Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Come Blossom Time, My Love

We're nearly at the end of blossom time in Victoria - today's title is the name of a book that my mom and I both read (and re-read, many times), a 1961 Harlequin Romance called "Come Blossom Time, My Love," by New Zealand writer Essie Summers. 
Link here to AbeBooks resale of it - hey, Mom, that single book is worth over $50!

  • Sweater - Gap, thrifted; purchased here for $14.95 
  • Skirt - BCBG Max Azria, consignment; purchased here for $26.95
  • Shoes - Wonders; last seen here (3rd outfit) in August 2018 with swooshy pants
  • Coat (below) - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last worn here in April

Mom still has all of her Essie Summers books (and a bunch of other old Harlequins), and just spent a couple of weeks in NZ exploring the Christchurch area where all of the books took place. They were pretty tame, but I read them when I was 7-12 years old, so Mom was looking out for me. Kissing only!

Anyway, this skirt totally reminded me of the Japanese plum trees and cherry trees. I had to do my soft pink cotton-blend sweater with it to accentuate the pink in the pattern.
 The sweater was good - it's a useful colour and I'm sure I'll wear it a lot.

The skirt is Swoosh Factor 10! I'll have to take some (blurry) pictures of me swishing it around next time I wear it.
 I discovered that it's a full circle skirt. That meant lots of fabric to wrangle, between stairs, bathroom and my office chair and its grabby wheels. However, plain ol' walking was wonderful, especially on this windy day.

The skirt is sheer with a mini lining, but I wore a full vintage slip underneath for extra coverage.
Blurry L in his yellow shirt, ready to go to work
 Showing off my shoes.

Outerwear - it's still quite chilly in the mornings, but I was sweaty on the way home.
"I wish to investigate your skirt, Woman."

The person who last owned this skirt must have had a dog or cat - Vizzini really wanted to smell the whole thing.

The stuff:
 I adore these shoes - they were wonderful to wear. I guess that why they are called Wonders! Don't you just love the pink pebbled metallic leather?

Green bling:
Gotta bring out all the green stuff. Matchy!

  • Necklace - Kiam Family, thrifted
  • Bangle - thrifted
  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment, Vancouver


  1. That skirt is all kinds of fabulous and so very blossom like in both its floatiness and delicacy. Those Wonder shoes are gorgeous!
    I hadn't hear of Essie Summers before, that must have been exciting for your mum to visit places in NZ where her books were set. I used to read my Mum's books as a youngster, too - I remember one of her friends being appalled seeing me reading Return To Peyton Place as a 10 year old! xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix! I love my Wonders.

      Mom was so excited - I hope to see her pictures soon. I read some pretty raunchy stuff of my dad's when I was young: Looking For Mr. Goodbar, Wifey - lol!

  2. What a stunning skirt Sheila! I love the pink with it, so very spring like! It's a shame we don't get a proper spring and autumn here in Brisbane - the Jacaranda trees do blossom in spring but not much else that I can think of, no cherry blossoms here!

    1. Thank you, Mica! We have very defined seasons here - it's lovely, but sometimes I wish for a longer hot season like what you have.

  3. You should teach classes in Swoosh. I'd enroll in a New York minute. :)

  4. That fabulous skirt looks even better on! Swoosh factor 10, indeed! That soft pink sweater picks up the pink in the skirt brilliantly. And wow, those pink metallic shoes! Obviously, I've heard about Harlequin books, but not this one, nor the author. But being from 1961, the year I was born, it can't be bad, can it? xxx

    1. It really was so fun to wear, Ann! The shoes are so awesome.

      They were fun stories: romantic with some humour, very tame by today's standards. But then, I haven't read one in decades!

  5. Such a positive skirt! Is that a expression? I mean that you het cheerfull when you are that skirt, happy. Yes! It s a happy skirt!

    1. It totally should be, Nancy! Thank you! Yes, it's a very happy skirt!

  6. Romantic, beautiful and bonus – The swoosh factor! And a bit of wonderful nostalgia and sentimentality as well. It is funny how books stay in your mind for decades after reading them. Those are rare and wonderful .
    Yes the pink, pebbled leather is beautiful. As well as alliterative,
    I always treasure shoes like that with a bit of a platform and cushy soles.
    A fragrant treat for Vizzini, too !

    1. Swoosh Factor is always a bonus! I'm surprised when I remember a book, since I've read so many. Thank you so much, Elle!

  7. You are walking Spring in this outfit. I've always liked those shoes; definitely a style I would wear if I didn't have stupid *$#@* bunions!

  8. lovely blooming skirt!, the floral motive and the swooshing factor make them Fabulous! and those shoes totally rock! (wonders makes some really comfy shoes, I like this label! and it's spanish!)

    1. Thank you! I love the Wonders line - I must get some more!

  9. May i just say splendid? That skirt is such a great piece, i can actually almost hear you walking down the corridor: swish... swish..

    1. You may! Ha! Thanks, Lorena - I loves swooshing about it in.

  10. Such a pretty spring outfit, plus full on swooshy skirt - no wonder it was a good day. The sandals are pretty cool too.


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