Monday, September 7, 2020

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Lavender and a Pouffy Flashback; Vero's Birthday and Bebe and Fascinator Flashback

Hello, my friends! What a lovely weekend it's been! It was busy for us at the front end; pretty quiet near the end. 

Here's Saturday's brunch outfit. 
Inspired by seeing this skirt in a bustier outfit in the Friday Flashback (and with it awaiting a wearing for the season), I cobbled together a comfy look.

  • Wrap cardigan - Kersh; last seen here in August with my chrysanthemum skirt
  • Camisole - not tracked
  • Skirt - All Saints, gift from Dominique; last worn here in May 2019
  • Shoes - Truths Makena, Fluevog; last seen here in July with a metal dress

After an evening of board games and music on Friday, we slept in a bit, then strolled down to Pluto's to meet up with Nick for brunch. 
From there, we meandered through town to run some errands. 

I was perfectly covered up in my lavender sweater (matching my hair!).
It was lovely and hot - September is always a good weather month for us.
I love the uneven hem of this crazy skirt (it even has pockets, as you can see above), but it's very short. I wore nylons and a short black half-slip to keep things under control. It was a little on the windy side, so I was glad to have the coverage. 

Masked up. 
I even changed up my purse! Shocking. 

The stuff: 
Easy walking shoes, to which I added padded insoles ages ago. 

Sparkly bling: 
Who doesn't love sparkles? 

  • Purse - Le Chateau
  • Cuff - Swarovski, consignment, gift from L
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall
  • Ear-balls - Swarovski, consignment
  • Bracelet - Coro, vintage 60s, Mom's

Flashback: All Saints Pouffy Skirt

I have been a fan of All Saints since I discovered their store in Camden Town in London (when it was covered with rusted metal - it appears to have been redone in panes of glass since I was there in 2010) - I walked through the store and gasped at all the cool, steampunky, lovely and interesting clothes that I could not afford. I didn't buy anything in London, and although they've since opened a store in Vancouver, but it's still way too pricey for my blood. 

I occasionally see a piece of All Saints clothing in second-hand stores here, but this particular skirt was given to me by Dominique, a former coworker who I bonded with over fashion.  So, this skirt was free! All Saints skirts retail for $150-200 new, so I can't complain about the generosity of Dom! My particular skirt is probably from the early 00s, and is made of 100% cotton in India.

I first wore it here in October 2017 for work, followed by dinner out with my good friend Tammy. 
I usually wear a half-slip under it, as the hemline is very uneven due to all the flounces - this slip is fairly long. I can't wait to have those boots back in my closet! 

I like the look of the skirt with tall boots, as seen in September 2018.
A boring look, but I wore a jacket over it (this was a shopping outfit).

Another work ensemble, with my red suede suit jacket, in March 2019.
I'm sure I waved the poufs at my colleagues in the office that day!

And here's the last time I wore it, with the plaid bustier, in May 2019. 
I like this louche pose. When I first steamed it, I discovered that some of the odd looking poufs would turn inside out...and make pockets! Awesome! 

Mathy stuff: Free, divided by 5 wears, equals... still free! $0 cost per wear! How I love wearing things that have been gifted from others' closets! 

After a short nap, L and I got ready to go to Vero's birthday party on Saturday night. 
I was rushed doing my pictures (the cab arrived!), so my stair picture turned out dark due to the extra-bright sunlight. No time to take more! 

  • Dress - Ted Baker "Cocoe", consignment; purchased here for $69.00
  • Shoes - Effortless Bebe, Fluevog; last seen here with my vintage Audrey dress in July
  • Fur stole - Foster's Furriers, vintage 60s, vintage fair; last worn here in December 2012 for my company's Christmas party

I've been dying to get dressed up, so I went all out! 
Boom! In your face with this gorgeous floral dress! 

Isn't it lovely? 
It's a mix of red and pink and coral shades in the pattern. 

