Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christmas in July, and Cat-Bombed

Merry Christmas! Five months from today - coincidentally - is Christmas Eve, and here I am in my festive skirt.
I can't help counting down Christmas - after all, I did work in a Christmas store for 11 years.

Many of my coworkers scoped out my skirt today - it is quite amazingly shiny in person.One just saw my white top when I was sitting at my desk, and had to check to see if "something crazy" was going on below the waist, because the top half was plain.

Heh, if you call a stand-up ruffled collar plain. I had to reduce my number of white tops - I have a thing about them, although not as much as Lorena! - and this one made the cut. I last wore this ruffly wonder here in March with loads of brown.
"Officer Vizzini, checking out this suspicious amount of skirt, ma'am."
You can see the nice drape of the skirt there, actually - it's not stiff at all.
"Must check out this side."
I last wore this gorgeous brocade velvet roses and gold lame (lah-MAY!) skirt here in June with a denim shirt.

The stuff:
The second wear for my 70s-inspired red sandals - last seen here in June with red and marigold. They were very comfy.

Golden bling:
Such a cool belt! It's quite heavy.

Top (Uno Due, thrifted), skirt (handmade, vintage 70s, thrifted), belt (thrifted), shoes (Liz Claiborne, antique store), ring (90s), earrings (gold, gift from L). 


  1. Festive, indeed! I find it hilarious that your co-worker suspected you of wearing something Sheila-esque outside her view.

  2. I'm singing Fa-la-la-la-la already - that skirt has super powers! I used to know someone who always had Christmas in July parties. They were a blast!

  3. Haha Vizzini, such a scout. I adore that skirt! How funny that a co-worker suspected something rather more on the wild side under the desk.

  4. I really, really enjoyed reading your toastmaster's speech about being #1 elf. I remember that store, and I was one of the customers that was mesmerized by the displays! Thanks for the Sheila! Love Vizzini and his skirt antics!

  5. LOVE that skirt, one of my absolute favourites! Looks really great with the white shirt and those fab sandals. xxx

  6. Skirt Marshall Vizzini on the job - love his curiosity. Fabulous look, and the best red shoes. xo

  7. Perfect sandals with that incredible skirt! Good ol' Officer Vizzini, leaves no hem unturned. :)

  8. Hehe Vizzini is so funny - Pippin does that to me when I wear long skirts too!

  9. I love your belt! Also the skirt and the shirt! Hmmm...can't pick between them all :-) Jazzing up our screens once again. Thankyou! XO JJ

  10. This is s splendid skirt, funny how your co workers know your style and look for the fun outstanding garment.
    For me, they usually recognise the vintage - here its very unusual for anyone to wear vintage.
    Oh and thanks for the heads up! I should take a picture of the white stuff in my closet, its actually too much.

  11. That is such a fun skirt, I love that you wear it to work. Cats love long skirts - I was at an art opening one night and when I crouched to pet one of the gallery's resident cats, it decided that it was going to camp out under my skirt.

  12. it's a fabulous skirt, shiny and red!! (two fabulous qualities indeed) and you rock it!


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