Friday, July 18, 2014

Shoes My Husband Hates: Fringed, Feathers and Fruital

And here we are: Friday, my sweet friend. I've had a couple of pints of cider to send off a now-former coworker (hi, Jessica!), and I'm feeling the happy buzz of the weekend. 

We wrap up this week's fun theme, "Shoes My Husband Hates" and hasn't it been a blast? 
Item of note: L does have his own blog, and he's been doing it as long as I have! He writes random music album reviews, and they are awesome. He's done over 600 CDs, and whether you want to see what he has to say about artists you like, read all of his 5-star reviews, or you want to see him trashing one of my beloved musicals (I will defend my "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat" soundtrack featuring Donny Osmond - I saw him live with my mom! - until I am old and decrepit!). Check him out here!

Ahem. To the outfit! This is my "fruital" (as opposed to floral) blouse, which had the appropriate boho vibe to go with the shoes. I last wore it here in April under a blue dress.
I love an uber-high-waisted skirt! This is a vintage 80s Nicole Miller dark denim pencil skirt that I bought in June 2013 (here) for $28.00.
I like the exposed zipper in the back.

The stuff:
And here we are, the last pair of shoes that L hates. I last wore them here in June with orange and purple. What does L have to say about them?
“A return to form to round out the week, with a pair of shoes I seriously don’t like. These have the full cork heels I disliked on Thursday’s pair, minus the attractive pink colour. Instead we are treated to Saddle Bag Brown (this is an actual paint colour I use to paint saddle bags on miniatures). The fringe is particularly…ugh. I just don’t think footwear should remind you of the flap on a leather case where you keep your extra six-gun ammo and chaw. Love the dress though, as well as the woman wearing it.”
Well, first of all, those shoes were red, not pink, and secondly, that was an old picture I sent him - I'm not wearing a dress today - and finally, thirdly, he's totally right. I actually don't wear these shoes very much, and I have so many other pairs of shoes that I love more that would look great with this outfit. So I'm giving them up. Into the donate pile.

And there was much celebrating! Thank you, L, for being a good sport and for writing such funny review of the shoes you love to hate. You rock, love.

Cat-bait bling:
That belt is really small, but it's weighty.

Those feather earring always cause a stir - they match my hair really well (heh, right down to my newly-exposed white temples!). They are also much desired by Vizzini. He would like to hug them and love them and call them George, and of course that would include eating them. He tried to climb me this morning to get to them.

Blouse (no label, thrifted), skirt (Nicole Miller, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), belt (thrifted), earrings (consignment), lapis lazuli/Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. But where will you stash your chaw now?

    This has been one of my absolute favourites of your themed weeks, and I've been a fan of so many - thanks, Sheila & L!

  2. I'm with Amber, a winner week. I like the he said/she said. I'm a fan of fringed footwear, especially if you hear the little whappy sound of them flapping when you walk. I love high-waisted anything and fruital patterns, even better than florals. L's blog is awesome - figurines and music. It would help if I listened to music more to benefit from his wisdom, although I suspect I would join him in this trashing of the Dreamcoat. Sorry, Sheila, although you do have extenuating circumstances.

  3. Love the blouse, and I am pretty keen on the sandals too - but never mind, off they go! xxx

  4. I'm surprised he doesn't like these shoes! I can see some of the other shoes had something different or out of the ordinary about them, like the colour or shape - it was what made them awesome, but could also make them a love or hate kind of shoe. These just seem like a good neutral, appeal to every one pair! haha!

    I have enjoyed L's reviews of your shoes though, always nice to hear a different perspective now and then :)

  5. I can kind of see why a guy wouldn't like these shoes, and L's review is very articulate, and entertaining! I like a high waisted skirt too, especially since I don't really have much of a waist, so if I can find one that fits just right, I look more curvy. Love your description of Vizzini's affection for your earrings.

  6. It's so interesting. I like all 3 pair of Fluevogs, but not the other two. Is it just because I *know* they're Fluevogs? A friend of mine has 4-5 pair in the Prepare family, though, so I'm certainly used to them. I too really enjoyed L's visit.

  7. Well, for what its worth I think the sandals look good .
    HOwever, I can relate too as I had a flat pair of similar ones and for some reason the fringe (which i loved) was the reason I kept away from them. Always felt too sporty to wear with anything.

  8. I love a fringed shoe, a fringed anything, really, and these are fabulous. I love your high-waist pencil skirt too; high waists are my favorite.


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