Thursday, May 2, 2019

Heavy Metal Chic(k)

You might not know it to look at me usually, but I am a metal chick. 
Today, you might have been able to guess that! Must wear all the metal! *headbanging*

  • Top - Kut from the Kloth, consignment; first worn here in January with unexpected legs
  • Leather pants - Free People, Portland; last seen here in February with a cape-blouse
  • Shoes - Sam Edelman, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) with odd pants
  • Coat (below) - Joseph Ribkoff, thrifted; purchased here for $22.95 

L and I have seen lots of metal bands over the years, and have an extensive metal collection (L is quite the music enthusiast, if you didn't know - he has a music review blog!). I've posted about Judas Priest (here, in July 2008), Alice Cooper (once here in Vancouver in 2008 - great outfit! - and here in town in October 2016), Rush in 2008 (here although I only mention it), Tool here in June 2017, and we're going to see Iron Maiden later this year. Rock and roll! 
 But I digress! Today, was all about metallic hues and textures.

The black sheer blouse is lined with cream t-shirt cotton (very soft), and the floral pattern is a metallic black thread woven into the fabric. It looks like beading until you get up close.
 I stunned a few people today at work by informing them that my trousers are indeed leather, and very soft and comfy to wear.

Tired face. Need couch.
The pants are fully-lined and have pockets. They are made from 100% space cow.

Vizzini was lurking around this morning, looking for attention.
"This is more like it."

He's 90% cuddly, 10% bitey.

Outerwear - I built this outfit to look awesome with my new coat, and then barely wore it. I had planned to wear it open in the office, thusly.
 However, it was a super-busy day today, and I was way too warm.

Done up, I look like a big metal pod.
 I love the vintage cocoon shape of it. The pockets are so organic to the shape.

I like how it pulls in around the hip.
One side is bulging oddly. You can tell I only take one picture!

The coat content is 14% metal.
I am a robot.

So, you see, I am a heavy metal chick after all.

The stuff:
 I liked the comfy flats. Love all those studs on the shoes.

Claw-y bling:
 L remarked, "You're getting the cost-per-wear down on that jewelry fast." Love my "claw" pieces!

  • Leather/gold/silver cuff and pendant - Ambush, consignment, Vancouver, gift from L
  • Earrings - Winnie Tam; purchased here for $18.00, customized by me - first wearing

I customized my cat earrings just after I bought them - this is what they originally looked like:
It's clearly a tuxedo cat, but not MY tuxedo cat.

Here's a close-up of my Sharpie job on the kitty earrings.
 I blacked out the white stripe down the nose, and coloured in the white chin, leaving Vizzini's cute little round white blob. I did test it to make sure I could remove the permanent marker with nail polish remover (carefully avoiding the gold). I think they turned out well!

And here is me and the Vizz-meister wishing you all a happy weekend!
"And lots of cuddles, don't forget to cuddle."

I'll be back on Sunday with the Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up. Thanks for reading!


  1. I love your love of metal! those trousers are phenomenal and I adore the almost Japanese cut to your coat. The pimped-up Vizzini earrings? Be still my beating heart!
    Hooray for Heavy Metal! Did you know it originated from my little corner of the world, Birmingham & The Black Country? Everyone around here has a rock story to tell. Rob Halford lived at the bottom of my parents' garden, one of my friends used to go out with Robert Plant's brother, Jon was in a band with Ozzy's cousin, Darren! There's a Heavy Metal legacy exhibition coming to our town very soon - I shall go and take photos!
    Have a fab weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. They are pretty special, Vix. Yes, I love that deconstructed vibe that the jacket has.

      YES! I know all about that area - there are a couple of great documentaries on metal if you're interested in its history from an anthropological perspective, by Sam Dunn (a local Victoria guy!): Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, and Global Metal. I would love to see your pics of that exhibit, Vix!

      Happy weekend to you too!

