Sunday, May 5, 2019

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Floral and Blues; Cake-Making Dress; Citrus Shop; and Cat Pictures

Another weekend over far too fast. 

Friday, I knew it would be a physical day at work - putting together a rolling whiteboard, moving coat racks up and down floors - plus L and I went to see the 3-hour Avengers movie after work. I needed a comfy outfit for moving around and for sitting still for a long time. 
This worked out well - I also wore it out for dinner before the movie.

This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style - are you there? Go!

  • Top - Express, thrifted; last worn here in March 2018 under a woolly dress
  • Acid-wash denim vest - ChicQle Denim Architect, thrifted; purchased here for $18.95
  • Skirt - Ranna Gill, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in August 2018 for a downtown shop
  • Shoes - Camper, thrifted; last worn here in March for Yvonne's closet clean-out
  • Coat (below) - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last seen here a week ago

 One of my coworkers thought that this sheer blue embroidered top was attached to the vest. Nope, two separate pieces.
 I did wear a peach cami under the top to hide my bra and really make the embroidered design pop.

The skirt's hem is scooped at the front and back.
 It's very swooshy and good for moving around and for laying back in the movie theatre recliners.

Vest done up.
 The skirt is really pretty - I love all the delicate flowers on it.

Outerwear - a nice light layer for the sunny but breezy day.
 I was snuggly warm for the movie too.

The stuff:
 And shoes I can walk home in, as well as climbing up and down lots of stairs.

Rag-tag bling:
 Not a very cohesive group - slightly hippie in flavour. The choker is sandalwood and some sort of stone.

  • Choker - Mom's, vintage 70s
  • Bracelet - J. Crew, thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Klimt wooden ring - consignment
  • Amber/silver ring - Past Times, gift from L, c. 1996

It was delightful to have a slight sleep-in before getting up for Ulti on Saturday morning.
 One of my many easy dresses for changing outfits at the field.

  • Dress - Desigual, vintage expo; last seen here in July 2018 for Pride Week
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in August 2018 for a movie outing
  • Coat (below) - Club Monaco, thrifted; last seen here in April

We had a lovely sunny day - much less wind than last week.
 It was a tough game - my team lost (again!), and my knees and back were sore. I did catch one spectacular disc, left-handed!

After the game, we went to the pub for lunch.
 Home for a nap and some reading.

I had to pop out to the gas station (our nearest store) on Saturday morning to buy eggs for my breakfast before the game.
 My dress was quite popular with the patrons and the gent manning the till. They probably don't see a lot of people dressed like me early in the morning. "Are you going to make a cake?" asked the attendant. I guess this looks like a cake-making dress?

Covered up - I'm all sunblocked as well.
 I have a stash of coats for wearing as sunblock in the sunny months.

The stuff:
 I thought that belt was red when I put it on! With that dress, everything goes.

  • Belt - vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Earrings - used furniture store

These shoes have been a wardrobe staple for many years. So comfy.

When I set the timer to do my first picture, someone was all ready to go.
"This is my best side."
He knows that's my spot!

On Saturday night, we chilled out and played boardgames. Vizzini also claimed this stack of pillows.
" pillows...zzzz..."

He likes to hang out with us, but it's mostly because he's hoovering around for crumbs. 

On Sunday, I was finally able to get groceries after missing it for the past two weeks. We were out of everything!
 It was a gorgeously sunny day, so I went full summery sunshine citrus colours.

  • Cardigan - Joseph F, consignment; last seen here in January with plaid
  • Sleeveless sweater - J. Crew, consignment; last worn here in April with the brolly skirt
  • Skirt - See By Chloe, consignment; last seen here in August 2018 with green satin
  • Shoes - Karl Lagerfeld; last worn here in August 2018 with purple tigers

This all felt very soft and comfortable too.
 Both the long cardigan and the skirt billowed behind me as I strolled to town after getting my groceries (they get delivered later).

I went to Flavour Upstairs for a browse, followed by a quick go-through of the big WIN Store.
 And after that, I hopped a bus to Turnabout to meet up with my colleague, A, for a shop.

It was my first time shopping with her, and introducing her to the concept of "slow fashion."
 Although she didn't find anything, I hope that she gained an appreciation for the higher quality and variety you can find second-hand.

I always feel bad when I take someone shopping and they don't find a treasure or two.
 Especially when I find things!

The stuff:
My feet were tired after all that walking/standing, but these shoes have at least one more summer in them. They are starting to show some wear, though.

  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence, Italy
  • Jade/brass ring - vintage 70s, Mom's

I found this faux wrap peplum top at Flavour Upstairs.
 It's white and a dark purple check, fully-lined, with a zip up the side. It fits really well.

It's by Etcetera, and was $14.99.
 It needs a good steaming - it's very wrinkled.

These funky textured velvet/stretch denim pants leaped out at my at the WIN store.
 They are a dark burgundy colour with that flocked wallpaper look that I like.

They're by Banana Republic, from their L'Wren Scott collection. Some of you may recall that I have a real L'Wren Scott blouse (this one)
 These were only $6.95! Note the "L" on the button - there is also a giant "L" over one of the pockets.

They're from Holiday 2013, so just over 5 years old. I found a link to an Elle magazine article (here) showing the full collection.
 I used to have that green sequined cardigan (here) and I also had a green lace skirt from that collection (here). I paid $4.00 for each of those, so these jeans are right on the money, so to speak.

Nowadays, I tend to steer clear of really high heels, but these lovely red metallic leather pumps worked for me.
 For one, there's that platform - it makes that a 2.5" heel, which is doable for me.

Also, who doesn't love a peep-toe?
 So cute.

