Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sheila's Shoe Shine #5

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For this Shoe Shine, I'm featuring one of my sentimental favourites: my Poetic Licence teal/orange/cream sandals.
What makes them sentimental favourites?

Well, I bought them in London in May 2010, on Carnaby Street, with Mom and L. I first wore them here when I got home. There are pictures of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in that post (we saw Macbeth - it was gruesomely awesome!).

They are also the Miami Dolphins' team colours (L's favourite team; my second-favourite). I even wore them for his 40th birthday party, where everyone had to wear orange, aqua and white (here, in June 2010).

So there's that. And now that I am an old bag of 46-going-on-47, they are getting to be too high for me to comfortably wear.
Even with that platform, they are a 4" heel. The t-strap helps keep them secure, but I can definitely feel it the day after when I've been wearing them - like maybe one of the little tarsals in my foot will go "pop!" and that will be it for me and heels.

But I keep them...
And I do still wear them (just a couple of weeks ago, here, as a matter of fact), so for now, they stay in my closet. One day, when I do give them up, I'll have these pictures to remember them by.

Do you keep any shoes for sentimental reasons? Show us the shoes that you love!

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  1. I understand why you keep those shoes, though also understand why you rarely wear them anymore--that is a pretty high heel! But they are beautiful!

    If I ever do a blog myself, I will be able to play along on this fun Shoe Shine, but not for now. If I were adding a pair of shoes today, I would post about the pretty espadrille wedges, white and lavender striped, that I still save from my wedding day 33 years ago. Or, about the beautiful ankle boots I bought a year later in Florence, Italy that I save even though somehow my feet grew out of them a few years later (maybe it was my two pregnancies?) They are still so pretty on a shelf in my closet and I will never get rid of them, because they remind me of such a magical trip.

  2. Ah these shoes are everything! As a long-time Dolphins fan (therefore accustomed to sadness) I really appreciate L's party decor of 2010. Your #1 team is the Carolina Panthers? I think.

  3. Ooo gorgeous shoes. I still adore the colors of those. They make me think of summer and good things.

  4. Those are really cute shoes. A four inch heel height is usually too much for me though I seem to be okay with platform/wedges that are that high. The only pair I own are very comfortable and more so than any 3" non-wedge heels I have.

    I'm linking up my post that has a ton of photos-sorry-but shows my beloved orange cowboy boots.

  5. Those shoes are kinda Disco-tastic! They'd steal the dance floor and bust some major moves for sure.

  6. I'm linking up a post with some painted shoes I coloured to make them feel less grandma-ey! The paint is wearing well and hasnt cracked yet. I can't wear ANY heels. Oh well :-( but I love looking at yours. Like a gorgeous sculpture.
    XO Jazzy Jack

  7. Stopping by from Une femme d'un certain age! Love your shoes....Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  8. Gorgeous 'bar to car' shoes Sheila. I have several pair of heels that I keep and seldom wear. But they are with me only because I love them and they brighten my life. That's good enough for me!

  9. I learned of this brand because of you - I have yet to find a pair. They don't have the brand here and since my mom just moved back I can no longer have my online shopping goods sent to her :(


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