Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cobalt, Dots and Cherry

Dang it, what day is it? Monday? Feels like Monday.
Wednesday is a trickster for sure, though. Thought I'd catch it off guard with polka dots.

My new-to-me vintage blouse (purchased on Saturday here for $5.00) gets its debut.
I discovered that the rear buttons open up when I'm wearing a jacket and cross-body purse. Nice. Fortunately, I have a full-length vintage (of course) slip underneath this outfit, so nothing was exposed (other than the slip). Other than that, it fit great, and I loved the vivid blue and the pussy bow at the neck.
The skirt is a nice pinky-red - I believe they are calling this "cherry" this fall. According to the little tear-out insert in my June InStyle, cherry goes with pewter, camel, heather grey and "wild card pairing" of plum. However, if I go look up the blue section, "bright blue" (really? that's the name?) goes with teal, charcoal, mustard and "wild card pairing"...cherry! Who's the clever one now, eh?

*ahem* Anyway, I last wore this skirt here on Easter Monday with crazy pink plaid and cherry shoes.

The stuff:
I like my shapes to all echo each other - of course, I had to wear these blue shoes with the round studs on them! It's been a while since I wore them to work too. I last wore them here (2nd outfit) for L's birthday with a little black dress.

Round bling:
My favourite ring.

Blouse (no label, vintage 80s), skirt (Precis Petites, thrifted), shoes (Garden of Enjoyment Rita, Fluevog), earrings (Aldo Accessories), ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. Pretty blouse! I love pussy bows. They're my favorite. Feminine and classy.

  2. lovely color combo, and love how your pretty polka dot blouse matches your killer shoes!, Fabulousness!!

  3. Love the new blouse, and it's so pretty next to cherry. And the shoes - so great. xo

  4. Love the ring...I can see why it is a favorite! I also like the polka dot! Have a great holiday weekend, Shelia!

  5. Well, I'm old fashioned so I'll just call this colour combination red, white and blue! The blouse is fabulous. xxx

  6. Love it, great combo and those shoes are awesome

  7. Oooo! Love this! The colors are fantastic. I've been missing your gorgeous style, Miss Sheila!

  8. Love the dots and those amazing shoes! I wish I'd had an outfit like that for the Fourth of July!

  9. Very, very pretty new vintage top - and the price was quite amazing.
    I like the edginess of the shoes worn with a top from another era...


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