Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shoes My Husband Hates: Mustard Disco Dutch and Cracked Glass

Oh, what an exhausting day! But now it's over...and on to another day of Shoes My Husband Hates.
I have to say, I am really having fun with it. As many of you have cleverly deduced, yes, L likes the classic pointy-toe pumps. I do as well, but I'm an equal opportunity shoe lover. If it's cool, if it rings my bell, I just might give it a shot.

Today's outfit is comfy casual - I just didn't feel like wearing anything fussy, plus we're having a bit of a heat wave here on the west coast of Canada, so unfussy = good.
I just wore this cheapass Forever 21 t-shirt top here (last outfit) on the weekend but I wanted to wear it with this skirt, so here it is again. It is not wearing well, but it's good for a summer's worth of outfits before it moves onto its next home.
The fabulous skirt reminds me of cracked glass or ice, with all the prismatic striations of colour. I last wore it here in June with another top that I got rid of. Hmmm...coincidence?

The stuff:
Oh, great Disco Dutch shoes! How I love thee! I last wore these ultra-comfy shoes here in April with plaid and leather, but I know you're dying to hear what L has to say about them.
I call these bad boys “Dutch Elf Disease” – you know, like the tree blight only more horrifying. When I accepted this challenge, these jaundiced clogs were the first pair of shoes I thought of. They have the same ugly, blocky heel as the turquoise pair from Monday, and like them, feature a gorgeous colour which has been horribly misused. They look like something a demented elf stitched together by hand in some secret faerie land where the worst parts of the seventies never died.
Ha! And just to reassure you all, L really has no say in my footwear (or my clothing, or my hair, for that matter). I like his opinion, but I dress for myself. After all, this is a man who wears an aqua blue satin Miami Dolphins bomber jacket in public. Hee!

Purpley bling:
I quite liked how my Myka jewelry set went with the cracked glass skirt.

Top (Forever 21, consignment), skirt (Club Monaco, thrifted), shoes (Prepare Hi Steady, Fluevog), necklace/bracelet/earrings (Myka, gift from L), cuff (thrifted), lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. Bring on more Dutch Elf Disease. Haha. L cracks me up. This footwear is definitely not blighted. The shoes are a joyous celebration of slope-heeled engineering. I love the outfit, Sheila. Great for this heat. Whew, it's too darn hot. That's not a complaint,just a line from the song I keep running through my head, as sung by bad, bad Eartha Kitt.

  2. I find it funny that he dislikes your funky Fluevogs, but doesn't he have some with the shark toe? So it's okay for him to wear ugly shoes?

  3. haha, your husbands comments on your shoes are very funny! They made my day!

    I like your colourful style, which is so different from what I wear (black). I come over to your website every day to see what you are wearing.

    Greetings from Z├╝rich, Switzerland

  4. You look great - awesome colours! And I don't want this series to end!!!

  5. I love this look on you Sheila - it's a little more subdued than some things you put together, but I think I like it for it's simplicity! And I cannot stop laughing at Dutch Elf Disease....

  6. (I'm whispering very, very quietly, in parentheses, because I think L might have a point about these... Don't hate me!) xxx

  7. L is a hoot! So succinct! Must say, I'm not so fussed on these myself, but you can pull off any shoe and make me drool, darl!
    O, The Cult! I got to see them live in 92 in London-it was BRILLIANT! I love Ian's cheesey lyrics best of all!

  8. This series is so much fun! L is hilarious and I think he needs his own blog on which he reviews various things but definitely shoes. My favourite of the shoes so far are the multi-coloured ones. I love this cracked ice skirt too, such a cool pattern! I'm excited because one of our local shops has decided to carry Fluevogs. They only have a small selection right now but I'm looking forward to frequently checking it out to see what they have.

  9. I'm afraid I have to side with L on these too. But like you said, he's entitled to an opinion, as the rest of us are, and if you enjoy wearing them, carry on. Love that skirt though.

  10. I was actually going to compliment you on that great shirt , i think it looks fab, are you sure you want to let it go?

    1. I LOOKS fab, but it's really cheap quality - it's starting to pill (two wears!), and when I washed it, it got a weird pucker on the front. I will probably wear it one more time this summer, but I'll probably weed it out, yeah. I am not a huge fan of t-shirt-y clothes.


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