Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Plaid: Purple, Yellow, Red and Turquoise

My blogging is creeping into nighttime - work has been crazy, life has been crazy. I need to go to bed earlier, but then I want to read, and I still need to catch up on the lives of you awesome readers/fellow bloggers.
What's a girl to do? Wear plaid!

I fussed around in my closet yesterday, putting together all kinds of outfits - I think I have about 2 weeks' worth all ready to go. I grabbed this one because we had a new person start today at work and I like to give 'em a little shock. Heh.
The yellow cropped cardi makes another appearance (last seen here over my purple cosmic dress a couple of weeks ago). I have a bit of thing for yellow cardis - I have three of them. But they're all different!

The new-to-me thrifted aqua cowl-necked top makes its first appearance (purchased here on the weekend for $7.50). I liked that it worked with the emerald green stripe in the skirt. No other aqua in the whole outfit. But why not?
The skirt itself is so fabulous: stiff, swooshy, crinolined, rustle-y. All the best adjectives! I last wore it here - what? in January? That's a crying shame. I'll try and get another wear out of it this summer, but it's a year-round item, so no biggie if I don't.

The stuff:
Bigass red shoes! And they really are comfortable. I last wore them here in May with purple and white.

Simple bling.
A belt for my keys, a pretty cuff and plain studs.

Cardigan (Peter Nygard, consignment), top (Cleo, thrifted), skirt (Roland Kerry, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Marc), belt (Plum), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop), earrings (don't recall).

Reminder! The August long weekend edition 
(for those Canadian provinces that get a holiday) 
of Shoe Shine is coming this Saturday!
Join us on Saturday morning - Shoe Shine goes for a full week! 


  1. Fabulous colours, Sheila, jewel-bright and beautiful! Reminds me of my very similar maxi skirt, which I haven't worn for a while... Too hot at the moment though! xxx

  2. What a gorgeous skirt, and I love all your colors swirling around it in a vortex of playfulness! Fabulous bigass red shoes - it's all too beautiful!

  3. So bright and beautiful. That's an amazing skirt.
    My creativity can barely make it to one week's outfits and then you can put together 2 week's worth !
    I have a flea market coming up next week so I am going through the closet to see if I can get rid of more stuff.

  4. Love how bright and colourful your outfit is! :)

    Also admiring you can be so organised and plan your outfits in advance - maybe I need to set aside some time when hubby is home to watch baby so I can do the same, as I often only have a few minutes to get dressed each day and it's a bit of a scramble.

  5. What a pretty skirt. The colors are mesmerizing. Sheila, you need to slow down. I can hear the frenzy in your voice. Take it from someone who knows burn-out; you're pushing too hard.

  6. O, yeaaaah, this skirt is KILLER! Love plaid, love these colours. Fab shoes too! They are rather huge!
    Hope you're managing to get some rest. XXX


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