  2. Long live Rock 'n Roll! I am also a rock/metal chic(k) but it not always obvious. Love your outfit :) Lise

    1. Amen, Lise! We rocker chicks can look however we want...but our hearts are metal!

  3. Wow, you've been to quite a few heavy metal gigs, Sheila! I only remember seeing Motörhead once, while in London, back in my punk years. My boyfriend and I were there for two weeks, and went to a gig every night, mostly punk bands, obviously. Your "metal" leather trousers are magnificent, and I especially love them paired with that wonderful coat! Aww, the Vizzini-fied earrings are just too cute! Only 10% bitey? We should be so lucky! Have a whale of a weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. I have! I was surprised when I started looking them up. We go to as many concerts as we can. I bet Motorhead was great!

      Thanks so much - I was quite happy with my Vizzinification of the earrings. Happy weekend to you, Ann!

  4. Love your awesome "Metal"outfit! I'm also a Metal chick! Over the years I've collected hundreds of rock shirts and most days they're what I wear (except today I'm wearing The Flash...superheroes are awesome too!) I make them into tank tops though 'cause I can't stand the sleeves or crew neck. We used to live from concert to concert and would try to meet all the bands for autographs and pics. It was awesome! Ah! I miss the old days! Me and my husband still go to as many shows as we can. Right now we're looking forward to Heart in August.
    Your earrings turned out fantastic! Have a Headbanging weekend!!

    1. Woo, Cheryene! Rock on, sister! I wear my rock shirts for sleeping in - I rarely wear them in public unless I'm going to another show. Oh, nice, Heart is awesome!

      *thrashes hair wildly*

  5. amazing post dear :)
    do you want do follow each other?

    xoxo Buba

  6. They are such fun pants and it's a shame you didn't get to wear the coat with your outfit as it's a great combination! Such a clever idea to personalise the earrings too!

    I saw your comment on Lorena's latest blog post about the bag and giggled - I have been admiring it! :)

    1. Ah, it's okay, I'm sure I will wear it again soon, ha ha! I had fun defacing the earrings. Hee, isn't it funny how interconnected we are?

  7. Perhaps we do not share the same taste in music, LOL. But we have very much the same taste when it comes to clothing. I love these metallic pants , and that sheer blouse looks like something I would expect to see on Madison Avenue. The coat is just drop dead gorgeous. I love brocades with metallic thread , and all-time favorite fabric.
    Great job on the earrings also! My husband also likes your kind of music. And I am embarrassed to say that I am a Carole King fan.... I know..I know..

    1. Carol King is great too! I like all kinds of music. Thank you so much for your kind words, Elle! No embarrassment permitted - all music is good.

  8. Oh Alice Cooper! I always wanted to see a concert of him! Iron Maiden is fantastic,saw them in 2012 and Ozzy in 1990! Oh I can talk for hours over music! What a cool pants!

    1. He's amazing, Nancy - go if you can! I am excited to see Maiden. What a fun thing to have in common. Thank you!

  9. There is nothing wrong with looking like a big metal pod :) I would have arm wrestled you for that cool shiny cocoon. Great outfit!

    1. Nope, nothing! Ha, it's a pretty sweet piece, isn't it?

  10. woww, what a fab outfit!, love the magnificent coat and your leather pants, both of them are cool and stylish but they are Fabulous together!, and you totally rock your accessories!
    And having earrings portraying your own Vizzini cuteness is Coolness!!

    1. Thank you, Monica! I love the little Vizzini earrings. Aw!

  11. YOU rock star ! OMG I thought I loved the look with the leather metal color trousers and then BAM BAM! you threw me off with that coat. I absolutely love it.

  12. There was I all ready to gush excitedly about leather pants WITH pockets and how totally fab they are, when BAM, you drop in that blooming awesome new coat! Wow, it's superb my dear. Of course it's new and you'll love it forever, but just in case, you know where I am x

    1. Ha, caught you by surprise! Thank you - and yes, I know where you are! Ha!


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