The entire dress is lined in neon orange - these little bits at the neckline are held together with a sliding metal clasp which refuses to stay done up, so I let them flop/fold themselves under and didn't bother trying to wrangle them into place. 
Here they are tucked under, creating a wide V-neck. 
"I'm sensing some purpose to your actions - are you leaving me??"

Our gathering started at 3:30pm which is a little early to feed our creature of habit, but we didn't want to have to rush home to a seething black and white ball of yowling fury and destroyed items. 

Showing off my little fascinator, while trying to ignore the piteous inquiries from our feline roommate. 
"If you're going out, I demand food, Woman!"

I was worried that Vizzini would go after my fur stole, but he was more interested in seeing if there was something he could chew on our backpack. We loaded up with our drinks and blankets for outside socializing. 
"Feed me, or this buckle gets it!"

I also wore layers, knowing that the temps would be dropping from a balmy 25 down to around 12 as soon as it got dark. 

In addition to my vintage fur, the black velvet gloves are like putting on a pair of sleeves. 
And I wore nylons for keeping my legs warm. 

No point in suffering needlessly for fashion. 
"There will be suffering if you don't feed me!"

The cab arrived as I snapped this picture, so I missed a shot of me with my red mask on. Trust me, we wore masks in the cab.

The stuff:
We'll have a Flashback on these shoes shortly. Pink metallic, block heel...they're pretty much the perfect shoe! They were excellent for standing for about 5-6 hours at the birthday gathering, and that heel was not treacherous on the uneven grass. 

Black and red bling: 
My long velvet opera gloves are stretchy - I bought them from Fairweather clothing store in 1999, when I worked there while at university, finishing my degree. I paid $19.99 for them on sale. 

  • Purse - Liz Claiborne, vintage store, c. 1996
  • Fascinator - Feng Shui, Vancouver
  • Belt - Leather World
  • Buckle - Shi Studio, thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted

The fascinator was made in Vancouver, purchased while at the 2015 Blogger Meet-Up. There's a wee Flashback on it at the very end of this post. 

I haven't worn my fur stole in SO long - in fact, it has only appeared the one previous time on the blog! There's a lovely vintage label. Ooh, it's an Exclusive! 
I think the fur is mink (a good resource here, link 'cause I love). These stoles were a huge look in the 1950s - they were a staple in many women's closets. Mine is from Foster's Furriers of Victoria - my mom remembers this store - and when I was a kid, I recall at least 2-3 fur stores downtown, and that all department stores here had a fur department.  

It has this lovely taupe lining (feels like silk), with pockets, and straps to loop over one's elbows. 
It was also clearly meant to be worn in Knock Out outfits only! I bought it here for $25.00 at a vintage fair in November 2012. I regularly see these in second-hand stores starting at $60 and up to $100+.

Vero and I both wore our mink stoles once the sun went down (thanks to Ron for the pics!). Hers was her grandmother's, I think. 
Birthday girl! She gets more gorgeous every year. 

Ron said, "Pretend you're cold."
"Ooh, I'm so cold! Brr!"

Ha! These stoles were so snuggly and warm! My fingers and toes were freezing by the end of the night, but my fur kept me toasty. 

In case you were worried, Vero and Justin had a limited invite list and have a big back yard. 
Groups of no more than 6 at a time, all keeping our distance. There's Nick, Chris and Randall in the far section, and we Winesday Women are giving Vero her $100 birthday gift card (me, Yvonne, Vero, Ali's hands, Caro). As you can see, I very much overdressed! My friends expect it. 

Nick, L, and Ron. 
We partied while the sun went down, ordered pizza, then headed home when the neighbours started blasting metal music at us (so rude!). It was only 9:30pm, on a long weekend Saturday!

