Monday, April 8, 2019

Jelly-Deer, Creamsicle and Last Sopranos

Monday, my old foe! Take that - colour, in your face! 
It's the return of the jelly-deer sweater! It's a deer with jellyfish tentacles instead of deer-legs, so the jelly-deer.

  • Sweater - Kersh, modified by Pina, thrifted; last worn here in August 2018 with gold pleats
  • Skirt - Compania Fantastico, consignment; purchased here in Vancouver for $34.99 (new with tags)
  • Boots - Sopranos Angelina, Fluevog; last worn here in September 2018 with a gorgeous pouffy skirt
  • Coat (below) - Desigual by Christian Lacroix, consignment; last seen here in March

The skirt is the new-to-me item that I built the outfit around. 

I love the pretty cut of it. Pleats, creamsicle orange, dots and an elastic waist - what more could you want?

It's swooshy too, and has a nice orange lining.
 That makes me happy.

Mr. Vizzini decided to visit this morning while I was taking pictures.
"What is this tasty garment?"

He's fond of this jacket too - he's licked the bottom of it so that I have to trim the fluffed edges with scissors every time I wear it.
"What can I say? It's delicious."

He's such a ham for the camera.
"Ham? All this food talk and no food? You taunt me, Woman!" 

I wore this coat as outerwear, but also had it on (and off, and on) in the office today.
"Are you still talking? What about me?"

It rained on the way home. I got wet.

The stuff:
I'm done with these booties. The heel is too high and I don't like the big wide toe. Including today, I've worn them 10 times:

  • The last time, in September 2018 here;
  • In December 2017 with a maxi skirt here;
  • In February 2017 with this same coat here (4th outfit, way down)
  • In January 2017 here (2nd outfit);
  • In November 2016 here
  • In July 2016 with orange here;
  • In January 2016 with triple flares (best outfit with them, IMO), here;
  • In December 2015 here; and
  • First worn in December 2015 here (also a pretty good outfit).

I paid $199.00 for them on sale, so that's $19.90 per wear. I am okay with that - I'm actually more than okay with that! They're ready to go off to a new home.

Silver bling:
And in the ongoing weeding out of my jewelry/accessories, that cuff at the top is starting to show copper under the "silver" so it's also gone into the giveaway pile.

  • Cuff - thrifted
  • Bracelet - Fossil, gift from L
  • Earrings - Fossil, thrifted
  • Turquoise ring - local
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower


  1. Love the orange skirt!!! Great print and color. Nice edit!!

    1. Thanks, Becky! Yeah, it was time to let those boots go. Didn't love them.

  2. Hearing about Vizzini licking your coat made me giggle - isn't he naughty ?
    Love the orange skirt with those fabulous red boots, such a delicious blend of colours. I feel you with the too high heel though, they set my teeth on edge these days. Boots be gone!
    How cool is the jelly deer? He almost looks the same upside down! xxx

    1. He is the naughtiest little monkey ever!
      Thanks, but yes, too high! My poor feet.
      I know, I love him - he's so weirdly "me."

  3. My another blog is I will be happy if you follow my new blog .Kisses

    1. Thanks, Guzel. However, your blog is full of ads, and you don't seem all that interested in my blog, so no thank you. :)

  4. So creative, so clever. I love your style but that's not news.

    BTW, I'm assessing travel plans for this year. Even though Victoria is very far away (meaning more expensive and difficult for me due to work-demands), the prospect of seeing you and Darlene again is soooo enticing that it keeps rising to the top of my list. Let's talk about possibilities in e-mail. If I visit, I'd want it to be when the timing is good for you. I'd also like to find activities for us that are special: my goal is to enhance your life with experiences that are deeply memorable.

    1. Thank you, Ally!

      Will drop you an email. :) I'm going to be back east this summer - maybe that would be an easier way to meet?

    2. I'll see you wherever you are! We can discuss all possibilities.

  5. What a glorious outfit, Sheila. Star of the show is of course that wonderful skirt. Orange, polka dots and pleats: I'm swooning! The jelly-deer is perfect with it, and so is that coat. Vizzini licking your coat made me chuckle. That's totally something Phoebe would do too. What goes on in the minds of cats, eh? It would be fun if we could read their thoughts. Oh, I forgot, you CAN read Vizzini's thoughts ;-) xxx

    1. Oh, you are too sweet, Ann, thank you! I really love the skirt and am already looking forward to wearing it again!

      I know, seriously, what goes on in those little brains. Vizzini still boggles me - what a silly boy.

  6. It's a shame you are done with the boots as they look great! But I agree comfort is so much more important, especially with shoes! I like the blue and orange together in your outfit, I need to wear that colour combo more often!

    No worries about the linkup by the way - I only have a little time for blogging (while the boys sleep) too and I know how hard it is trying to fit everything in! :)

    1. I love blue and orange together, but unfortunately those boots are just not ringing my bell anymore, Mica.

      Thanks for understanding. I wish I could participate in ever link-up, but there are so many! It's hard enough staying on top of the comments!

  7. Vizzini is so cheeky and cute!

    Love the orange skirt and how good you are at letting go of items when they don't make you feel 100% fab. X

    1. He is such a little devil, Jess - don't be fooled. :)

      Thank you! Yes, I have to stay on that, as I love to shop and find new treasures. Things that no longer work for me have to go.

  8. Love the orange skirt and the fab jacket (Vizzini has good taste!) and the blue and orange color combo!. The jelly-deer top is so cool!
    Sorry that those shoes are not comfy anymore!

    1. Thank you! I really love the skirt - orange and blue always look great together. Eh, I'm okay with letting the shoes go. I won't regret it.

  9. It's too bad about the boots - it's hard to find a pair of funky red boots, but if the heel isn't working anymore, ya gotta let em go (and make room for a better pair).

    I smiled at the thought of Vizzini licking the fuzz on the coat. Sylvester loves to lick my body lotion on my legs in the morning so I have to make sure I rub it in really well.

    1. Yeah, they just weren't quite there - it was their time.

      What little devils they are! But we love them. :)

  10. Love the volume of orange clothes porn you're posting currently - a great antidote to the blah of life. The swishy skirt is cute and hurrah for the jelly dear - I thought it was maybe packed up with your winter garb.
    Must take a breather here sweetie as I need to get out for my morning swim. Am hanging the Easter show this evening, so will have to take up from here again on Sunday. Enjoy your Easter, my sweet and I do hope that you get lots of lovely chocolate eggs xxx

    1. Thanks, my dear! I am in love with orange lately. No, a short-sleeved sweater usually makes the cut for soring - I love the jellydear! No worries, my dear - thank you so much for stopping by! Happy Easter to you!

  11. Marvelous how that new skirt matches the outerwear. I always enjoy seeing how you transition into the warmer days.
    Here we're beginning to get some rain.. finally!

    1. You know I love my matchy, Lorena! It's been so fun breaking out all the springy clothes!


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