Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: New Hair, Loose and Flowy, Crazy Cat and Bought New

And a lovely weekend has been had! I did social things, quiet things, things with friends, things with L and things on my own. Just right.

But let's backtrack - Friday!
It was a hot day so I wend with a very loose and flowy dress. I may have spun around a few times in this...

This is my second wearing of this consignment dress, purchased here in early June and worn that same weekend with pink accents.
I liked how the gold accents worked with it - I have to cover up the elastic waist, so a wide belt is needed.
You can just see at the bottom, where the natural light is hitting it - this dress is actually pale pink and navy blue. Under artificial light it looks cream. I swear, it's pale pink.

The stuff:
 These shoes were super comfy all day. I last wore them here in June with Chinoiserie.

Gold bling:
What time is it? Let the clock hands be your guide.

Dress (Artistic Taste, consignment), shoes (Modern Vintage, thrifted), belt (thrifted), earrings (Foxy), ring (Twang & Pearl).

After work, we met up at the University theatre, Cinecenta, to go see "Only Lovers Left Alive", a film by Jim Jarmusch. I liked it as a mood piece - very beautiful. Tilda Swinton is amazing.

But I know you really want to see my buzz.
Yup, that is my natural colour under all that red! It's white, grey and a wee bit of my natural brown at the very bottom. Scary stuff, to see all that white at my temples, but I had good reactions from everyone.

Well, nearly everyone.
"What did you do to your hair?"
He squirmed and rolled around for a while.
"I'm a cute kitty, rub my tum."
I know better.
"Really, I'm as gentle as a kitten..."
Under that cuteness...
"Crow?" the heart of a tiger.
"I'm a ferocious jungle cat! I chomp your dress!"
On Saturday, it was a bright hot day. Perfect for a game of Ultimate.
Loose and comfy before and after the game. I'm loaded with sunblock.

I haven't worn this dress in a while - last time here (2nd outfit) in June 2013 - and it may be time to let it go. Maybe not. I haven't really decided.
It is silk, it's handmade, and I do like it. I'm just feeling a little "meh" about it.
It was perfect for changing back into on a hot day, though. After Ulty, we went for brunch, then L and I drove around doing a few light chores (trying to find a particular book, buying wine, important things like that). That was followed by a nap, and our friends Cat and Ross coming over for board games in the evening.

The stuff:
I wear soccer cleats to play Ultimate - you need them to grip the field for sharp cuts - but my feet are always happy to get out of them and back into comfy shoes. These Born sandals were last worn here (2nd outfit) a couple of weeks ago in June, also to the Ulty field.

Colourful bling:
Yellow! Turquoise!

Dress (Smoking Lily, thrifted), shoes (Born, thrifted), cuff (thrifted), earrings (local).

L went over to a friend's to watch the World Cup finale. I stayed home and dyed my hair, after which I walked to town and got groceries and did a little poke around in some shops.
It's still really hot out, so all looseness again.

The cardigan was last seen here a few weeks ago, with turquoise strapless. It quickly undid itself, so I wore it hanging down all day.
The acid yellow t-shirt was last seen here (2nd outfit) in May with turquoise.
My purple flutter silk skirt has been a favourite for years. I last wore it here in June (along with these same sandals - also the last wear of them).

The stuff:
The shoes are starting to show their age a little, but I think I still have a couple of years left in them.

Purple bling:
The ring belonged to my dad.

Cardigan (Bellissima, thrifted), t-shirt (Forever 21, consignment), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), shoes (La Canadienne, consignment), earrings (vintage), ring (Frances Jewelers, vintage 60s, Dad's).

I don't shop new very much at all anymore. It's easily been over a year since I took the "Secondhand First" pledge. However, I have been in dire need to replace some of my camisoles and layering tops, most of which are 6-7 years old and are getting worn out.

I stopped into Dots to check out the summer clearance stuff, and found two pink camis.
They were each $5.00.
They are actually a thin sweater knit, so a little more substantial than a t-shirt fabric.

Totally guilty. I bought a new skirt.
In my defense, it's a Noa Noa sample, it's a long swooshy black skirt with embroidery and it is gorgeous in person.
Ack, that embroidery is to die for! When it's on, the sheer overlay stands out from the black lining, sort of like a tulle skirt.

I like the tag.
From the "Soiree Mesh" program, and regular price of $150.00. I paid $34.99.

I did stop in at the thrift stores, but nothing clothing-wise really grabbed me. I found this thing, from the line of "diamond point glassware" that I collect. I have tons of goblets and plates and things in this pattern, all thrifted or gotten very cheaply.

However, see if you can figure out what this is.
It was $2.95, and it's a heavy amber glass. Nope, it's not a cup.

It has a hole in it!
What the heck?

Let's look at a piece I already have, this low small dish/bowl.
Can you see the slight bump inside it?

My new piece fits on top of the little bowl.
And together, they make a candleholder! Cool, eh? It's by Indiana Glass. Check out this page of their 1978 catalogue here - I have those goblets, pitcher...and there's my "angel light" candleholder!.


  1. I love how cool that last look is from your hair to the purple shoes!

  2. Wow, I love Friday's dress and your new hair and everything purple! Awesome to find the cap for your candleholder, right on. That Vizzini-belly would be just too tempting for me, don't know if I'd ever learn!

  3. Both those dresses are lovely, but the first one is heavenly! I do love the tiny turquoise earrings,too.

    Vizzini is so funny! He won't think it's so funny when he turns gray.

  4. Love the yellow cuff and purple sandals. I could never get that cuff on; my hands are too big. Your hair looks nice, too.

  5. I love the long flowy dress from Friday and that fun purple skirt! And your hair is so fun in those last pics too!

  6. Love your blue white maxi dress! Amazing!!! I have a black cat too... Ninja!
    x Nina

  7. This maxi dress is seriously gorgeous!! I adore golden accents and really love what you did here. I also admire how creative you get with your short hair!

  8. O, Vizzini, the little cutie!!! He is LOVING your buzz cut, I can tell! That's an expression of excitement.
    Jaysus, honey, I LOVE LOVE LOVE you in that flowing frock! It's just lovely, and the gold belt is genius!!! Then you kill me in the sweet Summery mini!!! And then your QUIFF!!!! LOVE! I, and Vizzini, approve!
    That amber glass thingy is fascinating!!!

  9. How great to find the missing piece for your candle holder!
    Love the swooshy maxi dress, and I'm voting keep for the silk floral dress, it's gorgeous.
    I'd just have to tickle Vizzini's tum, even if he made me pay for it, the cute little monster! xxx

  10. That windowpane print dress is so pretty with the gold accents, i love the clock hand detail of your earrings, very cool.

  11. Oh and i had to comment on the candle holder find, how amazing !!


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