Monday, November 26, 2018

Giraffe, Cashmere and Yeti

I built today's outfit around this cashmere skirt - it's got an elastic waistband, so it needs something to cover that. Enter the giraffe sweater.
 I love the bold print of this sweater, but discovered a couple of wee moth-holes wearing it today. Adieu, giraffe sweater!

  • Sweater - Rino Rossi, vintage, thrifted; last seen here in my last outfit of 2017, in late December 2017
  • Skirt - John Laing for N. Peal, vintage, vintage fair; purchased here for $23.95
  • Shoes - Celestial Communication Andromeda, Fluevog; last worn here in February with ginormous pants
  • Coat (below) - Kimchi Blue; last seen here in October

The weather has finally turned, it seems. Cold, rainy, bits of wind here and there. Yuck.
 On the plus side, I did not die of overheating in wool and cashmere today - and that is one thick and warm skirt. I wore a full vintage nylon slip under this for extra smoothing.

Such a lovely skirt! I love the bright red and wore bright red lipstick to match.
 I felt like I was cheating - this felt like pajamas - but it really is a work outfit!

Outerwear - I got a little wacky.
 Yeti time! Hee hee! I was plenty warm.

  • Velvet gloves - Cejon, thrifted; purchased here for $4.95

The stuff: 

 I spent a lot of time running around at work today, so these heels were maybe not the best choice, but I did enjoy wearing them again. That's a 3D-printed heel.

Silver bling:
All real silver, no cheapies here.

  • Earrings - Brenda Schoenfeld, 1992, vintage mall
  • Ring - Soul Flower

And with that...Monday's over!


  1. Replies
    1. Aren't they amazing, Lynette? They are sterling silver too!

  2. You couldn't have chosen a more perfect top with that red skirt - fabulous! x

  3. It's a shame that top is leaving as it is so fun and a nice addition with the red skirt! At least it got a wonderful final wear :)

  4. sorry that the top had to go, but it made a last stellar appearance!. Love the bold print with the red skirt, love your shoes and the yeti jacket! lots of textures and fun!
    Lovely earrings too!

  5. What a shame about the tiny moth holes, as I think the giraffe sweater and red skirt are a perfect match! And it's even more fabulous with the yeti jacket. That is one very funky outfit! Love the earrings too, they make me wish I had pierced ears. xxx

    1. I know, I was sad about that - however, the sweater was on the fence for me last year, so this cemented it. Thank you so much, Ann! These are clip-on earrings!!

  6. What a fab skirt and such a shame about the jumper and the moth holes. The jumper looks so good with the skirt. Another reason to go rummaging for a replacement...

    1. Thank you, Vronni! I know, but that is the way of wool sweater. I will definitely be looking for a replacement!

  7. Love the sweater! Too bad about the moth balls. What are 3d printed heels? Sounds out of this world! X

    1. Thanks, Jess! Fluevog used a 3D printer to make these heels. They are not moulded. Cool, eh?

  8. Great styling Sheila, although it's very sad that the sweater has to go - it's a classy piece. The skirt is a great fit sweetie, shows off your assets perfectly!
    Anna x

    1. Thank you, Anna! I know, I am sad too, but that's okay - I have a lot of sweaters.

  9. The outfit topped with the YETI is fantastic - I'm so sorry the sweater has to go! The print is fab, and it looks amazing with the red knit skirt.

    1. I know, it was sad to let it go...things wear out, though. :(

  10. Looking good my friend !
    I just want to touch that skirt...


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