What a gorgeous sky! 
The low island on the right is Trial Island, and it has a lighthouse. 

As I walked past more amazing houses (they're all in the $2 million range), I spotted a house I might be able to afford. 
It's a fairy house! I love the little cobbled walkway. 

Looking back at Clover Point's construction zone (sewer plant), with the mountains across the water. 
That crow is totally posing for me. 

More construction as we get into Ross Bay (more sewer stuff, and a hydro pole replacement). 
The tide is really low - see the levels marked by the seaweed as the water retreated? 

I love this building - it's likely one of the older condos in town. It has smoke-stacks in the centre, which probably means some of those units have fireplaces. 
I love the abstract design on the side of the building. It's called The Tide-Line. 

These seagulls were hunkered down. 
We've had a lot of stormy weather in the past week - lots of kelp and logs everywhere. 

The cars on the left are waiting to get through the construction zone. 
The line of trees there protects Ross Bay Cemetery from the weather. In really big storms, those logs can go over the seawall barrier onto the road. I found a video of some stormy winter weather (here - that's nearly exactly where I'm standing).

Trial Island.
There are berms of rocks and gravel to help protect the bay from the storms. 

I liked this crow posing for me on this giant stump. 
The water sparkled in the sun. If you keep going south straight ahead, you'll reach Seattle. 

The other side of the road, looking into Ross Bay Cemetery. 
No deer today - I didn't see any! Most days I see a bunch on my walk - I've been surrounded by them on one of the side streets!

Clover Point in the distance on the right, and one of the rock berms.
There's a container barge in the distance - that's how a lot of stuff gets to the mainland of Canada from overseas. They are bound for Vancouver, which is the main west coast seaport. 

There were lots of people out, even before noon. 
The weather was all over the place during my walk, from freezing cold and windy to hot and sunny. 

I love this house at the end of Ross Bay. It's very fortress-like. 
The thing on the front lawn used to have a cannon on it - I guess too many people tried to mess with it. 

I saw this very disapproving-looking dog staring at me.
"Move along."

I've always loved this house. 
It used to be lavender! 

Friends of ours used to own this house, years ago. The new owners are VERY into Hallowe'en. 
Three witches cooking up a brew. I love the skull chandelier in the tree. 

A grave on the left with a body rising from it, and some authentic-looking gravestones. 
On the right, a party of skeletons is goofing off in the tree with a bunch of skeleton crows. 

A Lurch-like gravedigger looks on, more gravestones, and a collection of ghosts at the front door.
There were more ghosts on the upper balconies (you can see one on the upper left). 

I felt sorry for the neighbours across the street. 
But they did a fun walk-up to their front door. 

More autumnal glory. 
I love trees.

This mansion also had a fantastic yard.  
On the other side of the front walk, they had giant coffins. 
That's a chicken coop in their front yard. I've seen the chickens. 

I liked the simple approach of this front porch. 
The spiders are awesome. 

I have my own black cat for decoration. 
"Well, I AM rather handsome."

One more Hallowe'en decoration. 
Winking at YOU! 

My friends, I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure - have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Absolutely love the new blue sweater and those tights rock!

    Stunning photography. I love the Victorian houses; they are my idea of the perfect place to live. We are in full fall colour here as well and it is just so darn pretty. Thanks for sharing your tour, I really enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks, Nana! It's such a beautiful blue, isn't it? The tights were fun to wear.

      Aw, I appreciate that! The houses here are so gorgeous. Glad you enjoyed walking with me!

  2. You look fabulous! Love it all, that blue is spectacular and the tights are groovy! Happy birthday week! Our town is very pretty and your pictures show how lovely it is.

    1. Thanks, Dar! It was fun getting dressed up a little outrageously. We live a beautiful place - we're so lucky!

  3. Very cool outfit, you styled it so well with all the connecting details. The tights are totally funky. Yes!, I love trees too. Lise

  4. I love that outfit you wore for lunch with Jen, no wonder that lady shouted over to you. The ringmaster's coat is wonderful, the tights are fabulous and the bag is exceptional.
    I loved joining you for a walk around the area, such an eclectic mix of architectural styles. I'm particularly liking the house where your mum took dance lessons, I adore the Arts & Crafts style. I love how everyone puts their all into their gardens, too. I'd love a poke around the cemetery and am insanely jealous that you have the sea so close (Walsall's about the furthest you can get from the sea!)
    There's so much effort gone into creating those Hallowe'en displays but I love your spooky cat the most!
    Have a fab weekend Sheila, L and Vizzini!

    1. It was a far cry from the sweats most people were wearing, Vix! I love the coat and really grooved on the tights.

      Glad you enjoyed it - it's a real hodgepodge of architecture. We have oodles of Arts & Crafts houses here - it was a popular building era. We are lucky to basically live right on the sea!

      I like looking at the Hallowe'en displays too - Vizzini is the spookiest by far.

      Happy weekend, my dear!

  5. That is an awesome outfit, you look fabulous!

    You live in such a lovely place too - we just don't have houses like that here! We don't really do Halloween either.

