Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Frozen Leopard with Leather

This week is just dragging - and I have such fun things planned for the weekend that's it's just torture. Why is it not Friday yet?
Meow! Leopard is probably my favourite pattern of all time. And I'm pretty sure y'all know I have a thing for leather, especially skirts.

This is the second wear of this leopard top, which was first seen here in May, layered under a jacket.
I belted it so that I'd have something to hang my access cards and keys from for work (always a factor in my outfits - I loathe wearing a fricking lanyard), but now you can see it in all its glory.

Full confession: I wore a jean jacket over this for half the day. I was freezing (we've gone from roasty-toasty weather to rain and chilly temps), and I did feel a little too "boobalicious" in it without a jacket or cover. Don't get my wrong, I like my boobs, but I sit at a desk where people stand over me - here, would you like a better view of my cleavage?
I'm never self-conscious about my ink, though!

My glorious black leather skirt has had multiple wears, last time here in April in an outfit I ended up hating.

The stuff:
I decided against the extra va-va-voom factor of heels, and went with flats. I am glad I did, as I ended up working an hour of overtime tonight. I last wore these studded flats here a couple of Fridays ago with a long dress.

Dragon bling!
My awesome dragon necklace and bracelet, and some simple aqua studs. Oh, and a belt.

Top (Express, thrifted), skirt (Hemingway, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Modern Vintage, thrifted), belt (Plum), necklace/earrings (gift from L, vintage 30s?), earrings (local).


  1. I hear ya about the dragging week. And I think I have a girl crush on you wearing leather...

  2. Leopard top has such nice construction, and dragon bling is amazing.

  3. oh, la-la, what a great look. Your body art is gorgeous, too! xo

  4. Yes, why is it not Friday yet?? And you look super bad ass in this outfit - love the leopard top and the leather skirt!! Great outfit!!

  5. Oh I hope your week flies by...I do like your leopard top.

  6. It's Thursday now, only one more day to go. Leopard and leather - I can't think of better crutches to get you to the end of the week, unless you're wearing something more fabulous today.

  7. You look fabulous in leopard print and leather, Sheila, and never fear, Friday's almost here! Xxx

  8. I've been dragging the month Sheila !
    I can barely keep up …. i have a thing for leopard, so i am all for that great top that fits you so well, cleavage and all.


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