Flashback: Effortless Bebe Fluevogs

These are the very first Fluevogs I bought at their new Victoria store, here in July 2017. I took my coworkers on a Friday "field trip" - if you ever meet me in person, there is a good chance I'm going to drag you to the nearest Fluevog store! (Ally, Mel, Greetje and Laurie are all nodding).
I paid $179.00 for them on sale. You're not imagining things - that's the same heel/family as my Effortless Vivians (Flashback here) and my Effortless Sophia boots (Flashback here). I love this block heel - it's hugely comfortable. 

I first wore them a week later, still in July 2017.
Too much cream, not enough pink. Only the shoes remain. 

I prefer this outfit, also from July 2017.
Everything looks good with black and white! 

I wore them twice with my Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress (which is now in Emily's closet), here in August 2017.
I discovered how versatile this pinky-red metallic colour is! It goes with anything that's even closet to those colours. 

With a more pink-dominant theme in October 2017. 
I still have the earrings, but nothing else. 

My pink cashmere was the matchy item in this jeans-based outfit from January 2018. 
I love the pointy toes. They just look so spiffy. I still have the jeans and the jacket, but the moths got the sweater. 

This outfit is a bit of a mess, also from January 2018. 
I still have those tights and both the coat (I think) and the leather slip dress. 

This was my outfit for my first day at our new office building, in February 2018. 
I gave that Kenzo jacket to Cat, but I still have my Dries Van Noten pirate skirt.

I have worn these shoes twice with my "firecracker" dress, here in April 2018.
I haven't had the occasion to wear that yet this season! Not enough parties and event in these times, sigh. 

For a stroll down to the pub for L's birthday in June 2018. 
Yeah, this is how I dress for the pub. I still have that full outfit. 

I wore them again a few days later for L's birthday party. 
I was a slinky pink super-villain for L's birthday bash. Did not keep that boob-tacular dress! 

This outfit was for a theatre outing with Mom (dang, I miss those!) in July 2018.
The eyeball dress is in the giveaway pile (it's always been snug). 

Layering a white shirt under the firecracker dress for a work outfit. 
Also in July 2018. 

And another wearing of these shoes with that wrap dress again, in August 2018.
A gorgeous dress, but there is so much wrangling with wraps. 

The one and only wearing of this polka dot blouse with my black leather pants in April 2019. 
The gap in wearings here is probably due to me packing the shoes away for the fall/winter season. 

Here they are with my vintage bubble dress in May 2019. 
These shoes are great for walking, so I often wear them when I have to stand or walk for shorter distances. 

A funky work outfit also in May 2019.
There are flecks of pink in the tweed of the skirt. 

In June 2019, with my Gucci (Gookey!) lace and a floral silk skirt. 
Reds and pinks, so pretty. 

The pinky tones worked well with this brown/pale pink outfit in August 2019. 
I love that linen wrap skirt. 

A very funky outfit in September 2019. 
That was the sole outfit with that blazer. It was too crazy, even for me! 

Another outfit with that same tweed skirt as the previous year. 
This was in April 2020. I do love a good neon. 

With my fireworks linen dress in May 2020. 
I'm surprised I haven't paired the shoes with this dress before! 

For a stroll to town for brunch in June 2020. 
As I continue to way overdress for pubs and diners, heh heh.

And lastly, I wore them with my black vintage Audrey dress, for a mental health lift in July 2020. 
A bold pink to pop off that black. 

Mathy stuff: Wow, in only 3 years I have worn these shoes 24 times! That brings us down to a very reasonable average of $7.46. Fluevogs are not cheap, but when you find a pair that really clicks for you, you can easily get your cost-per-wear down. These shoes still have many, many years of outfits ahead of them too. 

Flashback: Feng Shui Fascinator  

I bought this fascinator directly from Feng Shui's studios on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC during the International Blogger Meet-Up in July 2015 (ginormous post here). My hat is by Jessica de Haas (link here) and it was $78.00.
Of course, I wore it right away! 

I used this picture for my profile for a while.
I'm on the balcony of my hotel in Vancouver (the Blue Horizon). 

I wore it for an Art Gallery event in September 2015. 
Showing my sexy printed tights. My LA Malibu boots are Fluevog - they are quite fabulous. 

