Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Polka Dot Shoes and Cuddly Cats

I've been saving one of my new pairs of shoes for this week - they were too dressy for my casual week last week:
That's my teal cardigan, and my old trusty orange tweed skirt that I've had for at least 4 years now. The belt is new-to-me - it's by Olsen and is leather. I think it was around $16.00 on consignment - I don't think it has ever been worn.

A lady at my WW meeting tonight thought I had tattooed legs.
Nope, just funky fishnets!

Cool heel on the shoes -  not quite a wedge, but not a regular heel. I got these for 40% off - they were still $90.00 which is a little high in my book, but they are pretty fabulous and I don't have anything like them. I adore Poetic Licence shoes. I have these ones, these ones, these ones, and I used to have these ones (they were too big) and these ones (they made my feet look bad).

My outerwear:
Should have taken my brolly today - it rained.

The stuff:
The shoes are fabric, like a fuzzy velvet. I found myself thinking of Kermit the Frog all day. I love the polka dots on them (the dots are raised form the darker background), and the olive green ruched satin ribbon, and of course, the crow in me loves the sparkly turquoise crystals! Caw!

A close-up:
I love the shiny purple insides of the shoes. That's my Grandma J's Lisner necklace.

Check out the purple bottoms on these:
The size on the bottom of the shoe says 39 1/2.

The inside of the shoe (it's called "Charm School" by the way) says the size is 8 1/2. Those are not the same size.
They were pretty comfy all day, although by the time I was home for good at 8pm, I was happy to have them off.

Cardigan (Kersh), cami (Smart Set), skirt (Talbot's, consignment), shoes (Poetic Licence), necklace (Lisner, vintage 50s, Grandma J's), belt (Olsen, consignment).

While I was working on the Major Awards post yesterday, Inigo crashed on my lap (both cats love to sleep on our laps when we're on the computer). He was joined by his buddy, who settled down on his back:
Inigo tries to ignore him.

But he cracks an eye open when L starts taking pictures.
Aw, sweet kitties!


  1. Don't you just melt when your kitties go into super-snuggly mode? I drop everything when they leap into my lap like that.

    I do so love when you mix teal and orange like that.

  2. Yummy shoes - they look fab with your fishnets! Inigo's face in the last pic = priceless.

  3. Your cats are so cute! Those shoes look awesome I like how you wear them, hopefully over time they will break in a little and become more comfortable and not hurt your feet so much at the end of the day.


  4. Cute shoes! I'd never heard of that brand but will check them out. And wonderful kitties. My 20 lb. dog often wants to sit on my lap while I'm working on the computer, which generally puts a halt to working on the computer!

  5. Poetic License and kitties, two of my favorite things! I've been eyeing Poetic License and salivating over Irregular Choice for some time. Congrats on landing such an awesome pair of awesome shoes. (Did I mention they were awesome?)

  6. That would be quite a tattoo! I always like seeing pictures of your cats.

  7. Adorable outfit and even cuter shoes! I love poetic license designs. I'm currently lusting after these sandals.

    I swoon over the cuteness of your kitties. Inigo has that ridiculous "innocent/cute" face in the same way Spike does. Just makes you want to squish them with love. I am giggling that you managed to get both of 'em in your lap. I'm lucky if one of the cats decides to sleep by me! (They prefer to sleep next to the wall heater.)

  8. Great shoes! I actually gasped when you said 'raised spots', what a cool detail...

  9. Happy New Year Sheila!

    Just adore those shoes! You have the best damn shoes.....always

  10. Cool, cool kitties.
    I have one pair of Poetic License sandals that are really cool. They do very unique shoes.
    You look fab in the outfit.

  11. Amazing shoes! I love your color combination today.

  12. I have two pairs of "funky fishnets" (both brown), and have such trouble styling them, so I'll have to sneak through your blog to see other ways to wear it. I'm pretty sure if I wore a great skirt like that to work, they'd ask if I had a job interview somewhere. Sigh. Grass is always greener!

  13. A pair of Poetics!
    OMG - i always browse stores on line looking at their shoes and hope to someday own a pair.
    They make the most amazing shoes - i do agree they are overpriced but I know that eventually i will come across a pair that will be the right prize.
    Enjoy yours!

  14. Kitty-cat layering - that is just cuteness overload!

  15. Va-va-va-VOOM! Sheila, you look great--love this outfit!! And the color combination is just WOW!

    Your kitties are adorable! :-)


  16. HELLO!!!! I love the teal and orange so much. they are all the colors of my photography brand. this is so cool. i did a random search on goggle for teal, orange and blue.


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