    1. Thanks, Mica! It's a lovely city - one of the nicest in Canada, I think. I know, Australis doesn't do Hallowe'en! It's fun, though.

  6. Wow hi Sheila, I have an absolute love of blue so todays outfit is a winner in my book. What a fab find that sweater was. I am pinching your outfit idea love it with the skirt. Thanks for taking us around with you on your walk, my the houses, the trees, the sea all so lovely. All things I love have a great week- end going to scroll back up now and drool over that sweater lol Shazxx

    1. I'm so glad you like the sweater, Shaz! It was so soft - gawd, I love cashmere.

      I like taking pictures while I'm out (although it slows down my walk), and it's fun to share them with folks on the other side of the planet!

  7. woww, such a fabulous outfit, lots of funkiness!. Not only your tights, also the coat is funky, and the boots are Awesome!, love the futuristic, original vibe!. And obviously, love your cute purse!
    Lovely to see all these photos of whatever caught your eye when walking!, the architecture, the animals, the trees, the seaside, and the spooky decoration!.

    1. Thanks, Monica! It was pretty funky for the pub and the neighbourhood in general!

      I'm happy you enjoyed them - that's the stuff I like to look at!

  8. That is such a fabulous bag! Makes me think of Ska back in the 80s. B52 s, The Specials. And I love your outfit photos. What an amazing houses, and to love near the sea, oh that is so wonderful. And that Halloween decorating is so fun. I really really love that! Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Thanks, Nancy - Jen knows me so well. Yes, totally that era! I love those bands! Glad you enjoyed the walk and the fun decorations!

  9. This is a stunning look on you. Love the combo of a blue sweater and a houndstooth
    skirt combo. The Frankenstein alien boots are so unique and fabulous!
    The photos you took on your walk are so beautiful.
    The Halloween decorations captured on them so interesting and imaginative.
    Some of those Victorian houses are truly spectacular....and Halloween decor suits them very well.

    1. Aw, thanks, Ivana, it was fun getting creative for a short outing. Aren't the boots amazing? They don't appeal to everyone, but they work for me. Glad you liked the walk - I love seeing all the amazing sights my city has to hold.

  10. I simply couldn't take my eyes off those magnificent tights, Sheila! They work really well with the houndstooth skirt, and your cashmere turtleneck is such a gorgeous shade of blue. It's lovely to see your ringmaster coat again, and I'm still oohing and aahing over your Korova Milk Bar purse! As always, I loved having a peek of your neighbourhood by joining you on your walk. Quite a few drool-worthy houses there, and how amazing is that vintage truck. Ooh, and that squirrel! Those Halloween decoration are something else too, it's clearly a much bigger event over there! Do enjoy your weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. Aren't they wild, Ann? I was a little apprehensive at first, but then I just said, "Screw it, I'm wearing them!" I love the coat, and really loved that the purse tied it all together.

      It's a lovely neighbourhood - I'm very lucky to live where I do. Yes, Hallowe'en is very big in the US and Canada too.

  11. Great post! You even got a bird and a dog to pose for you. The colors of nature are beautiful this time of year. And your outfit rocks. The tights mesmerize me.

    1. Thanks, Ally! Yes, they were very accommodating (and the squirrel too!). Thank you - I love the tights - so fun!

  12. I love the colors of your outfit. The tights, boots and Ringmaster coat are amazing! You look stunning! Thanks for taking us along on your mental health walk. I'd totally love to live in a Victorian-era house. Love the posing squirrel and crows. The disapproving dog is funny. What a gorgeous area you live in and the Halloween decor is awesome!

    1. Thank you, Cheryene! The colour of the sweater is just gorgeous, and so soft! Glad you enjoyed the walk - I would love to live in one of those houses too (they are amazing inside). Thanks!

  13. Thanks for the tour on your walk. I love looking at neighborhoods. And of course,always loving what you are combining together to wear. :)

    1. ERIN! So nice to see you! Glad you enjoyed the walk, and really happy to see you still around. Thanks so much for commenting!

  14. I love your walk photos! That's my neighbourhood too, I did basically that same walk this week. There are some very enthusiastic Hallowe'en houses. :)

    1. What? You're in my 'hood, Rachel? We should meet up! Drop me a line (email is in my profile) if you would like to. :)

      Thanks so much!

  15. Thanks for letting us tag along on your mental health walk - what awesome houses! I'm also very impressed with the Halloween decorations. I decorated my front porch in a spider theme this year but not to the lengths and expense that those people went to.
    The shot with the crow on the large stump and the water is an excellent capture Sheila!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Shelley! People here really go to town on decorating, don't they? Thank you!

  16. Sheila, I love the houndstooth skirt paired with the blue turtleneck, but those tights steal the show! They are wicked cool! And the boots, too. Gosh, you inspire me so very much, my friend! And what fun photos, too!


    1. Thanks, Shelbee! I thought it was funny how we both did blue. Aren't the tights fun? I love the boots. Glad you enjoyed this look.


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