A nearly identical outfit here in November 2015.
Same dress, same boots. Hey, when you find a winning combo...

A make-up picture (which is why I appear snoozy - I'm showing my eyeliner).
I haven't worn that dress in ages, but I still have it. 

I have to keep all my feathered items up high, away from little bitey kitties, so I tend to forget about things like fascinators. 
This awesome outfit is from April 2016, for a theatre outing with Mom. I still have the dress, but the other items have been disbursed (the jacket went to Wendy Brandes, my friend Jenn got the purse, and the shoes are ready for re-sell when/if Fluevog does their swap event in some future time). 

And here's the last time I wore my Feng Shui fascinator, for the Victoria Film Festival opening night Gala in February 2018. 
I lost one of the five feathers on the fascinator during that event, so now there are only four. 

Mathy stuff: Not great, but it's a unique piece of art, so whatevs. I've worn it 6 times, which is only $13.00 per wear, and actually, I'm totally good with that. A new fascinator would cost twice that (easy). 

And there we have it, my friends! Time for me to enjoy the last of my long weekend. Thank you so much for stopping by.


  1. So many fabulous outfits, I hardly kbow where to start...maybe with the most recent outfits. I really like that volumous, uneven and asymetric skirt. You have styled it so well. It was great seeing how you wore it in the past. My fav flashback is where you wore it with a bustier/corset. It looks amazing worn that way.

    1. Thank you, Ivana! That's such a fun skirt but it is tricky to style. I like that outfit too.

  2. I also really like the birthday party styling. That floral dress is so feminine and glam. It fits you perfectly and the shades of red and pink are stunning. The matching shoes and fascinator look fantastic too. Great to see how you wore them before...and the vintage fur stole is very chic.

  3. That skirt is so pretty, what a great gift! And I really like your party outfit! it's fun seeing so many flashbacks in your post as you always mix things up so much when you wear things! :)

    1. She was so generous, I would have loved to see her closet! Thanks, Mica - I love mixing things up.

  4. ok where will I start?? too many great outfits. You truly are an artist with your clothes and dare I say it even in jeans you look stunning. I bet L is dissappointed that pink slip dress has gone lol. I love the black and white dress and as for the jewellery you wore to the party gorgeous I love that you wear your mum's bracelet. Thanks for a stunning post as always Shazxx

    1. Ha, that's so sweet, thanks, Shaz! He's a legs man, so he likes my short skirts, not my boobtastic clothes. :)

      I always wear jewelry that is from people I love: both grandmothers, mom, dad, Karen, other friends and family. It's more special and I like to make the effort to wear it.

  5. Hi Sheila,
    The entire ensemble for Vero’s birthday celebration! Oh my, it reminds me of the era (1960s) when my parents would dress to head into NYC for ballet or theatre or opera. My Mom looked so glamorous, and that’s the same thought I had seeing you - glamorous in a dress, an entire outfit that loves you!
    I appreciate how you assemble intentional looks like steampunk or period or holiday or birthdays...I’ve said this before, your outfits are artistry and you are the artist. :)
    Lastly, even before I reached the last parenthetical line I was nodding assertively and then roared out loud and had to read Fred the full paragraph, causing him to chortle too! When circumstances are just right he and Robin will reference our outing with you to the Fluevog store only they tend to flummox the name b/c they never remember it!
    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Thank you, Laurie. I had to dress up for this - my soul craved it. I love assembling and composing an outfit - it's a very fun process for me, most of the time.

      Ha, I'm glad you saw that! :) Hi, Fred!


  6. That skirt has pockets! Amazing! It sounds like you had a blast ! <3

    x Natalie
    Lucy and the Runaways - Blog and Instagram

  7. This outfit is lovely lovely lovely. Everything about it works, right down to the shoes. I wish I could dress this well.

