Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shoes My Husband Hates: Marine, Caramel and Floral Platforms

Having someone pick out one element of my outfits for five days is an easy way to boost my creativity with outfits! 
Example: this outfit! Not terribly creative, but since I just wore these shoes a week ago, I would have normally bumped them to the bottom of the (very informal) rotation and not worn them again for a month or more. So many shoes, so little time!

I adore this beautiful marine blue blouse; it's not quite navy; it's got more green in it. I haven't worn it since October 2013, here, with a sleeveless vest I got rid of. I prefer it worn on its own so that you can see the great fit and nice micro-pleated collar. It's a very unusual blouse.
Another wear of this silk skirt - see me stylin' the pocket? Why don't more skirts have pockets? I last wore it here in May with teal and red underthings.
The skirt has a really small waist, so I liked having the thin leather obi over the waistband.

The stuff:
Ah, the shoes. Comfy again - and as noted, I just wore them last week here, with my red dress. That outfit - and these shoes - inspired this week's theme, so let's see what L has to say about them.
These "walk the plank!” shoes are partly on me. I have a slight colour blindness which makes the straps on these shoes come out looking various shades of brown, when I suspect they are actually much more vibrant. However, even if I could properly appreciate the colour, I’ll never appreciate the solid wooden heel nor the thick, square finish to the tips (I prefer a pointy toe for both ‘his’ and ‘hers’ in shoes). The rivets down the side just add more clunk – they’d be more at home holding down a tarpaulin on a cargo deck.
Well! Tell me how you really feel, L! The leather straps on these are of course coloured, in shades of pink, red, teal, soft green and a bit of caramel. This is why I have to help L match shirts and ties: the poor man is colourblind.

Copper bling:
I can see myself taking the picture in the copper ball of the necklace.
I forgot to take my necklace off for the "stuff" shot, above. I love copper jewelry!

Blouse (Mexx, consignment), skirt (Boss Orange by Hugo Boss, consignment), shoes (Faith Hi Lo Reumah, Fluevog), belt (thrifted), cuff (Matisse, vintage 60s), earrring/bracelet (Renoir, vintage 60s), necklace (vintage 70s).


  1. Another top-notch instalment of L's Shoe Reviews. But they are so sassy!
    Marine is a favourite colour of mine - that's a gorgeous blouse.

  2. I'm sensing a pattern - he doesn't like chunky shoes. So next week does he get to pick out the shoes he likes?

  3. Oh they are such pretty shoes, even if he is not a fan of them!

    I really like this outfit on you, the colours go so well together! Something I wish I could recreate. I have a similar skirt, but think I don't have anything similar to the top. I'll need to hunt through my wardrobe!

  4. I also love the color of this blouse! And I like the shoes. My husband is also one who will comment on accessories and has his distinct likes and dislikes...I feel your pain!

  5. L. is hilarious, but I can't agree with him on these shoes - I love 'em.

  6. Interesting to hear of L's "slight" colour blindness. Bushy has this too! I was cranky when I heard this as I had carefully colour coordinated outfits when I first met him :-/ All wasted. L's review is hilarious. Your blouse is exquisite, and goes so well with copper. XO JJ

  7. Gorgeous outfit! The blouse is divine! The shoes are cool.

  8. I personally love these shoes. Also, I think that the entire outfit looks great, and great on you. I was gonna participate in SS Saturday, but I'll be out of town. The shoes I want to feature are on my blog. Maybe I can still link up when I get back, but usually, my office is pandemonium on the first day back. Well, maybe next time - I hope so, because it's really fun!!!

  9. So L likes more ladylike, pointy, delicate footwear, yes? Each to their own. But I love these sandals! xxx

  10. I love the shoes! And, I love the copper jewelry, it's one of my favorites too!

  11. After looking at the rest of L's reviews, it's obvious he prefers more delicate, classic pump-style shoes. Probably most men, if pressed, would agree. I think these are soooo funky and fabulous!

  12. Gorgeous outfit! I like the shoes too. I have that same floral patterned leather in a pair of Flu's low-heeled walking boots, and some wingtip type oxfords. I think it's GORGEOUS, therefore these shoes are a win for me. :-)

  13. The copper accents are just dashing…. and i see your hub is not into the chunky shoes.


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