Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sheila's Shoe Shine #6

Shoe Shine is on!
Get your kicks by showing your kicks!
After doing a full week of "Shoes My Husband Hates", it's only appropriate that I feature a pair of shoes that my husband loves - my leopard pony-hair Steve Madden pumps.
Sexy. Leopard. Classic.

These are the perfect leopard pump, and I can see why L likes them. They are a typical "guy" shoe (if I may stereotype, noting that plenty of women love this shape too - me included!) with that stiletto, pointed toe and lovely scooped vamp and sides.

These are one of my few pairs of shoes that are pre-blog. If not the first, they are close to being the first-ever pair of "good" shoes I'd ever owned, meaning they cost more than $40.00. I bought them in October 2006, in the DSW in downtown San Francisco. L and I flew down for a short birthday weekend for me (my 39th); I was midway through losing my 50 lbs. I didn't want to buy any clothes, so I bought these.
I've had the leopard Dr. Scholl's in them since I got them!
I think they were around $70 - okay for Steve Madden. I first wore them here in April 2008 on the blog. They are too high for me to be a regularly-worn shoe (they were last seen here in February), but I do wear them a couple of times a year.

It's your turn! Show us your favourite shoes! 

Want to play? It's super-easy. Anyone can join.
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  1. Loved this weeks offerings, did you know you had fans downunder?


    1. Welcome, Lynette! Yes, I have several downunder readers, including Mica T and Helga!

  2. These are fabulous. My confidence in L. is restored!

  3. Rawr! I made it! And first in line! Happy Sabbath, Sheila! Your pumps are the cats meow (couldn't resist) and you are the bees knees. See you next, next Saturday (already have my shoes picked out) xo! -Bella Q

  4. ahhh, I made it this time. Leopard inside and out inside and out for L. yeah.

  5. They are kind of the quintessential perfect pumps - gorgeous shape and gorgeous pattern! What's not to love? And I'm finally gonna link up (even though the post is not may last one).

  6. Those are totally heavenly shoes! Who wouldn't love them?! Perfection!
    I enjoyed the week of shoes L doesn't like! Such fun!
    Darling, I never get around to links, no offence!

  7. Oh, finally, finally! I loved Shoe Shine when Bella started it and have been wanting to be part of it here too. It's so good to be back and in on the excellent shoe celebration!

  8. I love leopard print, as you will see in my link. You must look amazing in them. I see why L likes them. They are the absolute opposite of the shoes I'm sharing. Hee! I like to provide some variety. XO JJ

  9. Oops, same shoes, different party. That makes two shoe misdemeanours on my part. I'll be a lifer if I do it again...
    I love your kitty shoes, classic! I have hairy ones similar to this but square-toed, box heels, thrifted D&G, probably they'd make L puke, but I would hope he'd write something about them first. Ha. Thanks for the party.

  10. Killer shoes! Absolutely love them, and the insoles are awesome sauce too!

  11. Wonderful shoes - I love leopard print in anything but especially in a shoe, though funnily enough my man doesn't like leopard print (in anything!).

  12. I have to agree here with L - these are a fabulous pair.


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