    1. It's a very ultra-feminine look, and I felt so glam in it. Thanks, Ally, that's the highest compliment ever!

  8. Love, love, love the outfit you wore for Vero's birthday party! It's absolutely fabulous, from that gorgeous dress to the shoes and that fascinating (!) fascinator, which both deserve their own flashbacks! But that star of your outfit is your fur stole! That is so worth having chilly weather for :-) When I was packing for our holiday, I came across my bag of furs, fake and otherwise, and I was really tempted to take them out. Vero's party looks fun, and it must have been lovely seeing your friends, even if it was at a social distance. Yay for big gardens! xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Ann, I felt fabulous! I am so glad to wear my fur stole again. Haul out your furs! We had such a good time seeing everyone - the time flew! Hooray for big open spaces!

  9. I love your choices all together, but your shoes! I love a good shoe, and the little I splurge is on shoes.

    1. Thanks so much, SAM! Shoes are almost always worth the extra splurge, I agree!

  10. Great post. Love the red shoes and I am ever so thankful that you dragged me to Fluevog. Once my pension for October is transferred I will go and visit their shop in Amsterdam. Finally.
    The Ted Baker dress is divine. I love their florals. We went into their shop in Vancouver didn’t we? If I recall rightly, my boobs didn’t fit a top or a dress.
    Seeing you in that photo on your hotel balcony made me remember the fascinator. Sweet memories.

    1. Ha, be careful, Greetje! You're a spendy person (like me) and Fluevog is a very dangerous store!

      I also love Ted Baker's patterns. Yes, we all trouped into Ted Baker in Vancouver (I tried on a top hat - you took a picture of me in it), and tried on some wonderful jungle prints. That was so fun, that whole meet-up!

  11. So many incredible outfits! The All Saints skirt is my kind of skirt! I love those kind of skirts! The outfit you wore for Vero's birthday is gorgeous. Those furs look nice and warm. A cold front is moving through here today and it feels like a cold Fall day. I had to cover the cats with their blankets. I love looking at the flashbacks. Awesome fascinator! Glad you had a great time getting together with everyone at Vero's birthday party.

    1. Thank you, Cheryene! I love the All Saints skirt - I love any skirt that is unusual.

      Thanks, I felt amazing in that outfit, and was very happy for the fur when it cooled down at night. Your poor kitties! Vizzini gets more cuddly when it's cold - he knows we are the best heat sources!

  12. That All Saints skirt is such a fab shape on you and Vero's birthday outfit looked phenomenal, proper old school glam with a twist. Vizzini looks most put out about it. He must be like our boys, they see a hat and know you're off out, their mothers don't wear such things in the house!

    1. I'm an All Saints fan, but I don't see much of it here in Victoria (Vancouver has a store). Thank you, dear Vix! I felt very glam.

      Vizzini gets very cranky when he knows we are going out.

  13. Your outfit looks so vintage and classy in that amazing dress and super cool mink fur. Warm for sure and so cool !!!!

  14. You look deliciously glam in your floral print dress and stole! I noticed that the other women at the party were in jeans, but why not enjoy every opportunity to dress up? I realize that a lot of women think it's too much work to get dressed up, and it's not very comfortable, but that's why you should always have a couple of fancy, easy-to-wear dresses in your wardrobe! I have a stole in my closet too, which may or may not be mink. I can't decide whether to keep it or sell it.

    1. Thanks, Shelley! Yup, my friends are not always dressy, especially in these strange times. I totally agree, though - dress up! Dresses are so easy to wear, and you feel better when you're dressed up. I am WITH YOU on this.

      Keep it! You never know when you might need it!

  15. Thank you very much for this bevy of stellar sartorial inspiration. Sooo smitten with that awesome linen "firework" dress.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. You're very welcome, glad you enjoyed it, Autumn. I know, it's a gorgeous dress, so thick and luxurious.

  16. Nothing like getting free clothes from friends! That All Saints skirt was quite a gift-
    You look like royalty in that Ted Baker dress fur stole and fascinator included.


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