Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Red Red Red, with Birds and Leaves

Home late again - haircut!
Get ready tomorrow to see my grey and white temples! I don't have time (maybe Sunday) to dye my hair, so it's gonna have to do in my natural state. But for now - this is a really RED dress.

I have two Calvin Klein dresses (this yellow one is the other - I need to wear it again soon), both purchased at Winners before I went "Secondhand First", and I love them both. The quality is very good, and they just fit my body well.
I also appreciate the nice design details, like the shaped shoulders (very Star Trek!) and the pleats on the front and back of this dress.
Also - zipper! I last wore this red stunner here in April with stripes.

The stuff:
I should do a "Week of Shoes That L Hates", heh heh. He really dislikes chunky shoes, preferring the pointy-toed, more delicate "lady shoes" (like yesterday's). I like all shoes, pretty much. I last wore these ones here with a bloody jacket in September 2013. I actually got rid of that jacket - too much bad mojo from when I fell off the bus last year. I fall enough as it is.

Browny bling:
I had intended to wear these new-to-me vintage earrings with the nearly-matching necklace that I got cheap at another vintage fair, but when I pulled the necklace out last night, a couple of the leaves had fallen off and I couldn't find them. Aw, sad, into the donate bin you go. Instead I filled in the dress neckline with this cool swallow necklace that Mom gave me a couple of years ago.

Dress (Calvin Klein), shoes (Faith Hi Low Reumah), belt/buckle (Shi Studio; the buckle is thrifted), necklace (gift from Mom), leather cuff (Hollyhock, thrifted), leaf cuff (About Tine), earrings (vintage 60s).


  1. You look great in that red dress...the bird necklace is sweet.

  2. I defy anyone not to feel fabulous in a well-fitting red dress! That one is really great, and what does L know? The shoes are amazing! xxx

  3. Gorgeous dress - red as it gets! Heh, my husband also does not like my chunky shoes, but I do. xox

  4. Pretty dress. And yes, you'd be right at home wearing it on The Enterprise!

  5. I adore that bird necklace when you wear it, it's just so much fun!

  6. Let me just get this out of the way: a ginger in red = ONE HOT TOMATO. You look delish, I love the look head to toe- and you're right -that dress FITS. Love the shoes but I can see why a gent doesn't. WE ladies like clunkies, and they like the pointies. Sizzle on, Madame Loveapple!

  7. You made me smile with that comment about having a week dedicated to the shoes your hubby hates :)
    And you 're looking as pretty as ever in that red dress. Calvin Klein dresses do tend to have a good fit.


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