Thursday, July 10, 2014

You're Wearing Pants!

Oh, boy, am I tired. Another 11+ hour day, but the newsletter is all done! 
This post's title is the reaction I always get when I wear pants. Yes, I have legs. And they go all the way up! Aren't I special? Ha!

I got my hair cut last night and I'm a bit less horrified at all the grey this time 'round. I will take a couple of close-up shots of my temples, which I'm shocked to see are nearly all white! I am kind of okay with that. I am going to colour at least the top this weekend, as my roots up there are atrocious. I can handle the buzzed parts being grey (*cough*white*cough*) but I don't like seeing those roots.

Anyhow, there's a nice soft couch waiting for me and a rotten cat who keeps yowling at me to give him kitty treats, so onward to clothes!
It was probably too warm out for this mustard wool cardigan, but I was only outside early this morning and after 8pm this evening, aside from a brief jaunt out to pick up lunch for a meeting. I last wore it way back over a year ago here in June 2013 (it was packed away for winter). That seems like an oversight, because it's a great cardigan. Maybe I have too many yellow cardigans (I have 3).

Underneath is my "chicken blouse", first worn here in April with chrysanthemums (and a yellow cardi!).
The tux pants are a marvel of handmade goodness. I always am amazed by you sewers out there. I last wore them here (2nd outfit) in May for a shopping day when I didn't want to buy too much.

The stuff:
My lovely classic Ralph Lauren pumps, which were last seen here in December 2013 with shiny paisley. I usually wear the lower heeled, neutral metallic faux snakeskin version of these (these ones), but I was actually matching to my jewelry with this outfit.

Vintage bling:
Wearing my new-to-me vintage $5.00 brooch for the first time. Doesn't it go awesomely with the earrings? And isn't it cool that they are actually the exact same stone colour and metal colour? I was tickled when I realized that they are actually the same brand, Lisner. They are from the early 60s. The bracelet was my mom's from the mid- to late-60s.

Cardigan (Club Monaco, consignment), top (Tangerine Jill, consignment), tux pants (handmade, thrifted), shoes (Ralph Lauren), brooch/earrings (vintage 60s, Lisner), bracelet (vintage 60s, Mom's).

I'm off to see another movie tomorrow night, so I'll be back on Sunday with a weekend recap - have a great one!


  1. I love a mustard yellow shade...not even thinking that you have grey hair on the horizon.
    My walking partner and I were discussing grey hair on our walk today....we both decided that when you are ready to stop colouring your hair you need to embrace what nature has in store for you.
    Or keep up the colour and keep those greys at lovely that we have the choice.

  2. Well, you do look great in trousers, Sheila, long and lean and leggy, so when you wear them, it is both a surprise and a treat! Love the colour of the little cardi and the fabulous bling. xxxx

  3. Fabulous in pants! And heels, and all of it. I can't see your silver from here, but I think it's going to look very smart. xo

  4. Great pants. I mentioned just the other day how good they look on you. And the pumps are superb in combination. I'm not sure why but pumps look so terrific with pants. So deliciously feminine.

    Sorry 'bout the long days. And grey hair... those of us our age can all write a book about the emotional impact of that! You need to fight back. Put on some pink boxing gloves and slug age with a right jab and a left hook!

  5. LOL, that is kind of funny the reaction you get when you wear pants! They look lovely on you though!

  6. Bet you'll be glad to welcome the weekend. You're such a dynamo - all that work and still looking fresh and lovely every morning! Such a pretty blouse, and I love the classic shoes.

  7. Can one have too many yellow cardis? Great outfit. Love the color of those shoes.

  8. Great trousers - and I could have sworn the vintage earring and brooch were a set. They go perfect together.
    oh and i cannot stand seeing my white hairs peeking out ..

  9. Hi Sheila - I was relisting a mustard yellow straw hat and a thought slipped under it: I wonder how Sheila's doing? So I check in, and voila you be rocking a French Mustard Yellow sweater. Need to know when your ShoeShines are- every other is what? Got all ready for one- but next week? Hmmm.

  10. You look really good in pants so you should wear them more often! You could tell people at work that on the days you wear pants L has to wear a skirt so you try not to do that too often. Nah, that would just be weird. I love mustard and that cardigan is great. Definitely wear it more! The brooch and earrings are prefect together! Have a great weekend!


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