Thursday, July 3, 2014

Chartreuse, Turquoise and Orange Lips - and an All(e)y Cat Encounter

Ack, I'm exhausted. I stayed up late last night reading, and then back to the gym today L and I went. However, this means we are just one day from the weekend! 
I adored this beautiful silk over-top. People just wanted to touch it today. The crazy orange lipstick got the side-eye for the most part. It's a little more vivid in real life.

I purchased it on consignment just this past weekend (here) for $28.98. It was very flowy and comfortable to wear, although I was a tad chilly in the office (air conditioning!).
I just did a simple sweater tank under it, the same one worn here (2nd outfit) to see Steve Earle last week. Into the wash it goes!

The skirt is my chartreuse Noa Noa. Chartreuse is not a trendy colour (according to my InStyle colour chart) this fall. Whatevs. Next they'll be telling me that blue eyeshadow is verboten! I last wore this skirt here in April with dragons and teal.
Isn't the bottom/back of the over-top cool? I like the mix of patterns in it...which is probably why whoever owned it before got rid of it. One woman's trash is another treasure!

The stuff:
Bigass blue shoes! (And yes, I did wear blue eyeshadow to match, heh heh). I last wore these here in May with long black leather.

The stuff:
Must. Wear. All. The. Copper. And this isn't even my whole collection. Both of the cuffs were just purchased this weekend for under $20 for both of them. The earrings and the ring both belonged to my Grandma J. I remember her wearing the earrings - and unlike most clip-ons, they do not pinch, not even a smidge. It's like she broke them in for me. *smile*

Over-top (CAbi, consignment), cream top (Dana Buchman, thrifted), skirt (Noa Noa), shoes (Prepare Guide, Fluevog), enameled cuff (Matisse, vintage 60s), copper cuff (vintage 60s), earrings (Renoir Matisse, vintage 60s, Grandma J), ring (vintage, Grandma J).

Vizzini watched while I took the "stuff" pictures.
"Nothing to see here, look away..."
I never look away for long. Not since the Incident of the Fluevogs. I also never leave my closet unattended.

Customs Officer Vizzini must inspect all packages. You know, for things like...
"This box doesn't smell like Canada!"
Pink Boxing Gloves! Yes, that's right, I am now one of the Pink Boxing Glove Babes, as featured over at Ally's Shybiker! Okay, she calls it the Sisterhood of the Traveling Boxing Gloves, but I like being a PBGB.

Aw, look at the sweet card.
I love them! I can't wait to play with them this weekend, then I'm shipping them up-Island to Shawna! Thanks, Ally!


  1. You're welcome! And PBGB is a great name. Have fun.

  2. Woo've got the pink boxing gloves! I'm not surprised they made their way to you...lookin' forward to seeing how you style them!!

    I adore your kimono-esque top! SO, so very pretty, and playing up that narrow blue trim with your blue shoes and accessories...well, just brilliant! Lovely look Sheila.

  3. Chartreuse is always a great colour. I am highly amused by the idea that a colour can be in or out of fashion! Love it? Then wear it! Great kimono, you look fab. xxx

  4. Oh wow, love the Pink Boxing Gloves! Ally is so fabulous. Love your kimono too, it's got the best shape and colors. xo

  5. Can't wait to see what you do with the boxing gloves.

    Those shoes are quite fab.


  6. I adore the outfit! The shoes are the cherry on top!!!

  7. OH I'm so excited to see what you do with them and scared because I haven't thought of something brilliant yet! I love your kimono and the orange lipstick look fantastic in the photo! It goes perfectly with your hair. Orange makeup makes me look psychotic so I would definitely be getting the sideways looks. People looking at you were probably just thinking oh I wish I look that good in orange lipstick.

  8. YAY! you got the gloves :)
    I like your new layer, there is something very 60 and British about it… like the spy who shagged me.


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