And finally, if they don't work, they were only $9.95 (and I found the $19.95 tag underneath that one~).
 For Sacha London? She She Shoes used to have this brand and they were rarely under $100.

I also found these light green and gold dangly earrings.
 For $3.95? Sure!

I found a pair of shoes at Turnabout - these are the most comfy flats ever.
 They are by Born and are suede, a nice dark blue.

I like the scalloped edges.
 They were $27.99.

I found this awesome ruffled red and white tweed jacket too.
"What's this? More clothes!"

It fits great and I'm excite to style it. I'm a fan of this distressed weave look.
"No fans here. Feed me!"

This is by Dex and was $28.99.

Vizzini got hold of it. Like he said, he wasn't a fan.
"I bite it and rake it!"

What a little monster!
"Feed me or the jacket gets it, Woman."

He's been fed now, and it's like nothing happened.
"What? I'm napping here."

How he can look so innocent, after his wanton abuse of my new jacket!
"Are you still blathering about that? Let's move on."

Good idea! Let's enjoy the rest of the weekend! Thank you for stopping by! 


  1. Good morning, dear Sheila! is the Avengers movie good enough for a three hour sit? Sandy is itching to go, and I need to be persuaded. Your Desigual dress is WOW-good. And another group of fabulous thrifting finds; I love, love the Chanel-style jacket. Have a lovely week ahead, xox


    1. Hello, dear Patti! I answered your question about the movie over on your blog. :)

      Thank you so much - I love that dress too. I'm totally channeling Chanel today!

  2. It's no surprise your cute outfits provoke reactions but the strangeness of them is always odd. I'd never expect the cake-baking one!

    1. Nope, me neither! I live for the weird comments - it's so odd how people react sometimes!

  3. Me and Vizzini both love that jacket but I fear that he favours a more distressed look that you anticipated!
    You look wonderfully spring-like in your Desigual dress and the maxi skirt and scoop hemmed one are just fabulous. xxx

    1. He was mad at me for being out, and he wanted his dinner an hour early. What a little monkey!

      Thanks, Vix!

  4. I'm loving all three of your outfits, Sheila, and you're making it hard to choose a favourite. Mmm, let me think! Yes, I'm going for Sunday's outfit, as you look a vision of summer in that flouncy, swooshy skirt worn with sunshine citrus! How divine is that ruffled jacket? That's a no brainer, my favourite of your finds. I hope Vizzini didn't ruin it ... naughty boy! I'm loving the scalloped shoes too! What a pity your colleague didn't find anything. I'm always feeling responsible when I take people shopping ... xxx

    1. Yup, the ruffled jacket is my favourite as well - I love the look of it. No, Vizzini didn't hurt it - he was just expressing his displeasure at me being out all day. I know, I feel responsible too!

  5. Love your outfits and those yellow flats are so zingy!

    What a shame your friend didn't find anything. I thought your buys were wonderful.I'm a fan of 'flock wallpaper' trousers, too, and yours looked fab. The crossover top looks really cool and I loved the dark blue suede pumps.I have a similar pair of earrings but mine are dark blue stones.

    The more I see and hear about Vizzini I appreciate what a unique cat he is - abusing ruffled pink tweed jackets; what's that all about?

    Hope you have a great week.

    1. I love those yellow flats, Vronni - I'm going to be sorry when they die on me. I am always so apologetic when people I shop with don't find anything. I felt so bad.

      Vizzini is such a crazy cat. I've never met a cat like him!

      Happy week to you, my dear!

  6. Vizzini is such a star!!! I love his quirky activities..even if clothes were endangered in the process! Loving the trio of outfits- so pretty and different. The last is my favourite- looks super comfy!x

    1. He steals the show, doesn't he, Kezzie? Thank you so much! I love a comfy, flowy outfit!

  7. That Desigual dress never disappoints! The blue scallop flats from Born were a great find as is the tweed jacket which I see Vizzini is already friends with... Lately I see you're adding more pants to the closet.

    1. I know, I love that dress! Add a pair of pants, toss a pair of know how it goes.

  8. Lovely Chloe skirt. And naughty Vizzini!

    1. It's a gorgeous piece in person - so flowy! Vizzini is such a little monkey-cat!

  9. Lovely outfits, all of them look comfy & stylish!. I do love the first one with the sheer top and the floral skirt and the cute&comfy shoes (you know I like them!) and those subtle colors!
    And I'm loving your Desigual dress and the 'sunblock coat', which it's also pretty useful!. Also love your swooshing skirt and flowy cardigan, what a fab shape and it's fab when clothes billow behind you!, really fabulous!
    Lovely that you introduced somebody into slowfashion!, and obviously, you were rewarded by karma goddess!

    1. Thanks so much, Monica! Getting folks hooked on slow fashion is always a goal for me - and the shopping gods blessed me with a small reward, hurray!

  10. The dress will forever be known as your cake baking dress. Did that comment inspire you to get-a-baking? It's a great dress btw! Loved your big flouffy skirt - what fun. And thank goodness that the jacket was already sporting that distressed look, eh?

    1. I know, right? What is up with that? No, I don't bake! Yes, Vizzini's very good at the extra distressing anything might need.

  11. I too feel bad if I go thrifting with someone else and they don't find anything, as I almost always do. The "cake-baking" comment was rather strange. I got a weird comment on my outfit yesterday from an older man at Talize. He was trying to be funny, but it wasn't working. Vizzini is such a troublemaker (but so cute you have to forgive him).

    1. I just feels wrong, doesn't it, Shelley? I know, there are odd people at the gas station! Vizzini 100% trouble!

  12. I'm doing a mammoth Sheila binge catch-up read today. I LOVE the Friday outfit!


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